Why Use a Baitcaster – True Facts That Nobody Told You Yet


There’s nothing wrong with using a spinning lure, especially when targeting small and largemouth bass, due to its simplicity of control and refined casting capabilities. In addition, the spinning reel is excellent for presenting light and delicate presentations. However, many anglers have a history of spinning reels but didn’t pay attention to bait casters and are now on the bandwagon. Today, each of them who’s become professional has a selection of baitcasters on their kayaks. Why would you want to do you need baitcasters? As a professional angler who has used baitcasters in most of my bass-fishing adventures, Baitcasters offer more advantages over spinning reels. In this article, I’ll highlight why use a baitcaster and their benefits and advantages. Let’s dig in!

Why Use a Baitcaster

Many reasons why use a baitcaster on your fishing trips, and these are just a few.

  • They’re simple to use and allow quick flicks using only one hand
  • They allow you to have more control and can save you a lot of energy
  • They weigh only a few pounds and are so easy to carry
  • They are inexpensive and cost about the same as spinning wheels.
  • They are accompanied by simple but thorough guides
  • They don’t make huge differences from spinning reels.

Utilizing the baitcaster will provide you with many benefits being an angler. A few of these advantages I’ll discuss in the next post.

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The conceptualization of Your baitcaster

Some bait casters have a low profile. They differ from spinning reels or reels that function in salty waters. They require some tweaking instead of other reels, which can be operated right out of their boxes. Here’s what you need to be aware of for the bait caster with a low profile.

  • It has a palm side and a handle side opposite the spinning reel.
  • The bait caster with the right hand has the handle located on the right
  • Left-handed baitcasters will are equipped with a grip on their left
  • The palm side of the writing fits the hand’s contours

The benefits of baitcaster

As I stated above, Baitcasting offers many advantages to anglers of all levels, regardless of their skill level. These benefits include.

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Better fishing line control

A baitcaster allows anglers to experience better line control when compared to the spinning reels. This means that anglers can enjoy more precise casting whenever they decide to go fishing for bass.

Simply dip your lure in the water

The use of bait casters allows you to effortlessly reduce the speed of your lure to gently fall to the bottom of the lake. This is essential as it stops your appeal from scaring or frightening fish in the vicinity. This is why baitcasters must be crucial when turning bait into cover.

Keep the right contact with the lure

Bait casters can help you maintain the correct contact with the lure you are fishing with. This is also possible if you use your reel with a free spool. This means that you will be able to easily spot strikes even when you’re still letting out your line.

Better high-drag cranking power

The angler has the necessary cranking capability for high drag baits like spinnerbaits or crankbaits for anyone who uses the bait caster. Baitcasters are better equipped to cast a more extensive line than spinning reels of similar dimensions. Every person is looking to understand why they should utilize baitcasters, and the reason is apparent in the above benefits. However, the most crucial factor about baitcasters isn’t only knowing the benefits but learning the features of your bait casters.

Why use a baitcaster: Things to learn

Fishing habit

At first sight, the process of fishing seems to be easy. But, every angler is fishing uniquely from other anglers. In this way, it is essential to consider your choices when an angler. For fishing from the shoreline, purchase a reel that can stand up to the pressure of fish trying to get away. However, the angler who loves fishing from an inflatable kayak or boat will not require an extremely durable reel. This is because the angler will have more mobility.

The very best quality

As beginner anglers, we realize that you might not want to buy an extravagant reel. But, you’ll gain significantly from purchasing the rotation you can manage to afford. A top-quality reel will allow you to fish your very first time and will also assist you in becoming an expert fast. The materials used to make fishing reels comprise zinc, aluminum, brass, and stainless steel. Opt for a stainless steel reel if you are looking for top quality. This is because reels constructed of stainless steel have the highest strength and endurance. They also perform very well in saltwater.


Another essential aspect you should take into consideration will be your financial budget. What is the amount you are willing to invest in your equipment? It is important to remember that your equipment will be primarily determined by the price. While it is possible to get a good deal but the longevity and quality of reels typically increase as they cost. You can also choose a less expensive reel if you only fish it a few times. If you’re going to fish regularly, you must be prepared to invest more money. Expect to pay about $112 for a top-quality fishing reel. The price range for fishing reels is $50 and $200. If you cannot afford a lot of money for equipment, you should consider an older model. A used fishing reel will cost less than the new one.

Speed or power

The concept for concept behind gear ratios is simple to comprehend. It’s the number of times a spool turns when the user makes complete circles on the handle. The more speed reels, the less its strength. However, slower reels are likely to be more powerful. Make sure you must be aware of the reel’s gear ratio before buying it. You’ll require an efficient reel if you hope to catch large bass. This is because you’ll have to quickly remove the fish from any object that could harm the line. In addition, a more robust reel is needed for large baits that weigh lots. For instance, a crankbait could be an illustration of bait. Low-speed reels are the most powerful in terms of torque, allowing you to put more effort into catching the fish rather than in retrieving the bait.

Quality handle

There’s nothing more disappointing than attempting to catch a fish after a few minutes only to find that, later, the handle breaks. You must make sure that the handle of your reel is of the highest quality. It is also essential to make sure that you keep it in a good state.

Line capacity

This is related to the place you’ll be fishing. If you’re fishing on a local lake, you probably don’t require a rod with a huge capacity. But, if you’ve only a few details about the area, you must purchase an item with an extensive capacity line.

Water or saltwater

When looking to purchase a fishing reel, it is essential to consider the area you’ll be using to catch the fish. It is possible to fish in saltwater or freshwater. In freshwater, you don’t require a specific kind of reel. However, you’ll require a top-quality reel for fishing in saltwater. A saltwater reel needs to be impervious to corrosion and robust enough to withstand pressure.


If you buy an item that isn’t resistant to corrosion, you will have to keep replacing it. Therefore it is essential to ensure that the rod you purchase is made from a durable material. Additionally, your reel must be coated with a protective coating, and the internal parts must be sealed. This is especially important when fishing in saltwater.


The size and shape of your spool should not be ignored. The design of the spool could impact the speed of its line and capacity. A deeper spool will give more casting distance, while the wider one will allow more space for the line.


With the right size reel, you’ll be more likely to have a better chance of success. For instance, you’ll require a more enormous reel if you plan on fish in the sea. This is because there is a chance of encountering a monster like a tuna. In the event of fear, tunas show incredible strength and fleeing strength. But, you’ll be able to keep an issue under control if you have a more enormous reel.


What are the reasons to use baitcasters? I’m sure you already know the answer. Thank you for this informative post on baitcasting. However, bait casters let you enjoy more control of your line and enable a more precise casting in the interest of repetition. When I use baitcasters, I usually utilize monofilament baits for the best topwater fishing experience. This is ideal for fishing with Spooks as well as Stickbaits. If you are feeling for shallow or mid-depths, this bait may be utilized. If you are fishing jigs, you can utilize your baitcaster using fluorocarbon baits. It’s simple and enjoyable for novices and experienced anglers, too. Have fun the next time you’re fishing.

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