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The consequences of parental alienation directly impact children and alienated parents. However, some timely interventions can prevent parental alienation and save your kid’s future. Let’s see what consequences a parental alienated child faces and how to deal with it.

What is parental alienation

Parental alienation means using children’s emotional attachment to create hatred against one of their parents. Parental alienation directly indicates the brainwashing of children using false allegations against ex-partners. Such a systemic approach generally appears after marriage separation. However, marital drawbacks also result in parental alienation. Another typical case of parental alienation arrives after a divorced parent re-marriage with someone else. Sometimes, they draw false lines against one of the original parents to create more hatred in children’s minds.

Consequences of parental alienation

Several studies suggest parental alienation is quite alarming for any children’s future. Children face so many problems during their whole life. Even the separated couple becomes part of the suffering. More consequences of parental alienation are given below.

Low self-esteem

Most of the children who suffer parental alienation loses self-confidence. They feel so offended each time and lose every inch of self-respect day by day. Sadly, the sufferer cannot get into normal life after this trauma.

Lack of trust in others

Family disputes begin in front of children’s eyes. They witness parents’ suspicious situations from so close. As a result, children lose faith in everyone.  Moreover, during mature years an alienated child cannot build any trustworthy relations. Consequently, they become so much alone and leads unsocial life.


The feeling of fear, dread, and uneasiness is pervasive for an alienated child. They suffer long-term anxiety and depression as a consequence of parental alienation.

Drag addiction

In so many cases, the alienated children become addicted. They start to consume an excessive amount of drags to forget dark memories. Day by day, they become dependent on prohibited drugs. Furthermore, a situation like memory loss can arise.

Loss of productivity

Such a suffering person always lacks productivity. They don’t find any real meaning in life. The person always seems to be in confusion and indecision.

Negative approach

Children go through a period of brainwashing during that time. As a result, their regular approaches turn negative. They always seem to draw a negative conclusion on every situation.

Poor health condition

Generally, a parent takes care of children properly. Sadly, children don’t find any safe home in this kind of situation. Their psychological and physical conditions get so poor due to improper maintenance.

How to escape from parental alienation

So many alternatives are there to prevent parental alienation. If a couple cannot adjust together, they can go for mutual separation. Thereby, no one will bear the consequences.  Also, you can follow the below steps to avoid parental alienation.

Mutual separation

A couple can choose the option of mutual separation instead of making the situation toxic. By Following this way, children will bear minimum consequences even after their parents’ divorce.

Carrying friendly relations for children’s betterment

You can carry on a friendly relationship with your previous partner even after separation. It will save your children the negative impacts of parental alienation.

Providing safe custody to children 

If you decide to go for divorce, move forward with a positive approach. Discuss children’s custody with your partner before separation. Also, ensure better custody for your children. This approach saves your child from suffering the consequences of parental alienation.

Difference between parental alienation and parental alienation syndrome

Although both terms seem very co-related, there have significant differences. Parental alienation generally refers to brainwashing, misleading, and misguiding the children. On the other hand, parental alienation syndrome means children’s poor mental and physical condition. It is easily identifiable from kids’ behavior. Alternatively, parental alienation is very tough to identify at first glance. More specifically, parental alienation syndrome results from regular parental alienation.

Consequences of Parental Alienation: FAQs 

Grow more ideas about parental alienation from this section.

Can I take legal action against parental alienation

Sadly, there are no separate laws that identify parental alienation in Canada. Therefore, you cannot take any direct actions against it. However, this matter goes under the ‘Family Act ordinance’ provisions. And the good thing is that the court provides complete attention to this particular subject.

What is the long-term effect of parental alienation

Parental alienation comes with so many long-term effects on children. Such children always seem to be in depression, indecision, and anxiety. 

What happens to alienated child

In the long run, alienated children suffer from alienated parental syndromes. As a result, they lose normal thinking abilities and feel insecure.

How does an alienated child feel

Alienated children always feel offended. Their normal behavior gets destroyed. Moreover, their approach becomes so negative.


Parental alienation is in no way acceptable. In the process, children get destroyed. We need to take proper measures to stop such heinous conduct in our surroundings. In addition, we can take legal action to stop parental alienation immediately.

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