Simple Easy Basketball Plays – 8 Pro Basketball Pro Tips to Play


We’re frequently asked, “What are simple easy basketball plays for youth?” There are many offensive and defensive games for children that you can master at no cost. Basketball can be a challenging game to master. Furthermore, if you learn basketball fundamentals then those skills can cause chaos on the field. Thus, the fundamentals are crucial for athletes to follow and help them develop their skills and improve their understanding of the game. Check out our explanation of the most simple easy basketball plays suitable for children.

8 Easy simple basketball plays


Making fake screens at the guard’s spot is necessary to play this move. This can lead to an easy pass and an easy scoring opportunity. Alternately, you could place a screen on the wings by the post player. The numbers 5, 2, and 1 are the most critical players required for this particular play. Like any other sport picking the right person for the right task is crucial. The most effective screener available on the team should be number five. The numbers 2 and 1 must be able to dribble and hit the rim. The guard makes a pass to number 2, who is waiting on the sideline. In the meantime, number 5 will create a screen behind the defender of number 1.

The second player will go to the number 1 within the key if it is clear. If there is no scoring at the basket, then number 1 will attempt to take the corner on the weak side. 5 will then create a screen for the second player, which is on the side. Number 2 will be able to attack the rim with the screen of number 5. Number 5 makes its way to the ring in search of an opportunity to score. In parallel, numbers 4 and three quickly enter passing areas to make space for shots and play for safety.


Isolation is a basic offensive basketball play which is designed for kids. Its goal is to block defences while allowing the ball player to compete against one other inferior player. The team has four offensive players above the free-throw line to keep the defensive engaged. This is how the game is named. Five players are usually in the centre with the player who handles the ball. Learn here types of basketball offences.

It is a good strategy for young teams as most players fail to comprehend the team’s defensive unit and adhere to their own targets. Initially, the slot players have to pass the ball to one player on their side. For instance, the number 1 passes over to 3 or the number 2 passes to number 4. Then, the number 5 has to immediately flash to signal the key, using the weaker defender inside. Once the pass is completed, these players are screens for the slot players. They’ll shift positions with the slot player in parallel, keeping players in the defensive place. This will permit five players to attack from the middle or at the line of sight.


Flip is a straightforward and accessible game played right under the basket. The cross-screen is set by the numbers 2 and 3 on the top and numbers 4 and 5, attempting to attack the edge. In addition, the number 5 will create an area to hinder the number 4, who is the defender. When number 1 begins the game, the numbers 3 and 2 go to the corner and ask for the passing. This process will end up with the defenders being drawn out. The number 5, or who is playing on the opposite side, will create a screen for the number 4. Number 4 will then call to the ball. Then, the sealing effect of number 5 will enable him to request the ball and take the shot.


Yo-yo is a straightforward basketball plays that can be played using the formation of a box. This game aims to utilize both players who are on both posts to get a score. For numbers 4 and 5, to make it to the basket on time, numbers 2 and 3 have to create strong screens. To be successful in this game, clearness of roles is essential. Numbers 4 and 5 need to be able to reach the rim and then advance through a solid defence.

Screens for the numbers 5 and 4 are created by the numbers 2 and 3 before the start of the game. Numbers 4 and 5 leave the screen and run toward the basketball. Number 1 will pass a foul ball to numbers 4 or 5 for the last attack. If number 1 cannot complete the pass to numbers 4 or 5 3, number 3 will return to receive the key. Then, he will either attack or start the play once more.

Cross BLOB

Cross baseline out-of-bounds or cross baseline is an easy play that requires inbound passes that are directed to the weaker side. A cross-screen is followed by the key to allow the player to score inside. Throughout the play, the third player must make a screen on the defender of number 5. The first player must conceal the pass as much as possible so that the play doesn’t get handed over to the opponent.

The goal of this play is to catch the opponent off guard. But, overdoing it renders the space ineffective. Number 2 will cut in towards the inbounder and then sprint towards the lower part of the screen of number 3. He will get the pass from the number 1, who will run across the corner following the receipt. The number 3 will then make a screen over the number 5’s defender. In turn, Number 5 will be given the basket pass and attempt a scoring opportunity.

Cross SLOB

The cross-sideline out-of-bounds game is intended for teams that have excellent post players. Like the Cross BLOB, this play will require two swift passes to ensure the ball can reach another corner. Additionally, the screens are available for players who can score within the painting. Three and five are crucial players in carrying this game with success. Five must be the top player on the field, and number 3 should be able to provide a solid screen. In addition, number 3 should be prepared to receive the pass from number 5 should he fail in his attempt to score.

Number 4 will place the screen for number 2’s opponent to stop him. Following that, two players will sprint to catch the pass inbound. After creating the screen, the number 4 will keep going to the wing’s weak side. There, number 2 will transfer the ball to the number 4. While number 3 will establish an area for the defender of number 5. Number 4 will then move the ball to 5. The latter will then finish scoring just short of the basket.

Quick stagger

Quick stagger involves putting screens that move before the beginning of the game. Then, it gives you the possibility of taking shots from mid-range or layup. The first player must play the role of leader in this scenario and be an excellent decision-maker. He’ll make the pass to number 3 or 4. The latter will shoot the final shot. Number 4 must be able to make accurate mid-range shots consistently. Numbers 4 and 5 should also be able to build solid screens. Number 1 will be able to dribble the ball towards the corner of number 4.

Then the second number will be dribbling toward the corner. The numbers 4 and 5 will make staggered screens to three on the weaker end of the field. In addition, number 3 will be set to receive the ball from number 1. Number 4 will stop the defender number 3. He will block the defender for as long as possible while waiting for the number 1 to give his ball. Then, number 1 will pass the ball to number 4 when they believe it’s more likely to shoot the mid-range shot. The fourth player should also be prepared to get the ball if they see number 3 being dragged down by the players.

Screen and roll

Screen and Roll is a simple game played with an option to roll or pick in the beginning. A second screen is, however, located in the back. Number 5 must be quick to the basket to score. Making a solid screen is the most important goal. Number 1 will be moving the ball towards the 5 ends of the court. In the meantime, number 5 will be setting up an area for number 1 to screen.

While number 5 sets the screen and his defender will protect his back. 4. Take this opportunity to set his own screen in front of the defender of number 5. 5 will be able to roll off the screen of number 4 and wait for the pass from number 1. While the other number will appear to take the pass from number 1. Usually, defences will be waiting for number 5 to get the pass, leaving the number 4 open, allowing him to shoot.


Basketball is an excellent sport for kids to let their frustrations out while learning a healthy game. The games discussed within this piece are simple for coaches to instruct and practice. They will help players improve their skills and raise the team’s standard overall, which will increase their interest in the game itself. Simple easy basketball plays can go a long way to help them master the fundamentals of basketball.

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