How to Wash Lingerie | Simple DIY Laundry Hacks You Must Try At Home


You want your lingerie, panties, and legwear to last as long as possible. Even though lingerie is made of fibers that can stretch and lose their elasticity over time, proper washing and care can help keep them looking good and fit correctly for longer. Your lingerie care can make you look younger or worse. But many women don’t know the proper way to wash lingerie. While cleaning, they ruin their lingerie. But you don’t need to be worried. This article will help you to wash lingerie effectively. So let jump to the main discussion.

How to wash your lingerie 

Lingerie longevity and appearance depend on how you wash your lingerie. Washing your lingerie’s the way you like will ruin it. So, you have to clean it thoroughly and carefully. It is crucial to know how to wash your lingerie correctly.

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Get out of your mess

Sort bras and intimates according to material and structure. Detail lace, padded pushups, and supportive underwires or constructions should be washed by hand. Non-wire, cotton and sports intimates wash in the washing machine. Only wash with similar colors.

Focus on the stains that are difficult to remove 

Use a wash & stain bar to remove body oils, make-up, and self-tanner. Use the soapy lather to massage delicate straps, underwires, and liners gently. treat bloodstains with cold water.

It’s time to get busy

Handwashing is the safest and most effective way to wash lingerie, silk fabrics, and delicate lace. Handwashing lingerie is as easy as adding 2 cups or a squirt (our hand washes detergent) to a Wash Tub Basin or sink with warm to cool water. To evenly distribute soap, submerge the item in water and gently stir the water with your fingers. Allow soaking for at least 30 minutes. Run cool water over the thing to rinse it well until it is clear. Don’t wring. Instead, squeeze the water from the item.

Spin it 

Secure the band and place it in a Mesh Washing Bag to protect the elastic and prevent tears and snagging. Use cool water and select the delicate cycle. We recommend that you use Delicate Wash, depending on the machine and the load size.

You can either lie down or hang out 

Lay the item(s), in its original form, on a drying rack or hang to dry. The fabric’s elasticity will be reduced, and its moisture-wicking capabilities affected by high heat. Avoid ironing wrinkles. For the perfect look, steam intimates and fine-looking lingerie as required. Between wearing and washing, spray Delicate Spray to refresh.

The perfect fit 

To preserve their shape, keep bras in their original form. Are you short on space? To avoid distortion, fold bras in half.

How to wash lingerie: Tips

These tips will make sure that every type of lingerie lasts longer.

  • Use warm or cold water to wash your hands.
  • To remove moisture, never wring or twist lingerie. Blot dry with a towel.
  • Always use a detergent.
  • If you need to machine wash, use a mesh lingerie pouch.
  • Machine wash delicates with other delicates. Avoid heavy fabrics as they can damage delicate fibers and cause tangles.
  • Don’t overload the washer/mesh bag. Allow items to move freely.
  • Avoid washing lingerie in lint-producing fabrics like terry cloth and fleece.
  • When washing clothes by machine or hand, separate light and dark colors.
  • Always dry lingerie by air drying. Use a dryer in a fantastic setting if you have to.
how to wash lingerie

How to wash shapewear 

Shapewear is made from human-made elastic fibers that resist bulges on your legs and hips. Shapewear should be washed by hand to prevent them from stretching and losing its effectiveness. To prevent snags, place the garments in a mesh bag. Wash them in cold or warm water. To wash your clothes, use chlorine bleach. It will ruin spandex and elastic fibers. Avoid direct heat.

Benefits of wearing the right lingerie

We don’t produce lingerie tips and advice for our health. We are passionate about helping you learn more about lingerie so that you can find the best and we want every woman to feel confident in lingerie that is comfortable, stylish, and suits her needs. The right lingerie can make a difference in some regions of a woman’s life. Although they may seem small, they can make a huge difference in a woman’s happiness and contentment. Here are five excellent benefits to wearing the right lingerie that will convince you to reconsider your decision not to invest in lingerie.

Benefits of wearing the right lingerie

Improve physical fitness 

It is possible to change how you feel about your physical fitness if your lingerie fits well. Your shoulders are straight, and your back is elevated. Your hips have a minor groove. You won’t have to slouch, adjust, or hunch over in pain when your body is supported correctly. Plus, if your lingerie fits well, you will lose any extra bulk or bulges. If your lingerie isn’t too tight, you won’t lose your boobs, underarm nodes, muffin tops, or split cheeks.

Increase your confidence in yourself 

You will feel great wearing a well-fitted, beautiful set of lingerie. It’s obvious. It doesn’t matter if anyone else sees it. If you feel gorgeous and confident, it boosts your mental state with positive vibes. People find the confidence to be one of their most attractive characteristics. The sexual boost doesn’t depend on how hot you are in the right lingerie; it depends on how confident you expect others to notice.

It can be a great way to improve your health

No matter your size, breast support is essential. Bras that properly support our breasts will keep them in place, reduce stress, and minimize discomfort. Abra is crucial for heavy breasts to keep the weight off the back and prevent back problems later in life. A woman’s health is dependent on her underwear. Too tight or too small underwear can cause irritation, infection, and soreness. It is an easy but essential step to safeguard your health.

It simplifies many aspects of your daily life

You can choose the type of lingerie that you wear based on your activity level. Active ladies will need cotton pants and sports bras. There are many options available, with different support levels and unique materials. Bras can be made with anti-sweat technology. Convertible bras make it easier to wear extravagant outfits. Seamless pants allow you to wear pencil skirts confidently with seamless panties. I could go on.

Quality will reward you

In that labels are not a way to increase the price of a garment, the lingerie industry is different from fashion. It’s not uncommon to pay a high price for lingerie. It doesn’t matter if the piece is more carefully designed, made from durable fabrics and superior quality materials, or has other special features. It’s worth paying a bit more to find the perfect piece. You’ll get more wear out of your work, it will last longer, you’ll feel better, and it will have all these incredible benefits. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to spend $200 on French lace bras. We don’t think you should give up on any pieces or recommendations you may have.


We are now at the finish of our discussion. We have not only discussed how to wash lingerie, but also we have discussed everything about lingerie. Try our tips step by step practically. Hopefully, it will change your daily life hack.

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