In Ground vs Portable Basketball Hoop – A Comparison Guide to Learn


A basketball hoop can bring hours of enjoyment and joy to your backyard. Play with your family, and have a great time. The question is: Which one should you choose? There are two types to choose from: an in-ground and a portable basketball hoop. This article will compare, in ground vs portable basketball hoop to help you decide which one is best for you. Let’s compare these two.

Types of a basketball hoop

Before we understand the differences between an in-ground hoop and a portable one, let’s first look at what they are.

Basketball hoop in ground

Although you can quickly identify which one is by their names, we wanted to clarify it. In-ground basketball hoops have a more stable installation system. This installation process takes more effort. These offer a more durable performance because they are mounted on the ground. These are equipped with an anchor system that you can disassemble if needed. They are very tightly bolted, so you can’t take them out at will. These are permanent solutions, as you’ve probably guessed.

These hoops will last for years if you have a permanent location. You can expect to last between 5 and 7 years for in-ground hoops. High-end hoops can last up to 15 years. Most poles are made of steel, which gives them the strength and durability they need. The backboard of the inground hoop is mainly made from durable materials. This gives the hoop a very authentic bounce. These are a great choice if you’re looking for something you won’t mind using for several years.

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Portable basketball hoops

These portable basketball hoops can be carried around. You will see that the base is made of plastic and has wheels. It makes it easy to move them. If you want something portable and can move it around quickly, hoops are the way to go. You can move them around by themselves, even though they have wheels and are portable. They are doubtful to roll away once they place somewhere. These are not as durable as the in-ground ones. These can last between 2 and 5 years. That’s not bad if you ask our experts. Handle them with care. It is not a good idea to be too rough. These are as cool as they come, but hard dunks with them are not recommended because the ball can tip over. These are great if you want something solid but also portable.

In ground vs portable basketball hoop

We now know the purpose of each hooper. Let’s compare them. Which is best for you? These are the key differences.


Portable hoops are the easiest to install. Portable hoops are much easier to install than in-ground hoops. An in-ground basketball hoop will require you to use different tools. You might need professional assistance if you’re not a skilled DIYer. Portable hoops get points for easy installation.


This section is going to be a big deal. Portable hoops are the crown jewel of portability. Because they don’t require an anchor to mount them, they are much easier to transport. Although in-ground hoops are easy to remove and reinstall elsewhere, it is not as simple as using portable ones. In-grounds, as we’ve already mentioned, are more permanent.

Play style and durability

In-ground hoops are more durable and play style-wise than the ones in the ground. In-ground hoops are more durable, so you can still dunk without worries. Portable hoops, on the other hand, are more fragile. You can’t play rough.

In ground vs portable basketball hoop: Things to consider

It is possible to transport in-ground basketball hoops and a portable one. This is the most significant difference. As you can see from its name, a portable basketball hoop can be easily moved. On the other hand, an in-ground hoop is a permanent fixture installed into the ground. A ground hoop is exceptionally sturdy and is ideal for those who take the sport seriously. If you are looking for a simple activity that your children and friends will enjoy, you may prefer a portable hopper that you can take out to have fun with neighbors.

Rising basketball star

In-ground basketball hoops will give you the professional practice you need at the correct height if you are a college or school basketball team member. If it is installed correctly, it will last for many decades. A fixed hoop is an excellent option for serious players who want to play professionally in their backyard.

For the kids

A portable basketball hoop may be more suitable for you if you don’t plan on playing basketball professionally and are not part of a college or high school basketball team. You won’t need to invest in an expensive professionally-installed hoop system. The ideal is a hoop with adjustable height wheels. You can make the hooping fun for all ages, no matter their age. Using it is also straightforward so your children can play with their friends.

Budget considerations

A portable hooper is an excellent option if you have a tight budget. In-ground basketball hoops are more costly because of the need for ground labor and the fact they are made from heavier and more robust materials.


There are many factors to consider before deciding whether to get an in-ground or portable basketball hoop. Basketball hoops can be expensive, especially if they are in-ground. You will need to find the best one for your needs. In-ground systems are better for those who don’t plan on moving or are keen to play basketball. They are for serious players. A portable system is ideal for those with a growing family or who are not in their ‘forever home.’

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