What is The Difference Between Ping Pong and Table Tennis- A Info Guide


Although Table Tennis and Ping Pong have the same gameplay, there are differences in their acceptance. There isn’t a single person today who doesn’t know about table tennis. It is an Olympic sport with Chinese players dominating at the world level. Table tennis is not tennis. Both are ball games. It is played at a table, with players hitting a plastic ball with specially-designed rackets over a net held above the table at 6 inches. Ping Pong is sometimes used to refer to table tennis in some cultures and countries, but the official name of table tennis remains. What is the difference between Ping Pong and table tennis? Here we will discuss it briefly.

What is table tennis? 

Table tennis is a widely accepted game that is played even at the Olympics. A table is used for table tennis. It is divided in half using a small net. Two players are at each end of the table, and they hit a ball with special table tennis rackets. The table tennis rackets are usually made from wood. The table tennis ball is small and makes ping-pong sounds when it hits the table and rackets. Your goal is to make your opponent miss the ball and score points. Table tennis is a competitive sport. Table tennis can be played as a single or double event. There are many rules to table tennis. Take the service. The ball must be served six inches above an open palm. It would help if you also struck the ball from behind the baseline of the table.

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What is the difference between Ping Pong and Table Tennis

What is Ping Pong? 

Ping Pong is very similar to Table Tennis, with minor differences in the serve and bounce. If one happens to visit the International Table Tennis Federation’s website, they will reveal that Table Tennis existed long before the term Ping Pong was invented. What is the history of ping pong and table tennis? One John Jacques was the one who registered the name Ping Pong to England and sold American rights to the word to Parker Brothers. Parker Brothers used Ping Pong to play the game, and they were highly protective of the name. To avoid any disputes over the trade name, the game was named table tennis. Many people still believe that Ping Pong, a different version of the game, has slightly modified rules. This is true.

This is mainly because Ping Pong is a different game. Ping Pong can be described as a casual version of table tennis. Because it is a recreational game, there are no rules for other aspects such as scoring, serving, and service. You don’t have to throw the ball six feet high in Ping Pong when you are serving. If the ball is only a few inches in height, you can do it by hitting the ball directly from your hand. Although the word Ping Pong is no longer used internationally, it remains synonymous with the game in some way, more due to its use by club and recreational players. China is the exception to this rule, however, where Ping Pong is affectionately known. Even though some Ping Pong tournaments at the local level, even the Chinese refer to the game like Table Tennis during international matches.

Ping pong vs table tennis table size

What is the difference between ping pong and table tennis?

You won’t believe it, but I actually started the game at our dining table. The table measures 5″ in length by 3 inches wide (not a standard size). We didn’t follow any strict rules. This is Ping Pong.

Difference between ping pong and table tennis bats


For ping pong, the players typically use yellow balls. In table tennis, you will see both yellow and white balls on the table. A second difference is a fact that the ping-pong balls are slightly larger than the table tennis balls.


Although table tennis is well-known, ping pong isn’t. In 1901, Jacques trademarked “Ping Pong” to prevent rivals from adopting the name. Slazenger was still with Whiff-Whaff, the original nickname of the game. Finally, “Table tennis” was officially named. Although this name is widely used around the globe, traditionalists still prefer to call it “Ping Pong”.

Spin amount 

Another difference between the two is spin. Ping pong players only use sandpaper paddles, so the reel is minimal. Table tennis players get massive spins because they use different spin-generating paddles.

Types of service

Professional table tennis players will often try different serves. Ping pong players won’t try many. Players must not throw the ball higher than six inches from their open palms in table tennis. When serving, players must not extend beyond the left or right sidelines. On the other hand, the ping pong players don’t have to follow any rules and can just serve the ball as they wish.

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Competition and formality 

Table tennis can be very competitive, and technically, it is more complex than Ping pong. Table tennis is an Olympic sport. Some leagues and championships fall below the championship level. Although table tennis is open to all, it can only be played by professionals. Ping Pong – Like table tennis, national and international championships and leagues available to severe players. It is not an Olympic sport. Many refer to all amateur or recreational players of table tennis and/or ping-pong as “ping pong players”, regardless of their rules. Ping pong is a more casual game than table tennis and has seen various forms, such as ping-pong for teams.

Different serve rules 

Every shot in ping pong must reach the table from both ends. In table tennis, the serve must hit the table from both sides.


Ping pong is not only a game of singles or doubles but there are many variations. Round leaf, which means “round the table”, is one of them. It is a great way to have larger groups of players enjoy Ping pong simultaneously, and it originated in Germany. The basic idea is that two teams of players form two lines and then move clockwise around the table tennis tables. Each player receives the ball from the first member of their team.

After that, each player takes their turn at one end of the table to hit it. Then they move on to the next person in the queue. A loss of points could result in the player being eliminated from the game or losing a life, depending on which rules are being used. Round leaf originated in Germany and is now a popular variant of Ping pong. It can be played by 10 to 16 players. Table tennis does not have a similar group game form.

Olympic recognition 

I’m waiting for the Olympic Show 2020. If you’re like me, the Olympic show 2020 will feature table tennis, not Ping pong!

Points per match 

Table tennis points are 11 per match. It was previously 21. The winner must be within a margin of two points. In ping pong, it is 15. After reaching a certain point, you can win a Ping pong match with your opponent scoring zero points. It’s different in table tennis.


No matter what you call it. It is nearly identical in terms of their playing styles, rules, strategies, and play style. My wife and my kid know the difference between this game. How about you? Let me know if I’ve missed anything in the comments section.

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