Surrogacy in Cyprus: Key Principles


Worldwide surrogacy offers a wide range of options in a variety of countries for intended parents. However, this diversity may overwhelm IPs with its enormous bulk of information to process so it is always best to seek expert aid when it comes to surrogacy law in a particular country.

By contacting a trustworthy surrogacy agency such as the World Center of Baby, you will receive professional support that will lead your surrogacy path to success. Let’s see what are the potential implications of undertaking surrogacy in Cyprus for those who chose this country as their surrogacy destination.

Surrogacy in Cyprus Advantages

Surrogacy in Cyprus has a lot to offer: gestational surrogacy, IVF, and egg donation. Gestational surrogacy means that a gestational carrier is simply a female carrying a child for intended parents but is not genetically related to it. Thus, she cannot claim the child as her own which greatly simplifies the legality of surrogacy in Cyprus.

To become eligible for procedures, surrogate mothers, as well as egg donors, have to pass complex medical and psychological examinations. Successful results will be proof that they are healthy for pregnancy. Egg donors are additionally tested for STDs and possible genetic abnormalities which further secures the medical side of the surrogacy program.

One should also remember that Cyprus is divided into two parts and both of them have different approaches to surrogacy legislation. For example, Northern Cyprus is a great place for single parents and gay couples seeking to accommodate their wishes of becoming parents. So pay attention while choosing your option.

Find a Proven Fertility Clinic in Cyprus

All things considered, legal technicalities in the field of surrogacy in Cyprus may seem overwhelming at first glance. There are many pros and cons to adding up and you may feel it necessary to find yourselves a well-known surrogacy agency in Cyprus that will spare you additional trouble of researching legal aspects and preparing a custom solution, especially for you.

Choosing the World Center of Baby as your guide through surrogacy in Cyprus guarantees a risk-free journey to parenthood. Our team of trusted lawyers, experienced fertility experts and Intended Parent Partners is the best key to success. For additional information, please apply for a consultation on World Center of Baby website.

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