Why Using Pre and Post Wax Products is a Must | A Safety Guide


Waxing is one of the most advanced hair removal methods you will find today. Both hard and soft body waxes offer skin benefits like no other. They can keep your skin smooth for weeks and slowly reduce the amount of hair. Professional wax formulas are essential for these treatments. However, you can guarantee the above benefits with the best pre-and post-depilatories. A wax service should include both pre and post-wax care. To prevent skin infections and injuries, estheticians should follow hygienic guidelines, educate clients about safety measures, and closely monitor their skin. The best products for skin care should be used before and after waxing. These products will also enhance the effectiveness of waxing when removing unwanted body hair. Here we will try to inform you why pre and post wax products is must.

Why using pre and post-wax products is a must

Since its inception, waxing and hair removal has improved to be more efficient and less painful. The waxing industry is no longer feared by many as the most painful and difficult hair removal procedure. There are now many options that offer long-lasting, painless results. There are wax care techniques that have evolved alongside the development of hair removal formulas. This makes waxing more enjoyable for both the client and the waxer. Pre- and post-wax products are the most useful and appreciated additions to the waxing process. Although not everyone may know why estheticians ask such questions, it is to ensure you get the best service possible and help you provide it. If a customer arrives for an appointment without receiving proper after-wax treatment, it can lead to subpar results, more pain, and additional work for the esthetician.

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Why is pre-& post-wax care so important?

The experience of waxing clients can be affected by what they do before and after. It doesn’t require much effort, but it can yield valuable results for both client and the waxer. These little details can make all the difference between smooth and uneven skin or unpleasant waxing services. It is essential to follow best practices in pre-waxing and post-waxing to get the best results. We provide all the information your clients need about pre- and post-waxing, the best pre-and post-waxing tips, and educational points to help them get the best possible service. This will allow them to enjoy smoother, more efficient hair removal.


After cleansing the skin, apply a little pre-wax moisturizer to prepare it for waxing. Make sure that the moisturizer does not leave any residue. Mancine pre-wax oil prepares the skin for waxing. This treatment prevents wax from sticking to the skin. It reduces skin drag and makes waxing easy, quick, and comfortable. You can also find Harley Pre Care Oil and Lycon pre-wax oil to protect and pamper your skin. After cleansing the skin, apply a little pre-wax moisturizer to prepare it for waxing. Make sure that the moisturizer does not leave any residue. Mancine pre-wax oil prepares and softens the skin before waxing. This treatment prevents wax from sticking to the skin. It reduces skin drag and makes waxing easy, quick, and comfortable. You can also find Lycon Pre Wax Oil and Harley Pre Care Oil to protect and pamper your skin.


Clear any wax residue with Mancine Ultimate finish, which is safe for the face and the body. Your client will feel relaxed and calm with their soft and smooth skin. Lycon Perfect finish can also combine with Tea Tree Soothe for a lighter, more oily finish. Tea Tree oil is an anti-bacterial oil that cleans away any skin cells. It can reduce irritation and redness, and the possibility of ingrowing hairs. Harley Waxing after Care Oil is infused with Tea Tree oil. It will condition your skin and leave it silky smooth. Send your client a spray of Lycon Aloe vera Soothing gel to moisturize their skin after waxing. This gel moisturizer gives immediate soothing hydration to the skin. If your client has sensitive skin, you will see a decrease in skin irritation and redness.

Post wax treatment

You want your client to leave the treatment relaxed and with soft, glowing skin. The goal is to reduce the chances of ingrown hairs or breakouts and make it a pleasant experience. All of this is possible with post-wax products. They restore the proper moisture balance, soothe and calm the skin, and relieve itching.


Apply the wax to your client’s skin before applying it. Lycon’s Lycotane can remove any oil, dirt, makeup, or pollution from the skin. Lycotane can be used to clean the skin after waxing and to close hair follicles.

Mancine’s pre-wax lotion eliminates surface bacteria, moisturizing creams, and sweat. Pre-wax lotion prevents wax from getting tacky. The lotion is pleasant in scent and dries quickly. Harley Pre Wax Cleanser does much more than simply clean the skin. It can also balance the pH level of your skin and tighten pores to optimize waxing results.

How to prepare your skin for waxing

For best results, start your waxing session by washing your skin. Use soap to scrub and remove all oil, dirt, sweat, or makeup. Next, you can use pre-waxing products to remove any residues before waxing. Wet hair and skin don’t allow the wax to adhere well. Use a towel or cloth to dry the area. The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) recommends that hair be waxed at 1/4- inch. A hair shorter than 1/4 inch will not allow the wax to stick to its surface correctly and may cause it to pull out completely. To avoid more pain, it is best to trim hair that is longer than this. Use a safety razor or an electric trimmer to cut the hair. Pre- and post-wax care are essential.

Although the skin is resilient to temperature and friction changes, it can still be affected by these elements after waxing. Waxing is a process that removes the outer layer of the skin, takes out the hairs from the roots, and opens the pores to many elements. Pre and post-wax treatments can enhance the effect of the wax, ensuring that the skin remains healthy and smooth long after it has been removed. Pre- and post-wax treatments protect the skin from any damage after removing the hair. There is no danger to the skin with the proper waxing technique. However, waxing can cause severe pulling on delicate areas of the body. The skin must appropriately prepare before pulling out hairs. This will make it more difficult and more painful. The clients will feel more relaxed after reaching their pain threshold.


We mentioned that there are several steps clients should follow before and after they visit your salon. Clients who ignore these steps can cause skin problems and unintentionally hinder the effectiveness of their treatment. These are the most critical recommendations every esthetician should share with clients.

  • At least 24 hours before the session, wash and exfoliate your skin.
  • Ensure that your skin is clean and dry during the time between treatments.
  • Low pain tolerance can treat with aspirin/ibuprofen or numbing cream.
  • This should be done with enough time for the products to work without compromising the wax treatment.
  • During the following care period, continue to apply a soothing lotion to the affected area.
  • The client should inform the esthetician if they have any skin allergies.
  • Artificial ingredients can cause skin irritations and friction. After applying wax, wear loose clothing and do not apply cosmetics to the skin for 48 hours.
  • This period must avoid if you are engaged in intense physical activity (exercises, sex, etc.).
  • For a few days following a wax, avoid direct sunlight and great bodies of water.
  • Allow the hairs to grow at least 1/4 inch before applying the subsequent wax treatment.

Last thoughts

Professional estheticians include pre- and post-waxing procedures as a mandatory part of their services. These products are included in the standard waxing process to relieve the esthetician from the stress of waxing on unprepared hair. It makes waxing easier for clients and prevents them from experiencing any irritation or discomfort. Pre- and post-wax products can be used to enhance your waxing experience. They are safe for your skin and provide long-lasting results. Now is the right time to incorporate pre- and post-waxing services into your waxing regimen. Find out the benefits of a pre-and post-wax regimen and ensure you use the best products to maintain your skin’s appearance.

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