8 Ways to Make Money with Your Car – Follow Experts Suggestions


These days, putting a car to good use doesn’t have to be limited to just driving yourself around. There are many ways you can utilize your vehicle for the service of others and make money doing it. Let’s look at eight of the most popular ways to earn extra money with your car.

Ways to make money with your car

Rent your car out on ridealike

RideAlike is Toronto’s car sharing service. You list your vehicle on their site – car, SUV, minivan, pickup – and rent it out on a short-term basis to those in need of wheels. Set the rate you want to receive per day or hour; you also pick the times your vehicle is available for rent. RideAlike handles the rest, including full insurance coverage and 24/7 roadside assistance for users. It’s a great way to make extra money with your car when it might be otherwise sitting idle.

Deliver food in your car

We’ve all become familiar with UberEats, Skip the Dishes, and others. You deliver food to hungry people with your car, and you get your money. The platforms you sign up with handle all the rest, including finding the customers where you want to work and what hours to make yourself available.

Become a ride share driver

Many people have put their wheels to good use by signing on with rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft. They find the customers for you. You have full flexibility when you want to drive and how far you’re willing to go within a given geographic area. Ride Share is a global thing and can be an excellent part-time or even full-time money maker.

Deliver amazon flex packages and parcels

You can get a piece of the Amazon parcel delivery action by signing up with them and using your car to make Amazon deliveries. Amazon Flex is exploding in size – all you do is reserve your block with them, make the deliveries, and get paid; and as they say – “repeat .”It’s a solid use of your car for money.

Pet delivery service

Pet taxi services and pet transport services are out there for the taking. If you prefer to use your vehicle to move animals instead of people, this is the way to go. Pet taxi drivers shuttle to and from vet appointments, grooming services, etc. Pet transportation drivers help with the relocation of pets when folks are moving. Either way, it’s another way you can take advantage of the fact that you own a car and get paid to use it.

Help people move their stuff and belongings

People in the midst of relocating often need a hand moving their belongings. It may not be a full moving van full of stuff; that’s when a car owner like you can be of assistance. Once they’ve packed and boxed up their possessions, you help them move it all from point A to B. You can set the rates you want to charge and put yourself online, on social media, or wherever else you can think of to promote your services as a small-scale moving service.

Driving for busy parents

Many parents are so busy that they don’t always have time to get their children to appointments and events or even just to and from school. This is where a car owner can cash in with time on their hands. If you are a responsible individual with time on your hands and a reliable vehicle, put your capabilities in dealing with kids to good use. It’s both profitable and rewarding if you like dealing with the young’uns.

Consider having your car wrapped

Here’s an interesting way to make extra dollars with your vehicle that doesn’t even involve you driving anywhere in particular. If your ride is 2008 or newer, with a factory paint job, it can be wrapped with advertising for a set period. You’re doing what they hired you to do – advertise via the wrapping on your car when you drive around for whatever reason. Carvertise is one of the predominant services in this marketplace. You should check them out if you’re comfy with the idea of having your car wrapped in advertising.

We hope you’ve found this list of money makers for car owners useful. Your wheels could be making you extra money! Happy driving.

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