Why Is The Range Hood Blowing Out Air: Follow Pro Tips to Solve Problem


If the range hood does not work correctly, it’s normal to notice odd issues. For instance, the air is being blown out from the fixture. This is a bit confusing since it isn’t clear what the air source is from or the cause? In the end, you’ll be wondering why the kitchen hood of your range is blowing air. If your range hood is blowing air, the filter has become blocked. The air recirculated is coming back from the hood toward the kitchen. It is suggested to clean and/or replace the filter to resolve this issue. If you continue using the range hood when it is blowing out air, it is likely to result in an eventuality where the range hood becomes damaged and is no longer effective.

The blocked filter must be replaced or fixed in the shortest time possible. Any other alternative is a temporary solution that will not be effective. This article will provide more information on what to do if you notice your rangehood blowing out air.

Things to do if the range hood blowing out air

Step 1

If the hood of a range is blowing air out most likely to be due to the recirculation. It is a typical problem that suggests that something is blocking the flow of air and causing it to flow back into the kitchen. Various reasons can trigger this, but the primary reason is the filter. When the range hood is old, it’s normal for the filter to become overflowing rapidly.

It is essential to keep an eye on this and make sure that air doesn’t leak out of the hood due to excessive filter use. In this case, you will need to examine the filter. Simply look at whether or not it’s blocked before proceeding to the second step. If it’s not, it’s time to look deeper and find out the direction that air filters towards after it passes through the filter. It could be a problem with the vent, especially if it is a vented range hood.

Step 2

If it’s the filter, this must be the first part to replace since it’s the easiest fix. Most people notice the hood of a range with air blowing out when the filter has become blocked. This is why it’s the ideal place to begin. It’s possible to change the filter quickly and restore your range hood in the same condition as before when the air started to leak out. If the hood of your range isn’t pulling air but can be seen blowing. It indicates that the filter needs to be replaced. Simply take it off, then replace the filter with a suitable replacement.

Step 3

Now is the time to test the performance of the range hood. That means turning on the range hood and allowing it to run. It can be set to any setting, and see how it removes air from the space. If it’s pushing air out, then the vent is the problem. It is necessary to look through the ductwork to determine the source of the blockage. There must be an obstruction somewhere creating an issue. You’ll need to clean the vent before replacing the filter to obtain the most complete results.

Step 4

The final step is to ensure that you have a maintenance plan to maintain the filter in the range hood. This is crucial since it’s among the most accessible ways to ruin the hood’s range because the air is constantly coming out. It is essential to repair or replace the filter before it causes damage to the entire appliance. Most of the time, you need to clean it at least every two months based on the frequency you utilize it.

Why is the kitchen extractor fan blowing

A kitchen fan extractor could be an essential tool in cooking. It will help increase air circulation in the kitchen and make it more comfortable and easier to cook. Many people choose to secure their kitchen fan extractors on refrigerators by using either a rubber band or bags made of plastic clips. In contrast, many prefer using it as a stand-alone, unobtrusive gadget that they mount on the wall next to their stovetop or countertop.

The fan in your kitchen will not stop blowing because its filter has become clogged and is blowing incorrectly. It will cease to blow when the breaker has been turned off, or the fuse has tripped, and there is an obstruction (obstruction) within the airflow. If the light is red, the fan will be blowing air out from your kitchen. Or something is preventing the airflow from being blown out, or something keeps it from turning off. If you turn on your Kitchen extractor fans and the light changes to green, your kitchen extractor fan will be blowing air out of your kitchen.

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  • If the fan in your kitchen is on but then shuts and goes off after a couple of seconds, the fan is not working correctly.
  • The kitchen extractor fan must operate effortlessly and continuously. Consult a professional if your kitchen extractor fan goes on and off or seems to not be functioning correctly.
  • If these situations happen within the cooking area, the air is blocked by:
  • Grease and batter block the space between the top of your ceiling and the top part of your kitchen extractor fans.
  • Steam or vapor residues block the space between the ceiling’s top and the bottom of the kitchen extractor fan.
  • Liquid spilling out in the direction of the extractor fan in the kitchen.
  • Smoke and steam are blocking the space between your kitchen ceiling and the top end of the kitchen extractor fan.
  • Any oil, butter or batter that becomes too hot in front of the extractor fan in your kitchen should be investigated.

How to improve range hood suction

It is possible to improve the range hood’s functionality by changing the motor and restoring the suction power. This might not be the best solution for all, but it’s an affordable option for those who wish to upgrade their motor but do not want to pay for professional services. It is possible to save money with this process and improve air circulation. When it comes to range hoods, the source of their suction power is an issue of great importance. The most common method is to remove the wooden panels to install plastic panels that permit you to consume less energy. This is why you will get the most efficient model. However, the power of your ventilation is reduced.

But, it is possible that the suction capacity of the hood can be restored by replacing the motors and filter with more efficient versions or installing an entirely new exhaust fan. You can follow a few steps to ensure it’s working when you have your range hood suction capacity. For instance, if you are using a wood panel, you can replace those with plywood panels that are better suited for this function. This means you’ll use less energy and gain more performance from your hood.


These are the primary things to be thinking about when your rangehood is blowing air. If the range hood appears to be blowing air out, The most frequent reason can be blamed on a blocked vent or filter. To correct the issue, check the filter, replace it with a fresh one, test the range hood, and see whether it is working. If it is causing problems, there is likely a blockage within the vent.

The best solution is to get rid of the blockage and then establish a maintenance schedule. This is among the most effective methods to ensure that your range hood will continue to function the way you’d like it to. When you see air flowing out of your range hood, it is essential to react quickly. Do not delay replacing the filter and ensure that the filter is in good in the shortest time possible.

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