Why Do Basketball Players Wear Tights – Top Secrets You Must Learn


If you’ve ever been to a basketball match, professional or a pick-up match at the local gym, you’ve probably observed that basketball players wear tights underneath their shorts. Although some believe they are wearing tights because they appear attractive, in reality, there are many fundamental reasons why basketball players don tights.

What do basketball players wear under their shorts

Many basketball players will wear tights or even long leggings beneath the basketball shorts. The technical term is compression tights, also known as shorts. There are many styles for men or women and young basketball players. They are constructed from an elastic and stretchy material that plays a vital purpose.

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Why do basketball players wear tights

Here are a few reasons basketball players should wear compression shorts under their regular shorts.

Additional support and protection

The concept behind compress shorts is to have a skin-tight fit. The tight-fitting puts an additional strain on the muscles that the tights support. The extra pressure gives you additional support as it lessens the muscle’s vibrations and assists in keeping them stable. Additionally, you should choose compression tights with pads that can provide you with greater security. While playing, basketball players are obsessed with running to the hoop or smashing the boards. These players are more likely to suffer more bruises and bumps. The compression tights with honeycomb padding can reduce bruises and bumps while protecting knees in the sport.

Increased blood flow

According to a study conducted at the University of Regensburg in Germany, athletes who wear tights for specific sports activities have significant blood flow increases into their arterials. The increased blood flow throughout an athlete’s body aids in providing their legs with oxygen-rich blood faster than expected. The increased flow of blood can enhance the functions of internal organs and promote the healthy development of cells. In the longer term, it may even assist your body fight diseases more quickly.

Prevent deep vein thrombosis

Deep vein thrombosis is a condition that occurs mainly in the lower leg and lower thigh areas. It’s a condition that causes blood clotting within the veins, leading to swelling that is often painful. It is also manifested by a rise in temperature within the area, which may cause more discomfort and injuries. If it is allowed to grow, the blood clot may stop an artery from travelling into a patient’s lungs or, in the most severe instances, may result in death. As compression tights help increase blood flow and reduce swelling, those who wear them may help keep from deep vein thrombosis and blood clots.

Better sweat management

If you’ve played any sport, you know that intense sweating is a part of the sport. Although it’s normal, sweating can quickly cause you to feel thirsty and dehydrated. Compression tights are usually composed of materials like nylon or polyester, which are both lightweight and breathable. They assist in moving moisture away from the skin and into the outer lining inside the tights. The sweat evaporates and making the tights dry and cool. This, in turn, assists the player’s skin in lasting longer.

Protection against chafing

Additionally, you sweat and sweat, and specific body parts, such as your thighs, are more prone to chafing when you are engaged in a prolonged sport. Compression tights are made from soft material. Since they cover the thigh area, they can shield the skin from rubbing.


Since many professionals play basketball throughout the year, even during the winter months when it is colder so wearing clothing that will keep them warm is vital. According to research, compression tights aid in keeping muscles and limb groups more comfortable for longer and help athletes avoid injuries and cramps. The compression tights accomplish this by trapping warmth and slowing the speed of the muscles begin to become cold. Specific compression tights may aid players in staying warm after they’ve finished playing.

Prevent delayed onset muscle soreness

Basketball players usually undergo intense physical training in games and practice. When the fun and conventions have ended, it’s common for players to develop muscle fever. Additionally, the physical strain can result in muscles experiencing micro-tears, preventing the athlete from performing at their best. Athletes can ease soreness caused by muscle fevers and micro-tears by using compression tights. Wearing tights will also reduce the amount of muscle oscillation that occurs in the leg muscles when the feet touch the ground.

Prevent muscle tightening

Basketball players are always performing the pregame warm-up exercises as well as some stretching. The warming-up and stretching effects can diminish the more exhausted the players get over time. If this happens, the muscles of a sportsperson are likely to contract, making it difficult for their ability to play at their highest level. We’ve discussed how compression tights keep blood flowing and keep the muscles remain warm. The tights can also aid in retaining the benefits of stretching and warm-up before the game for longer durations, thereby reducing the risk of tight muscles.

Better muscle recovery

The typical NBA player who plays night in and or night out is usually expected to play at a minimum of fewer than three times per week over a 26-week, 82-game year. After playing three or four times each week, players must attend training sessions, sometimes even in the off-season. This is quite a commitment to do. With such a quick turnaround between seasons and games, basketball players don’t have time to effectively recover from their gruelling physical strain. Fortunately, wearing compression tights can go far in helping the muscles recuperation.

For fashion

Sometimes, the reason behind wearing compression shorts or tights is just as easy as looking lovely in the arena. Since socks are available in various patterns and colours, basketball players can include a touch of style in their outfits. Certain people make sure that they match their tights to their uniform colours to make the entire ensemble stand out more than others, while some opt for colour blocking to stand out in fashion. There are nine players in the arena. Making yourself stand out can be beneficial.


Although the compression tights that basketball players wear provide several benefits, including reduced inflammation, muscle pain, and even damage, to better lactate elimination, they make it impossible for players to play at a level you’ve never experienced. The compression tights can reduce the time muscles need to recover from a workout.

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