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Do you like traffic jam? No, no one does. As a motorcyclist, you must have felt the urge to go through the vehicles many times. Of course, a biker has less patience than a pedestrian. That saves your time and takes away a big portion of stress anyway. But, somehow, you have to think twice before doing it if you’re living in Canada. Why? Because you’re not sure yet- Is lane splitting legal in Canada?

What is lane splitting?

If a motorbike goes through the space between stopped or slow-moving vehicles, that is a lane splitting. The definition can sometimes be more specific, and that introduces another one. If the surrounding vehicles are not moving, lane splitting is called lane filtering. Interestingly, we need a motorbike to define the event as lane splitting.  What could be the logic in favor of it or against it?

Advantages of lane splitting

  • It lessens the congestion on the road because of the mobility between the vehicles. 
  • Lane splitting saves time for the motorcyclists.
  • During strong wind and high rainfall, it’s more comfortable for motorcyclists.
  • Keeping the motorbike standing with the ignition on emits more than moving. So, lane splitting is somehow good for the environment.
  • While the motorcyclists are moving forwards on a busy, slow road, other drivers are aware of their existence. That ultimately reduces the chances of accidents.

Lane splitting is not 100% beneficial. There are also some cons to this activity.


  • Line splitting’s compulsory element is a bike, but it is not the only object in the scene. It’s possible that someone has their hand or head outside their window or suddenly they need to open their vehicle’s door. They can change their lane as well. Thus, line splitting can be proven a good element of an unexpected minor or major accident.
  • It’s a legal trap for motorcyclists. In the event of an accident, it becomes hard for them to prove that their move was not the reason for the collision or crash.
  • You need a proper mechanism or medium to run a project successfully or turn it into a mess. Similarly, maintaining the quality of the road, like repairing potholes, is a factor here. The motorcyclists also need to avoid the defects, and being unable to do that causes a hit.
  • Some drivers from the other vehicles are not comfortable sharing the lane the motorcyclists use during land splitting. So, the possibility of any unexpected behavior from them lies here.

Is lane splitting on a motorcycle legal in Canada

From the third-world countries to the first-world, lane splitting is allowed everywhere except for some exceptions. But, this act is not acceptable in the North America Countries. And Canada is not out of it. Both in USA and Canada, in some areas authorities, allow lane splitting, but in many places, it is not yet acceptable. Gradually, the number of areas is increasing in the USA. Canada has been into the matter for a long time. The motorcyclist from Toronto has been advocating for lane filtering. That will let them drive between the stopped cars at red lights.

Should lane splitting be legal in Canada?

It’s not easy to take one side because the study on the debate has never reached a concrete conclusion. If we focus on the matter, 2 factors are there regarding this act by the motorcyclists. One is an accident, and another is a traffic failure. It is not only about pros and cons. The 2 parties will not agree on their every logic and point.  In general, a good driving practice needs to be assured. Next comes the road system and conditions. But, the authority will certainly decide based on the safety of people that will sustain after all the calculations.

Last words

The debate continues, or the definition may keep confusing the non-riders. But, for now, the answer would be a big No-till now in most cases to answer- Is lane splitting on a motorcycle legal in Canada? We hope the resolution comes soon that will be better for anyone on the road. By that time, why don’t we study more about road safety and traffic rules, furnishing our driving as well? And try to be a little patient on the road.

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