Top Benefits of Using a Rowing Machine | 9 Benefits You Shouldn’t Miss


Suppose you are looking for a new piece of exercise equipment for your own home gym or something you’ve never seen before to check out at your gym in your neighborhood. In that case, there’s no doubt that a rowing machine can be a fantastic way to achieve those fitness objectives. They use it because there are a lot of benefits to using a rowing machine. Although the only people are likely to see on the devices in the gym are rowers who are not in the season. Still, anyone can benefit from an excellent workout for the entire body using a rows machine.

A variety of major muscle groups are utilized on the machine, an excellent method to tone your lower and upper body. You can enjoy a full cardio workout with this single machine. If that’s not enough to get you to test one of these machines, you can check out some of the top benefits of using a rowing machine in the following article.

Top benefits of using a rowing machine

Utilizing rowing machines is an excellent way to boost your overall health. Plus, it’s low-impact and suitable to do for people of any age and fitness level. It is a piece of fitness equipment that simulates rowing a boat in the water, giving it a total body exercise! Want to know the top benefits of using a rowing machine? Then continue reading. 

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Super efficient way to burn calories

When you work out with an exercise machine that is rowing, you’ll be burning about 600 calories during an hour-long exercise. When you consider other equipment that you can use in your gym at home or even at your local fitness center, and there’s nothing else that could match the effectiveness of burning calories.

If, for instance, you were to achieve the same amount of calories on bicycle stationery, you’d need to stay on it for an hour and twenty minutes to accomplish the same amount of calories consumed. So although you might eventually be burning the same number of calories, you will not be getting the same kind of fitness on the bike as you would using this bike.

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Effective aerobic exercise

No matter how old you may be, a fitness plan that includes cardio equipment or aerobic exercises can be a significant factor in your overall well-being. The benefits of fitness include weight loss as well as increased stamina and a more robust immune system. In addition, the endorphins that release when you work out can enhance your mood and sleep quality. Since it involves the use of a variety of essential muscle groups, a rowing machine is a great way to boost the heart rate and increase the amount of oxygen you are getting to provide a powerful exercise. The adjustable resistance offered by most rowers lets you get to your desired heart rate and gradually slowing back to your average pace.

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Good lower body workout

While it may not look as it does from the perspective of the machine, you will get an excellent lower body workout using the rowing machines. Many fitness enthusiasts are using one solely for the incredible lower body fitness that you can achieve through regular use. Your quads, the muscles found on the upper part of your thighs, are the most important muscles that you use. However, you also get excellent exercise for your glutes as well as calves. For the best results from the lower body workout, select a machine with a sliding seat. This will allow you to benefit from some excellent lower body toning.

Upper-body workout

Like you’d imagine, rowing machines offer excellent exercise for the upper body. The rowers strengthen those muscles of the rhomboids in the shoulder area, trapezius in the back of your upper part, as well as the lats in the low back. Benefits of a more supple shoulder and back include better posture and a decrease in back discomfort. Along with your backside, it also provides a good exercise for your biceps abs and pecs, which can help you build a strong core. Since you must maintain a steady grasp on the rowers, you’ll also strengthen your wrists and hands. This is a significant benefit for those who interest in activities like climbing and Yoga.

Low injury risk

In contrast to other equipment for gyms, there is chance of sustaining injuries while working with a rower is very low. This is because the risk of injury is low. After all, the form and motion of rowing is a natural posture for your physique and a relatively low-impact exercise. You don’t feel the most stress on your joints, and you are seated at a level towards the ground, which means your chance of falling over and getting injured is very low. The most severe risk can be strained back, but this can only happen when your posture isn’t correct. As long as you are using the rower properly, you should expect a minimal chance of injury. A good form requires your legs to complete all the work and ensure that your back isn’t stressed.

Low-impact cardio

If you are overweight or already have joint pain, high-impact exercises can pose more dangers than rewards. The rowing machines are an ideal alternative for people who can’t do activities that require weight, like running or hiking, walking, and Yoga. The movement of rowing is natural and safe, putting minor strain on joints. Similar to stationary bikes, rowers are excellent to prevent injuries. In addition, they can be a great option to build and strengthen the knees following surgery. Although tension in the lower back can be an issue, you can reduce your risk by utilizing the correct rowing posture. A good rowing posture allows your legs to take over the task to relieve pressure on your back. See #9 for additional details about proper rowing techniques.

Increased endurance

If you’re feeling as if you’ve been getting up and going, likely, you’re not getting enough exercise. Machine workouts in the rowing lane may feel tiring at first. Still, the benefits from regular exercise will improve your endurance and provide you with more energy. Since rowing is a cardiovascular exercise and targets all of your major muscle groups, it’s one step ahead of other kinds of exercise equipment. If you continue to use it regularly, you’ll build up endurance and speed up your metabolism. More energy means more motivation to pursue the activities you enjoy!


Although you may not live near water and have a rowing boat on the dock, you cannot enjoy all the physical advantages of rowing. However, you can buy a budget rower that you can use in the peace and comfort of the privacy of your home. Sometimes, getting motivated to exercise is more complex than actually doing the workout. Therefore, easy and simple exercises, such as rowing, are more attractive. It’s also beneficial since you can invite a partner to join you for additional motivation.

Easy to use

If you’re only starting your journey to get in shape, the maze of intricate exercise equipment in the gym could be making your head spin. Don’t worry! Exercising using a rowing machine is accessible to master and suitable for everyone of all ages and abilities. It is essential to ensure that you are using the correct rowing technique when exercising. It can help you increase your fitness and reduce the chance of injuries. Your feet should be secured in the stirrups, keeping your shins positioned close to a 90-degree angle with the floor. It’s recommended that you keep your back upright and your core firmly engaged and row in a fluid, smooth movement. It’s easy to master it in the blink of an eye!


If exercise is something you are afraid of and so scared of, it will be much harder to keep yourself motivated to complete it. Setting up an exercise routine that you love is the most critical factor to success. Because there are lots of benefits of using a rowing machine because this workout for all of your body parts, it’s much easier to remain engaged while you’re doing it. Plus, you can push yourself by increasing the amount of resistance as you grow into a more experienced rower. Turn up the volume and move according to the rhythm of your favorite songs, or put your preferred show on television, or even get an exercise buddy to provide extra motivation. When you’re a pro, you’ll be enjoying yourself so much that getting onto your rowing machine is sure to be a delight!

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