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We’re often asked, “What are simple basketball plays for youth?” There are a lot of offensive and defensive plays for children that you can master at no cost. Basketball is an arduous game to grasp. Furthermore, teaching kids more advanced basketball skills can result in chaos on the field. So, total plays are crucial for the future athlete and aid in their development and mastery of the game. Check out our explanation of the most basic basketball moves for kids.

What are simple basketball plays for youth?

Quick stagger

Quick stagger is setting screens that move before the beginning of the game. This is the most simple basketball plays for youth. Then, it allows the player to make an intermediate shot or layup. Number 1 must take on an essential leadership role in this scenario and be an excellent decision-maker. He’ll make the pass to number 3 or 4, who will take the final shot. Number 4 should be able to make accurate mid-range shots regularly. The numbers 4 and 5 should be able to build solid screens.

Play instructions

The first player will dribble the ball toward the number 4’s corner. Then two numbers will move toward the corner. The numbers 4 and 5 will make staggered screens to number 3 on the weaker end of the field. In addition, number 3 will be set to take the ball from number one. Number 4 will block defender number 3. He will stop the defender for the longest time possible while waiting for number 1 to hand him the ball. After that, number 1 will pass the ball to number 4 when they believe it’s more likely to shoot the shot from mid-range. The fourth player should also be prepared to receive the ball when the player sees that number 3 is bogged down by the players.


Yo-yo is a straightforward basketball game played using boxes. This game aims to make use of both players who are on post to make. For numbers 4 and 5 to get to the basket on time, numbers 2 and 3 must create strong screens. To ensure that this game is successful the right way, clearness of roles is vital. You can see the game shown in diagram form here. First, you must pass the ball proficiently for the play to succeed. In addition, the steps listed below are essential to complete the plan.

The numbers 4 and 5 should be able to finish at the rim before playing a solid defense. Screens for the numbers 4 and 5 have been put in place by the numbers 2 and 3 at the beginning of the game. Numbers 4 and 5 can move out and sprint toward the basketball. Number 1 will pass a foul ball to number 4 or 5 for the last attack. If number 1 fails to get the ball to numbers 4 or 5 3, number 3 will return to receive the pass. He can then attack or start the play once more.


Isolation is an essential offensive basketball move designed for kids. The goal is to stop the defenders while allowing the ball player to take on only one inferior player. To keep the defense engaged, the team has four offensive players over the free-throw line. This is the way the game is named. Five is often left alone inside the ball’s handler. Isolation is a good strategy for youth teams because most players need help comprehending their defensive team and sticking to their goals.

Play instructions

At first, slot players need to transfer the ball to one or both of their teammates on the side. For instance, one moves to the number three while number 2 is passed to 4. Then, the number 5 has to immediately flash to signal the pass, using the weaker defense inside. Once the key is completed, people on either side serve as screens for those in the slot. In parallel, they’ll shift positions with the slot player, keeping players on the defensive. This allows the fifth player to attack from the middle or at the line of sight.


Flip is an easy and open game right below the basket. A cross-screen is positioned by the numbers 2 and 3 on the top of the screen, with the numbers 4, 5, and 6 threatening the edge. In addition, the number 5 sets up the screens to block the number 4, the defender.

Play instruction

You can see the play shown in diagrams here. The steps required to carry out the game are the following. When number 1 begins the play, numbers 3 and 2 can move toward the corner and ask for the passing. This is the process that will end up drawing their defenders out. Number 5, or anyone else who is on the post other side, will be a screen to the number 4. The number 4 will now be calling to the ball. Then, the sealing effect of number 5 will permit him to signal for the ball and take the shot.

Cross slob

The cross-sideline out-of-bounds game is designed for teams with great post players. Like the Cross BLOB, this play calls for only a couple of swift passes so that the ball can be moved to an opposite side.

A screening is also provided to the player who wants to score points from the painting. Three and five are the key players needed to carry the game successfully. The number 5 player must be the top player on the field, while number 3 has to create a substantial screen. Furthermore, the number 3 player must be ready to be given a pass by number 5 if they fail to score.

Number 4 will place an area of the screen for number 2’s defense to block him. Following that, Number 2 will sprint to catch the pass inbound. After making screen 4, number 4 will keep heading to the wing on the weak side. Number 2 will then pass the ball to number 4. While number 3 will establish an obstacle for number 5’s defense. The fourth player will then pass the ball to the number 5, who will score inside the scoring area. If the opposition team can stop the pass from number 5, the number 3 player should take the opportunity to catch the ball and attempt the shot from mid-range.


To play this move, creating fake screens at the guard’s spot is necessary. This can lead to an easy pass and an opportunity to score. Alternatively, you could place a screen on the side by an auxiliary player. Numbers 5, 2, and 1 are the most critical players required for this particular play. Like any other sport picking the right player for the job is essential. The most effective screener available on the team is Number five. The numbers 2 and 1 must be able to dribble and achieve a point on the rim.

Play Instructions

The guard passes to number 2, who will be waiting on the sideline. In the meantime, number 5 will create a screen behind number 1’s defense. The second player will go to the number 1 within the key if it is clear. If the points are not scored at the basket, then number 1 will attempt to occupy the corner of the weak side. Number 5 will then make a screen for the second player on the left side. Then number 2 will strike the rim by using the screen of number 5. Number 5 moves toward the ring, searching for an opening to score. In parallel, numbers four and three swiftly move into areas for shooting opportunities and play for safety.

Cross BLOB

Cross baseline out of bounds is an easy game involving inbound passes directed to the weaker side. This one is another simple basketball plays for youth. A cross-screen follows the key to allow the player to score inside. In this scenario, the third player must create a screen for the defender of the number. The first player must conceal the pass as well as possible to ensure that the key isn’t handed over to the opponent. This is a tactic to take the opponent off guard. However, overdoing this can render it unproductive.

Number 2 will cut in toward the goalkeeper and then sprint toward the side weaker than screen number 3’s. He will get the ball from number 1. He will run across the corner following the pass. 3. The 3rd player will make a screen over the defender of number 5. Then the number 5 player will receive the basket’s receipt and attempt for a scoring opportunity.

Final words

Plays Basketball is a fantastic sport for kids to let their frustrations out while also learning about a healthy sport. The games described within this post are simple to teach and practice. They will help players improve their skills and raise the team’s standard overall, increasing their enthusiasm for the game itself. These basketball drills will be a massive help in helping players learn the fundamentals of basketball. Now you have learned everything about what is simple basketball plays for youth.

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