How to Win at Chess Every Time – Pro Smart Wining Tips to Follow


When we think of board games, One of the first games that come to mind is, without a doubt that is the game of chess. It shouldn’t come as any surprise since this game is equally enjoyable yet requires intense concentration to succeed. If beating your opponents when playing chess is something you’re interested in, You’re in the right spot. This guide will walk you through different methods to integrate into your chess game so that you get an edge over your rivals. To achieve this, you’ll need various capabilities, including a thorough understanding of openings and endings. Also, you must practice concentrating as moves are made in a short amount of time. So, without further delay, we’ll look at the fundamentals that will help you to win at chess every time.

How to win at chess every time

Chess is a sport that requires complete concentration for long periods. In fact, the traditional chess game could last for more than five hours. It is possible to play for longer than 5 hours only when two skilled opponents who can anticipate the next move of each other face against one another. Even for beginners, chess can take anywhere from 30 to 1 hour to complete. What happens if there is an untrained player before you? What if your opponent’s attention is not focused on the beginning moves? Now follow those below tips to win at chess every time.

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How To Win At Chess Every time

Learn the moves

Also, you should improve your chess play to know how pieces of a chess move. This is important because the pieces move in various ways. For instance, The knight moves in an L-shape. In contrast, the castle, or rook, moves straight-line or forward, backward or even in a sideways direction. The pawn advances by one square at go and only at a specific angle, while the King moves a court every at a time, in all directions. Additionally, the queen can move in all directions of the desired number of squares, but only in one order.

Control the center squares

To improve your chances of winning chess games, You must learn how to manage the middle tiles, especially the four tiles in the middle. It recommends doing this because it allows you to attack from any part of the board. This means you’ll always remain in charge of direction and speed in the course of play. It will help you to win at chess every time. 

There are two strategies you can employ to control the game. These are:

  • Utilizing flanks: You can describe it as a contemporary chess strategy that allows you to manage your chessboard’s center from outside. This can achieve with the help of Knights or Queens, as well as Rooks that are on either side of your board. This way, it will be difficult for your opponent to move towards the center without losing pieces.
  • Middle Supported: This involves you slowly moving toward the center of the chessboard using a variety of pieces. When you do this, you will notice that your Bishops and Knights offer their support from the peripherals and allow you to get pieces whenever you are in threat.

Understand the value of each chess piece

Also, you must understand the importance of each piece of chess to allow you to begin winning in chess every time. This is especially important when you’re a novice and want to develop your chess skills. Once you’ve mastered the importance of each piece, on the significance from less to more extraordinary, will you be able to increase your chances of winning the game of chess?

Have an excellent plan

One of the most essential rules you should adhere to if you wish to succeed in chess is always strategy. This is more important than playing random moves with no intention because this implies that you’re playing passively. Therefore, it will be significantly harder to take on your opponent’s weaknesses since you’re not actively taking part in your game.

It is ideal to have an organized and precise strategy for every move. It is essential to do this beginning with your openings so that you don’t show any weakness to your opponent at the start of the game, reducing the chance of winning. There’s always a step in front of your adversaries with this strategy. That means you’ll be just one step closer to defeating your opponent.

It recommends that you create a chess strategy that allows you to put immense pressure upon the King. We mention this strategy because it exerts pressure on your opponent, increasing their chance of making an unwise move. Therefore, you could profit from this and defeat them.

  • Queen – 9
  • Rook – 5
  • Bishop – 3
  • Knight – 3
  • Pawn – 1

Additionally, you must be aware of the most important piece of chess, The King. If your opponent can trap your King, you’ll be out of the game. Therefore, you must take measures to make sure your King is secured at all times. Check out our guide to learn how does the kind move in chess.

Castle early

A lot of amateur players do the wrong thing by not casting early. If you’re looking to win all of your chess tournaments, it is a method that should be an integral part of the game that is you have to castle in chess. The early casting strategy is highly efficient because it shifts the chess piece away from the chessboard’s center and protects your King. Also, it allows the rooks to activate and helps them enter the game, which will enable you to control open files and the back rank. Early casting is a strategy for chess that can improve two pieces of chess immediately.

Ensure your opening moves are good

The first few moves you make in the game of chess are the ones that determine if you’ll emerge successfully. So, it’s essential to master these techniques to increase your chance of winning the game every time. This method is very efficient in that it has been thoroughly studied to discover the most effective way to begin playing chess.

The emphasis is often set up for the best players until the twentieth movement. Thus, you should be aware of the best opening moves to stay out of the game and gain an advantage early. To aid you in developing your opening move skills, practice the well-known opening sequences like;

  • Sicilian Defense: This chess strategy is usually based on one move that gives you an endless array of possibilities.
  • Ruy Lopez: If you’re looking to take complete control of your computer, this could be the preferred opening that you can apply.


The process of improving your chess skills requires you to put aside time to study the strategies and strategies that will give you an advantage over your opponents. If this is something you’ve been wishing to accomplish, The above list of ideas you should incorporate within your game to win at chess every time.

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