What is Let in Table Tennis: Details About Table Tennis Let


Table tennis is like other sports in that a point can be repeated. This is known as a let. This is what we will be discussing. In a nutshell, let is “a rally in which the result has not been scored.” (Rule 2.5.3) If a rally is considered a let, neither the player nor the server gets the point. This is most often the net serve.

What Is a Let in Table Tennis

A serve is the most common reason for a table tennis point repetition. This is usually due to the ball touching the net in a wrong serve (net serve) or because the receiver wasn’t ready.

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We serve

This case is covered in point of the official rules. This rule states that a rally is a let if the ball touches the net during service. The rally is repeated if Player B returns, stops, or catches the ball. The receiver receives a point if the ball is not bounced from the net. What are the components of the net assembly? The net group includes the actual net and the two side posts, net suspension, and clamps. A let is when a legal serve touches any of these objects.

Do not serve too soon

Player A may serve when player B isn’t ready to return the service. The serve is then repeated. Rule 9.1.2 explains that a rally is considered a let if given when the receiving player or pair is unavailable. However, player B and his/her partner (in doubles) must not attempt to hit a ball. The serve cannot be repeated if you make a racket towards the ball, even if you’re not ready. After hitting the ball back, it is impossible to simply say, “I wasn’t ready.” It is better to stand still if you aren’t ready for the return.

Special rules for players with disabilities

There are additional rules for serving if the receiver is in a wheelchair. If:

  • upon touching the receiver’s returns in the direction of the net
  • goes to rest in the receiver’s court
  • in singles leaves receiver’s court after any of its Sidelines has touched it.

Let during the rally

Although a let is most common when serving, some situations can lead to repetition during rallies. This is less about the actual game situation and more about external factors.

Point replay due to interference

The point is repeated if a player cannot serve or return the ball because of external interference or cannot follow another rule. (9.1.3) You must note that the disturbance is not the player’s responsibility. Disturbing spectators or playing outside can all lead to a let. The wind could also cause a replay.

Allow umpire interruption

The point will be retaken if the umpire, or his assistant, interrupts the play during the serve or rally. (9.1.4)

You can have four reasons to interrupt the play.

  • To correct an error in the order of receiving, serving or ending; (
  • To introduce the System expedite ; (
  • The expedite is a tool that prevents too passive play. It is activated if a set exceeds 10 minutes.
  • To warn or punish a player or adviser (
  • Because the play conditions are disrupted in such a way that could impact the outcome of the rally. ( )

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