Learn Basketball Fundamentals: 6 Moves of Basketball You Must Learn


Are you looking to master the basics of simple easy basketball plays? Maybe you’re hoping to be an expert basketball player. If you want to achieve this goal, you’ll need to learn the fundamentals of the game first. In the end, becoming a great basketball player takes more than just a lot of determination. To be successful at the game, it is necessary to master the basketball fundamentals. Basketball fundamentals are some of the most fundamental skills involved in the game. With these fundamentals, you can succeed in the game. So, if you’re looking to develop and improve your game, know the basics. This article will walk you through the basics you require to succeed in basketball.

Learn the fundamentals of basketball

Here are a few of the basketball fundamentals you must learn.


Dribbling is the very first skill you’ll use in basketball. When playing at a leisurely pace or playing in a game, you’ll discover that playing the ball dribbling is essential. Therefore, dribbling is among the most important fundamentals. If you don’t master it, you’re not an ideal candidate for a long-lasting career in the sport. Dribbling is an act that the ball player utilizes to move the ball around without releasing the ball to other players. It is the process of constantly bouncing the ball off of the floor.

When you have the ball, it is possible to determine the next step. The act of dribbling can help you evaluate the motion needed to throw the ball to determine the direction of the ball. To be a master at dribbling, you need to master the art of manipulating the ball using both your hands. It can be helpful to apply slight tension to your ball and allow it to bounce. While you dribble, make sure that your eyes remain on the hoop while remaining conscious of the opponents.

Keep an eye on the opposing team’s players with peripheral vision. In the beginning, you can practice playing dribbling with crossovers and inside and out techniques. After that, progress to more complex moves like spinning. When you are dribbling, it’s crucial to remember that you are only allowed to use only one hand at any one time. If you use both hands, it will cause an offence. Additionally, you cannot hold the ball while you race through the courts. That’s called the process of travelling. The only method of moving without losing control of the ball is to play the ball. There is also no limit on how high you can throw the ball.


Teamwork is among the strategies to win a game that involves coordination between players. A skilled basketball player knows when to speak to their teammates and move the ball. Eye contact and proximity of players are vital in the successful passing of balls to players. For a precise pass, keep your opponents in front of you or in a lateral direction to ensure that your teammate is just in front of you. But the ball’s path can change in real-time, but you must determine the location of both your teammates and your opponents before you pass the ball.

The best method to learn this skill is by practising it. Join in teams and play with different players. Make sure that the other player is near you, and you can play the ball with a variety of methods. After practice, you can play as a team and employ the techniques to play balls with your teammates. Be quick, alert and watch your teammate and the opposition.


A fundamental skill that you need to master as a basketball player is footwork. Footwork is how you move on the field and use different game strategies. Effectiveness in this method lets you identify your adversary and then reach your final destination. When you plan to shoot, defend or even pass the ball, you must know the basics of foot movements. Also, it is about how you position your feet on the court. The foot’s stance will indicate how the player is moving. If other competitive players observe the player’s position, they can decode your game plan. In the end, adversaries could quickly sabotage your strategy, and you could not be able to achieve the goal you decided to set.

Thus, you need to be cautious about how you move as a professional. Maintain a single position to be able to confuse your opponents. After that, walk through the field in rapid movements and then train this basic strategy within your reach. Learn to master this technique, and your defensive skills will immediately improve.


Rebounding is a different method to determine your capabilities as a player. If a shot is missed during the game and you cannot get the ball back is known as rebounding. It is not dependent on your body or height but is entirely a result of your skills. Rebounding is an effective technique in basketball games. If you can get possession of the ball before your opponent, you will likely have a better chance of winning.

To be successful in your rebounding technique, make sure you look for your opponent immediately after your shot goes off. Be sure to stay away from your opponent and keep them from coming into interaction with the ball while you play. Then, you must take possession of the ball while keeping just a few feet from the rim so that the ball is in your area of control.


The only way to defend is to keep your opponent out of the game. There are a variety of ways to practice defence. The most basic is keeping your opponents in a corner or near them to stop any possibility of hitting the ball. To execute defensive actions, you could place yourself close to the rim. If your teammate is passing the ball, you can be close enough to catch it if it falls in their vicinity. Also, once the opponent shoots the team, you must stand close to the rim and keep it out of the basket. If you’re tall and have a strong back, you can use your hands. In other cases, you could jump into the air and then throw it away from the edge.

There are two types of basketball defence: off-ball and on-ball protection. Combining both of these defence strategies makes sure that opponents are not scoring. To defend against on-ball attacks, keep at least an arm’s length away from the opponent. To defend against off-balls, you should surround the court. Additionally, you should adjust your location to instantly help your teammates. So, all four off-ball players should stay near the edges, not around the opponent. But keep in mind that the coach decides on the proper spots for the defenders during the actual game.


The primary role of a player is to hit the ball through the hoops. This action can put a lot of stress on the player, but they won’t be successful if the pressure gets to the player. To make sure the shot is directed correctly, you must place the ball in your hands and then shift your focus to the area around the rim. Determine the proper movement in throwing your ball based on your current position. Make sure that both elbows are below the ball, and keep it in a straight place. After that, apply your force following how far you are from the rim and then shoot it into your basket.

For a successful shot, it is necessary to have an established method. Make sure you place the ball correctly in your hands and keep your elbows in the ball’s direction. Be sure to keep your balance by ensuring that the position you’re standing in permits your feet to remain stable on the earth. Adjust your body’s posture by the part of the hoops. For throwing the ball, move your body towards the sky or jump if your edge is at a considerable distance.

The ability to shoot improves with time. It is halfway to learning the basics when you master your key actions, which do not result in the shot being missed. As you improve shooting, your body naturally assumes the correct position to throw the ball. To hit the ball accurately, you must practice until you’ve mastered the technique. Make sure you practice until you aren’t able to do it wrong.

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Significance of these fundamentals

If you don’t understand the fundamental rules of basketball and methods, you’ll not achieve much. With a deep and thorough knowledge of the entire process, it is possible to aim for higher levels. Stephen Curry, the NBA player with the Golden State Warriors, once stated the possibility of watching an NBA basketball match at any level — whether it’s a high-school game or an NBA game — and seeing players struggling to master the fundamentals.

On a visit to Barcelona, the famous Kobe Bryant said that most basketball players from the America United States lack the fundamental skills that players from overseas have. Ambition and talent alone will not lead you to success. So, you need to develop your skills following professional advice and the basics of basketball. This way, you will be able to create a solid foundation to be successful in the basketball game.


You can improve these basketball fundamentals skills through consistent practice and consistency. All of these are crucial to your professional development, and you won’t be able to master these skills without determination. Follow your coach’s suggestions, and rely on their judgment regarding your performance. And, of course, you must remain conscious of your own actions. In the end, you’re your own advocate. If you’re looking to achieve success and want to improve your basketball fundamentals, it’s your responsibility to perform the work. Do each skill as an oath, and you’ll be on the verge of achieving excellence in your sport.

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