How to Win in Air Hockey – Amazing Tips & Tricks for All Intermediate


Air hockey is one of the most joyful arcade games ever created. It can also be very competitive. It can be very frustrating and even humiliating to lose match after match. Some proven strategies can help you turn your frown upside-down. We have outlined and described several strategies to win in air hockey. This guide can quickly transform even the most unproven players into champions. We are here to help you! We want to help!

How to win in air hockey

Are you preparing for an air hockey tournament? To protect your goal, use the correct defensive stance, practice trick shots, especially against more skilled opponents, and be aware of rebounding to avoid scoring on yourself. These are common mistakes that new players make. For that, they can’t win in air hockey. However, you can easily dominate any match with some practice and the right offensive strategies.

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Sinking the puck

To achieve a faster top puck speed, it is essential to master how to strike the puck. When it comes to crossing the puck, you should be more aggressive and drive the striker in your desired direction. Many newbies believe that hitting the puck with a sideways swipe movement is enough to make a bank shot. Air hockey players are skilled and know that you need to hit the puck from behind and then strike the puck forward in the direction you want. This will ensure that most of the power generated by the striker is transferred to the puck, and it sinks into the opponent’s goal before they can set up or counter the attack.

Be careful with rebounds

If you hit the puck incorrectly, you will most likely end up with ricochets off your back wall from your shots. It’s both embarrassing and frustrating to make a fool of yourself. You can see what is happening to the puck and quickly stop them. To prevent your puck from getting into the wrong goal, make it a habit to continually return to your defensive position immediately after making your shot.

To double bank or not to double bank

The puck won’t need to be banked against more than one wall if you shoot correctly before hitting the goal. We don’t recommend the double-banking offense because it slows down the puck and makes it take longer to reach the goal. This gives your opponent more time to adjust their defensive stance. A bank shot should be quick sharp, and only one wall must it.

Holding the paddle

Before we get to the tips for winning in air hockey, let’s take a moment to talk about how to hold an air hockey mallet or paddle properly. The air hockey paddle is a round disk with a raised handle and rounded top. This shape is why novice players often grab the rounded portion of the air hockey paddle with their hands. Let’s look at how to hold an air hockey mallet to create the best offensive and defensive strategies when playing. Professional air hockey players will see how they have the paddle. They bend their middle finger and place it behind the paddle. The paddle is then placed on the side by the players’ forefinger, ring, and pinky fingers. Although this grip is intended to control the puck’s action, it can be uncomfortable. It is.

Aim for defense

We don’t mean to lean over with your entire body covering the table. Many players make this common mistake, including skilled air hockey players. This position is challenging to reverse, and you will not be able to close the banks if you lean over your table. You can also develop a snag mentality when you rely on the table. Blocking a shot is better than grabbing a missed one when it comes to defense. Although it is essential to grab a cut picture, it is not as crucial as blocking one. You can block a shot quickly if you have the right defensive tactics.

The proper defensive posture requires that the left leg is positioned back and the right leg in a forward position. The knee should be slightly bent. Your knee should rest lightly on the table, with your weight balancing on your feet. Your torso should not be positioned directly over the table. Instead, place it at a ninety-degree angle to the ground. One of your hands should be resting on the railing.

Do not complicate a shot

A player who attempts to do a complicated shot or drift is an indication that they don’t understand the offense. Focus on the most important shots that air hockey pros use when you practice: bank shots, unders, and overs, as well as crosscuts and crosscut shots. These shots can execute from the right and left using multiple releases.

Straight shot

Although the straight shot may seem to be the most accessible and most straightforward type, it can also be one of the most powerful tools you have. It can allow you to take advantage of an opponent out of position. The straight shot can be tricky because most air hockey pucks move in an angled manner due to the table’s rectangular shape. The straight shot is challenging to master. You can improve your ability to hit the straight shot by practicing and getting better at it.

Take control of your defense

You need to adjust your defensive stance in a fast-paced match quickly. Paying attention to how your opponent is setting up their shot is critical. This will help you anticipate where the puck is going so that you can get your striker to the right place to stop the oncoming puck.

Tables for air hockey

You can play air hockey at home and practice at your own pace. Not everyone has the luxury to have a full-sized arcade-style air hockey table at home. If you have a small space, it can be challenging to fit a compact model in your home. Although models like the Tabletop Air Hockey Table from Roar and Rally may not provide the same arcade experience, they can help you focus on bank shots and other tricks that will help score big in your next game. They are light and portable to take with you on trips.

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Controlling the puck is everything

You can improve your puck control by learning how to catch it and maneuver it. Beginners make the biggest mistake by acquiring the puck then returning it quickly based on its position. Instead of seeing the puck and setting up a shot that will land it in the opponent’s goal, they often hit the puck directly when it crosses the line. It would help if you focused first on catching the puck. Then, it would help if you took the puck to a precise location before attempting to execute a shot.

Problems with offense

In offense, players often move too fast. However, most skilled players warn against this tendency and stress the importance of learning each step before moving on to the next. You’ll have significant gaps in your game that will make it difficult to exploit any defensive mistakes your opponent might be making. You’ll quickly be able to identify your opponent’s moves if you focus first on mastering the basics and trick shots. If you want to keep scoring against them, it is essential to anticipate their moves and set your striker up in the correct position to stop them from scoring.


It can be challenging to practice your air hockey skills if you don’t have the time. Even if you can only practice one week, you should count every practice session. You can play against players of any skill level. Ask your opponent how they set up and why. You can learn from your mistakes and pay more attention to how they defend. It will help you to win in air hockey every time. While it may take some time to win in air hockey, there are many great tips that you can use to help you improve your game. Our recommendations for air hockey can help you succeed. However, it is up to you to practice and work on the weak areas to improve your game.

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