What is a Darts Tool – An Informative Guide for All Intermediate


Darts at a glance don’t look too complicated, and if anyone has used a basic brass set before, you’ll know that some really aren’t that complicated. Darts technology has come a long way over the years, and the dart parts/components are now more intricate and intentional than ever before. When you have more complicated parts, maintenance and repairs become more complex. For this reason, there’s a relatively practical and inexpensive tool known as a darts wrench. Just what is a darts wrench? In this article, I’ll cover what a dart wrench is and how you can use one to fix a lot of darting problems. Chances are it can fix some issues with your darts that you never even knew you had!

What Is a Darts Tool

Darts wrench

A darts wrench, also known as a darts tool, is an accessory that can fix broken darts or maintain parts. They are small metal tools with many functions specifically for improving darts and dart parts prone to breaking. You can remove a broken dart shaft with a darts wrench. Some of these definitely don’t look like significant issues to try and solve, but how many people reading this can honestly say you haven’t spent countless minutes fumbling around while trying to put a flight back on a bent dart shaft? 

Use of dart wrench 

  • Removing broken dart shafts – basically, you stick the pointy end in the broken dart shaft and twist. This should let the broken part loosen up or fall. If you’re still struggling to get it out, you might want to twist the shaft manually with your fingers. 
  • Removing dart tips – insert the soft tip into the soft tip tightener and twist it in the preferred direction (if you want to tighten or remove your suggestions). 
  • Prying out shaft prongs – insert the prying tool into the shaft prongs and apply a bit of force until it’s separated enough that you can insert your new flights. It works best if you have a new shaft and plan to use a thicker flight. 
  • Tightening of shaft prongs – if you need to pull the shaft prongs of either nylon or metal prongs, all you have to do is run the shaft into the shaft tightener (or the x-shaped hole). 
  • Reshaping bent shaft – same with the shaft prong tightener. Just run the affected part to the proper reshaping tool until it’s back to its original shape. 

How to use dart tool

Even though a typical tungsten dart bundle is made of robust material, it might get delicate to breakage due to overuse. The tips could get torn in half when hit on a heavily condensed object. And such explicit damages are easy to repair if you have the right dart wrench tool in hand. Using a dart tool appears to be a tricky task for most individuals. However, once you master its knack, it would seem nothing but too helpful for troubleshooting. Nowadays, most dart packages include several components of dart tools in their set. Therefore, the heavy damages, i.e., bent shafts, broken flights, or dart scratches, get even more manageable to repair.

Dart shafts usage

Take your dart wrench in hand and get the hold of the dart shaft with it. Ensure you are holding the broken dart shaft with its pointy end. Once you have a firm grip, twist it until the shaft doesn’t come out. You can also turn the post manually with your hand after loosening the rod with the wrench. Also you can fix the shaft of the dart that comes loose.

Dart tips usage

Get the soft tips tightener tool and adjust the dart tip you want to remove. Once the information is fit, twist it anti-clockwise. If you’re going to tighten the existing end with the tip tightener, you can quickly turn the tool clockwise. 

Shaft prongs usage

You’ll need a wrench to open the aluminum dart shafts to change the flights on your cue. This dart process also requires a new flight. You can use some wooden posts with metal prongs. But it may be more challenging to get the metal prongs off — and you’ll need a new shaft anyway. If you want to tighten the metal or a nylon shaft prong, insert the prying tool into the shaft tightened. To reshape any bent shafts, you only need to use the prying tool to the proper reshaping tool. It will get the shape back in its place. 

Uses of darts tool in a dart project

As mentioned earlier, several dart products now provide free dart tools for their consumers. Dart wrenches are small and sometimes overlooked tools, but they’re integral to your dart set. A dart tool allows you to quickly and easily adjust the darts for the perfect fit. Although most beginner dart players don’t know the proper use of a dart wrench set, they don’t even understand whether it’s essential to have a wrench in a dart game.

Tightening and reshaping shaft

Before you play, check to ensure that the shaft is connected tightly to the flight and the barrel. If it’s not, use a dart wrench to adjust it. If the flight and barrel connection is loose, you can use a slim strip of metal from your dart wrench to gently tighten it. Whether the dart shaft is bent or dented, you can use this wrench to reshape it. A dart wrench is a circle-shaped tool for handy use. It will help smooth out the kinks and give you a precision throw, just like the original.

Prying out tight shaft prongs 

If you want to tighten the prongs that hold down the flight, the tighter shaft tool is the perfect equipment. You will see one “x” or “+” shaped hole in the device. That way, you quickly tighten or loosen the shafts prong. Once you have reduced the metal prong, it will get easier to change the existing flights in the darts. 

Changing out the broken dart

Are you a fan of the soft tip or steel tip darts? Regardless, your darts are prone to wear and tear over time. Whether it’s damage on the dart shafts or grooves on the tips, continuous use makes them look and feel less appealing. You can quickly fix that by replacing your old tips with new ones. The avid dart wrench serves as a dart tip remover. So, you can use it both for removing and tightening the closest dart’ tips.


A dart wrench might not seem like a standard dart accessory that many people know. However, they are definitely a helpful tool that any player should have stored in their dart case. For such a cheap/inexpensive tool, you’ll find that most players carry one in their case just because of the usefulness they provide, even at the elite level.  If you think this is a valuable tool, you’ll also want to check out our guide (coming soon) on the best dart accessories. These cover everything that a beginner or pro player would need when playing darts.

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