Is It Bad to Leave Darts in a Dartboard: True Facts You Must Know


Have you got a designated dart box where you keep your darts and accessories even when you’re not playing? I’m asking for a specific purpose and not to find out whether you’re organized or have the most up-to-date darts case with all compartments, but if you’re not keeping your darts inside an enclosure, then you’re putting them in the dartboard. If you’ve noticed what you’re doing, you may wonder if it is harmful to put darts in a dartboard. Is it bad to leave darts in a dartboard? It is harmful to store darts in the dartboard, and they could harm the board for longer durations. Darts can break the fibers. It can also make it more difficult for your board to dry and can cause bumps and holes.

It is important to put your darts in a safe place when unused. However, your darts and dartboard must take care of. So that you can get years of quality use out of them. This article will discuss why you shouldn’t put your darts on the dartboard, the damage it may cause, and the best place to keep your darts.

Is it bad to leave darts in a dartboard?

Bad is an overused word, but I don’t suggest placing your darts on the dartboard while you’re not playing. It may seem normal for those who only have an occasional throw at work or on weekends. But putting your darts on the dartboard could cause damage to the dartboard. You first need to consider the condition of your dartboard to begin. The likelihood of injury is less if you have a high-quality dartboard. Such as a Winmau Blade 5 or a Winmau Pro SFB (my preferred board and my suggestion). However, it’s still possible to damage.

The reason is that a sisal (bristle) dartboard made of fibers will expand and break as the dart moves into the board. However, upon removal, sisal fibers have outstanding self-healing capabilities that allow them to “bounce back” back to their original location. Self-healing is one of the primary reasons why a top-quality dartboard is necessary. The better the board can go to its initial state after removing darts, the longer the board will last. If you purchase a low-end bristle or paper board, the life span of the board is considerably smaller.

In 2023, I was living in an apartment and couldn’t find any dartboard, so I bought a paper Unicorn board which I could use as a tac to hang after a month. The board was in ruins filled with holes as it could not fix itself after an object hit the surface. Although the best boards are great, leave your darts on the board. Even when you’re not using them can harm even the finest boards. If a dart remains on the board, keep the fibers in a separate place. The less likely it is that they’ll be able self-heal. Eventually, as time passes, you’ll notice that your board is beginning to develop holes and begin drying out much faster.

This is why I suggest not putting darts into the board. As it could cause irreparable damage and decrease the life span of the board. If you have to take your dartboard off the board due to reasons beyond my control. I’d suggest following these two rules while making the decision:

  • Leave your darts alone for 3-5 days. This is contingent on where you store your dartboard (humidity or sunlight..); however, you’ll likely begin seeing the damage to your dartboard any longer than that. The damage will be minor, but repeat it enough, and you’ll unnecessarily begin to cause damage to your dartboard.
  • If you keep them on the board, you should put your darts in the black zone, away from the scoring zone, since any damage in this area will less apparent and will not impact your playing space. Don’t keep your darts tucked in the treble. I’ve often seen this happening simply because it looks attractive. However, it rapidly destroys the number you’ll likely throw and avoid it easily.

Can you leave soft tips on darts on a Dartboard?

One exception for putting your darts on dartboards is if you’re using soft-tip darts. A dartboard made of electronic technology is constructed of plastic holes that expand when touched by the dart. However, when you take off the dart, these holes will restore to their original state regardless of how long the dart has been on the board. Sisal fibers in bristle boards can bounce back to their original condition, but there are better options than this. However, with a dartboard with a soft tip, the dartboard will most likely return to normal. I cannot see any problem when you leave your darts on the board at this point.

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Why is it important to keep darts in the case

I have mentioned this in the beginning; however, when you’re playing with your darts. You must keep them safe and secure in a case, preferably in the form of a point protector. It may sound like a lot of work at first, but there are several legitimate reasons to take this step and not leave darts loose or on the dartboard.

  • Safety – This is the more debated one but if you’ve got youngsters in your home, keeping them away from view and from the reach of children is a crucial security factor. This is a vague one, but important to mention first.
  • Dart Condition – I’ve discussed the dartboard in detail but leaving your darts unattended and loose can result in the point being rounded. Darts is a game with tiny margins, so it is not advisable to have blunt points that can cause bounce-outs during major game situations.

I’m somewhat naive, but one dart that goes missing in the leg can result in losing the game. I’m sure that no one who reads this is of an acceptable level. That they can abandon a dart because you haven’t disposed of them after use and you’ve kept the dart in good condition.

Related to this is the fact that sharp points could harm the board if put in because they can penetrate the fibers better and expose them to damage. For instance, my points are grooved, and I am only able to leave them on the board for a short time to possibly cut the fibers once I take them out. We hope this inspires you to purchase a dedicated case. We suggest reading our complete guide to the roundup of the top dart cases available.


I’ve not been too extreme in this piece since leaving your darts on your dartboard for a few minutes. The damage is likely to be small. So long as you provide your dartboard with periodic maintenance and attention, the board should be in good shape. Leaving your darts on the board regularly and for extended durations of time could end up damaging your board. As it can dry it out quicker and cause fiber separation. leading to bumps and holes and decreasing the self-healing capacity that your dartboard. If you decide to leave your darts on the board, be sure to use a soft-time board or a bristle board. Be sure to place your darts in the black outer area of the board to ensure that any damage does not alter any scoring areas.

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