Renovation Ideas That You Must Know For a Stylish and Unique Home


No matter how much you read about renovations, there will be new upgrades always. As interior designers focus on giving you the utmost functionality within your budget, you will always be reading some new updates in the existing designs. Moreover, as technology is advancing, you can also find new updates in the lighting system, automatic functions in your home. Today, we will be seeing some of the popular renovation ideas that are becoming popular in 2022. You can read the following trends and implement them in your renovation project so that your house looks updated, modern, comfortable, and of course, functional.

Renovation ideas for a stylish and unique home

Multiple windows for bright kitchen and living room

The time of installing single windows is long gone. Depending on the size of the wall and room, renovators are now suggesting installing multiple windows on a single wall. The main purpose is to let in more light and air, especially in the living room and the kitchen. These two rooms need more brightness as they make you active and enhance your mood.

So when constructing a new home or while renovating, make sure you’re asking your renovator to keep multiple windows. They can be parallel and same-sized windows or you can install differently sized panels as well. However, with brightness and air, multiple windows may let in more dust into your home. To control the dust you can think of installing quality window coverings that let in only light but not dust. Whatever it is, multiple windows are trendy and becoming popular and it’s a good addition that you might want to give it a thought.

More functional and stylish kitchen islands

Kitchen islands are there for so long. Known for giving functionality and a stylish look, kitchen islands are now upgraded with enhanced features and designs. The latest kitchen islands are coming with designs that are multi-functional. You can use it as a family dining table and as an island as well. There are more features attached to it like the additional sink and faucet, separate cutting space, shelves on the side to store crockery, books, paintings, etc.

Even the island stools are designed in a way so that it matches the island countertop or with the kitchen theme and colors. Kitchen islands are a worthy investment as they give you more functionality and style to your home.

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Colourful kitchen with colourful cabinets

If plain and neutral colors are not your thing or got bored with the mundane painting at your home, then it’s time to pop the color for a trendy and lively look. Let’s start with the kitchen: here, you can brighten the room by simply adding colorful cabinets. Shades like blue, orange, yellow, and red are the best to change your kitchen in a good way.

Or if you already have cabinets but would like to update them, give them a touch of color by painting in bright and attractive colors. Doing this simple renovation will give a new look and style to your home. You can wake up in the morning and get an instant mood booster by looking at the colorful kitchen.

Vintage elements in a contemporary home

Nowadays, everyone is opting to construct modern homes or renovate them with contemporary elements so that the house looks updated. However, for a more unique look, you can add vintage elements and still make your home look modern. Vintage elements or accessories normally include country designs and patterns with rustic colours. You can add them to your modern home to get a combination.

For instance, if you want to add new rugs to your home, then think about buying rugs in vintage patterns or country designs. They add a nice contrast to your contemporary home. You can go a step ahead and buy matching accessories so that the rug and the other elements give a unique theme to your entire home. If you are looking to buy such unique elements, search for these 10 great renovation tradies in Melbourne to get the designs you want.

Accentuate black designs and elements

Another great renovation idea to make your home look magnificent is by accentuating black designs and patterns. Adding black designs here and there will give a nice twist to your home.

For instance, you can add window coverings that have black patterns, black countertops or stools, black paintings or décor pieces. Or if you want to keep it simple, you can add a name board in black lettering outside your home. You can also paint your mailbox in black with white patterns on top of it. Black is such a spectacular colour that not only enhances the other elements in your home but also makes it contemporary and stylish.

More stylish false ceiling designs

While renovating, you don’t want to forget the ceilings. They may have cracks and other stains that you may want to take action on them. Learn here why it’s imp to check your ceiling cracks before it’s too late.

To cover the cracks and to update your ceilings, look for more stylish designs in false ceilings. You can also add lighting and décor items like chandeliers, wind chimes, artificial flower pots, etc. It’s always important not to forget the ceilings as they give you subtle but promising beauty to your home. If you have a more budget and artistic mind, you can also think of carving your favorite designs on your ceiling. It’s lavish and pricey but definitely gives a royal look to your home.

Enhancing bathroom features

Renovation projects are not complete without enhancing the bathroom. Though you spend less time here, you’d want to make the minutes count. You should be able to enjoy your private space with modern and comfortable bathroom fixtures.

Elements like the chic bathtub, checked tiles in your shower, glass partitions, cabinets for storage, and more lighting are the few things that you may want to invest in. They are sure to offer functionality, more style and comfort to your bathroom


While renovating, depending on your budget and time, you should think of the above additions to your home. Some of them are costly but they make your home look unique when compared to others. You can also ask home renovators for their expert opinion as they give you budget-friendly and stylish ideas.

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