Know Your Health and Fitness Level before Going to Office: Workout Mirror in Modern World


In the modern world, there is so much emerging technology that has made life so easy. Nowadays busy people can enjoy life much better. People can now multitask, and still, stay informed and updated while on the go. As technology is constantly evolving, people no longer need to visit a place to get services. A good example is the fact that most people no longer need to visit the stores for shopping. Nowadays all you need is a good internet connection and you can do almost everything from the comfort of your home. Knowing your health and fitness level is a very important factor for a better life.

Most people prefer to be trained by a professional gym trainer. Who will be there to show them exactly what needs to be done? The good news is that nowadays you don’t need to walk or drive miles. Even wake up early to jog on unruly and unsafe grounds just to be fit. Modern technology has now brought everything to the comfort of your home. As engineers and experts have come up with a better solution.

What is mirror view technology?

Health and Fitness Level

The mirror view technology. This is the latest in the geek world whereby all you need is to procure a smart mirror. This works like your phone with a little touch on the screen which is connected through the internet. Customers will, therefore, connect to the mirror using a heart rate monitor or the smartwatches available in the market. The fitness mirror simply uses a built-in video screen that has cameras as well as a microphone and audio output.

Customers can watch themselves sweat it out in front of the big mirror with the instructors leading up the gym classes and who are readily available. The company behind the whole high-tech mirror view fitness workout is surprising, known as MIRROR. Putnam simply puts it as the next and newest screen in your life since iPhone is the first entrant into the smart screen space.

Reasons for using mirror view technology over the ordinary mirror

When the mirror is turned off, it looks just like your ordinary mirror and can act as one. Most people love to watch themselves as they work out and with this mirror, you can be able to watch yourself from all the different angles. It differs from the ordinary mirror in that you can set it to capture different angles. These different angles are helpful as they able one to train in the right posture and keep form.

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On-demand instructor

Health and Fitness Level

One of the major reasons why there is a need to use mirror view technology for fitness workouts rather than your ordinary mirror is because mirror view technology comes with a gym instructor who is available on demand. The mirror is connected in such a way that there is a one-on-one interaction with the instructors. Think of it as skype but in this case, it is a fitness class with a gym instructor streamed live from the studio. The workout mirror is beneficial as the instructor can as well give you shootouts and encouragement to hit your target.


Health and Fitness Level

Another bigger feature that sets it apart from the normal mirror, is the fact that you can personalize it. This feature makes you choose what exercise you can do next and the time for such is clearly outlined on the screen. This feature makes one be able to specify if they maybe have a bad ankle and in return, the instructor can recommend an alternate workout. This could be squats instead of jumping and all of this appears on the side of the screen.

Comes with companion apps and other gadgets

Mirror view technology workout screens come with companion apps. That enable one to see the target heart rate zone by monitoring the heartbeats. There is also a better option of pairing it with your smartwatch. The result is displayed on the mirror unlike using a normal ordinary mirror. On the display also there is a projection of the calories burned as well as the time taken and the time remaining for the entire workout. This is quite beneficial as it can avoid cases of heart attack. Even when one is dehydrated or even feeling unwell.

Reliable and better

The workout mirror is also better than your ordinary mirror. As it gives suggestions as to what to do and in what manner as well as when to do it. It monitors your performance and your target goals and recommends accordingly depending on your progress. It is an in-house mirror fitted with an alarm system that you can set to wake to remind you to train.

 You walk into the mirror and it is staring back at you cajoling you to train harder. This motivates you to train every day. Some busy people find it tiring to frequent the gym every morning but with this workout mirror, one will be highly motivated. 

Accessories handy with workout mirror

The modern world is flooded with high-tech gadgets that are helpful when it comes to keeping good health and physical fitness. Some of these high-tech gadgets come in handy when used with the workout mirror.  An example of these helpful gadgets includes the “peloton bike.” The bike has a screen attached to it that is connected with an apple watch and tracks your heart rate and beats-per-minute. The peloton bike comes in handy when one is also connected to the workout mirror.

Other appropriate gadgets

Other accessories include the high-tech shirts that are specifically built to keep you cool and cozy as you sweat. Another of these accessories is the fitness bands that are used to monitor your vitals like your heart rate. Others may include the apple watch that comes with the companion app and is as well used for monitoring purposes. All these gadgets combined with the workout mirror come in handy and are quite helpful for the health and fitness of the person using them. Don’t be left out.

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