How to Wash Hunting Clothes | Complete Guide to Wash Hunting Clothes


Hunting clothing comes in a variety of shades, textures, and colors. However, the choice of synthetic or natural clothes is entirely up to you. But, having a range of clothing is essential for various weather patterns and different climates and environments. Animals have a keen sense of smell that we don’t be able to comprehend. The ability to reduce or eliminate your scent could help you stand out on the field when it comes to avoiding being noticed by the game you’re stalking. The most successful hunters wear scent-free clothing, with the capability to disguise the surrounding. But how do you wash your hunting clothes to ensure that they are free of scents and preserve their camouflage properties?

Use the following guidelines to understand better and comprehend the best ways to wash hunting clothing. Before we begin, let’s examine some dirt that you could come across during your hunt.

Types of stains you must remove from hunting clothes

The type of stain you’ll encounter when hunting depends on the method of hunting and the animals you are hunting. Additionally, the surroundings can provide a source of stubborn and easily removed staining. The most important thing is the weather conditions, the quality of the soil, and the general environment. The presence of bloodstains is seen during hunting bears or other wild animals. Most of the time, blood can take some time to get rid of. Therefore, it’s one of the causes of the stains that remain.

Greasing the plants in the forest exposes your hunting clothes to the streaks. These stains behave like the fabric of clothing worn by hunters. It is a sign that synthetic materials are more resistant to staining. However, natural materials are porous and are more likely to cause stains that are difficult to remove. Stains differ based on surroundings. The type of soil is crucial in determining if the stain is stubborn or easily removed. For instance, clay or roam ground can result in stubborn stains requiring a long soak and washing. Let’s take a look at ways to eliminate the stains that are difficult to remove when washing your hunting clothes.

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How to wash hunting clothes

Hunting clothing requires specific care to ensure they are washed correctly. Certain cleaning products are not suitable for this purpose. Some may harm the fibers or destroy essential features of your hunting attire. So you must carefully wash hunting clothes.

Clean your clothes

Washing your clothes for hunting using a washer gives you superior results than washing them manually. But, before you begin, it’s best to clean your machine thoroughly so that you can remove any remnants of detergent or softener. For this, you need to run a hot washer cycle, making sure that the washer is empty. Add the cleaner tablets or similar products to the water before starting the process. After the cycle has ended and the washer has become empty, allow it to dry in the air for a few minutes.

Use a cold wash cycle

Place a small quantity of laundry in the washer and then add the recommended amount of detergent. Make sure that the detergent isn’t scent as well as UV brighteners. Then make sure to run a cold-washing cycle. Don’t wash your hunting clothing in hot water as the fibers may shrink. In addition, hot water could weaken the glue used to keep certain items in their place.

Do a second wash

Do a second wash cycle by adding baking soda into the wash. Baking soda can help keep foul odor at bay. It also assists in removing any leftover detergent that could cause a blockage in the pores of your clothing.

Dry out in the air

After the second wash cycle is complete, take your clothing outside to air dry. It’s not ideal to use dryers since the heat applied can cause the fabric to shrink.

Place your clothes into an plastic bag

Once your clothes for hunting are dry, you can use an iron with a low temperature to eliminate wrinkles. After that, put your clothing in plastic bags to protect them from odors, external agents, and insects.

How to wash hunting clothes with baking soda

Wash hunting clothes with baking soda is a cost-effective, efficient method of reducing the scent of your clothes. It’s simple, throw your clothes in the basket of your washing machine and add a few tablespoons of baking soda, and then go through the regular cycle. But it’s not as simple to get the best impact.

Properties of baking soda

Baking soda is an alkaline substance that is the opposite of acid. The odor of a human of your hunting attire is acid-based. The soap and detergent will mask the smells. However, they’ll remain present. Baking soda performs a different function and neutralizes the smell through a chemical process that eliminates the acid and the smell that comes with it. It is the same method to neutralize odors in clothing like it does the moment you take a package and place it back in your refrigerator to get rid of the odors of food caused by acids.


When you are ready to throw your hunting clothes into the washer, soak them in a bucket that holds five gallons. Put your clothes in the bucket with half a box of baking soda, put a weight on the clothing to ensure they don’t sink, and add water to the bucket. It should soak for at least 24 hours and then rinse using a non-scented detergent, and you’re good to go.


One of the most unpleasant smells for hunters, aside from sweat, is the smell of smoke. Animals that hunt are frightened of the smoke. If it’s a fire from a camping site or someone smoking a cigar-smoking, the smoke will remain on your clothing. Baking soda has been proven to be particularly effective in neutralizing and removing smoke from clothing.

In the Field

If you’re planning a hunt that will last several days or for a whole week, bring a few baking soda boxes and a bucket of five-gallon size with you. It’s best to have an additional outfit to do this. Take a half-box of baking soda in the bucket, then put your clothes inside, place an object on top to fill it up with water, then sit for a couple of hours. Rinse the clothes with fresh water, then hang them up on the tree’s limb or a fence before when you fall asleep. Dry them until you’re back in camp the next day. Do the same thing with the clothing you put on the previous day. It’s not a way to wash; however, it’s an effective way of eliminating the smell.

How to get the smell out of hunting clothes

Sometimes it happen that you wash your hunting clothes but clothes remain smelled. There are a few ways to eliminate the smell of your clothes for hunting. One is washing, and the other is storing your scent-free clothing in a way that blocks the spread of odor.

how to wash hunting clothes


Just throwing your hunting gear into your regular washing won’t do the trick. Even with special detergents that are not scented, the smells on your clothing are not just left behind but also permeate the hunting clothes. The dryer and the washing machine could either do exactly what you’d like and even give a scent to your clothing for hunting. It may seem a bit excessive, but getting rid of the smell of your washer and dryer before washing your clothes for hunting is a vital step. Many hunters think this is unnecessary; however, it’s just another way to stand out on the field. It is a long time on the range looking at your rifle firing hundreds or even thousands of target arrows before hunting. You’ll purchase the top optics, the top footwear for hunting, and research the maps of your hunting area for hours.

So why not also take the extra step of avoiding the odor signature that could destroy all of your efforts? The washing cycle a few times using a clean machine with no soap or detergent added will remove a significant amount of smells from the washer. A simple trick is to add water to the machine, allow it to agitate for a couple of minutes, then shut off the machine overnight. Water is the solvent of all and will remove all the scent that has been that is in the machine when left to rest for a while. Utilizing a scent-free detergent like ” Dead Down Wind” during the washing cycle without clothing in the final step, you can eliminate any smells that remain in the washtub. Once this step is completed, the washing machine is ready for your hunter’s clothes.


The most efficient method to dry your clothing for hunting can be to hang them outdoors in the sun. The ultraviolet light from sunlight is considered to be the most effective antibacterial substance you can come across. The sun’s ultraviolet light kills any remaining bacteria, while the surrounding air can sift away tiny traces of scents that could remain on your clothes from hunting.

If you can’t choose to hang your clothes on an iron, you could still make use of a dryer. The dryer will retain the smell of the numerous loads it held. However, you can lessen the amount of odor that it leaves behind by using scent-free dryer sheets. “Dead Down Wind” makes a dry sheet specifically made to remove any scent from your dryer.


  • Do not dress in your attire for hunting before you arrive at the spot. Habitual activities such as eating and filling up the tank with gas or smoking could cause odor transfer to the fibers. If it happens, the animals can identify your location quickly.
  • Some animals can smell the sweat of humans from far distances. It’s therefore advisable to spray the odor-removal sprays on your clothing for hunting now and then.
  • Avoid applying chlorinated products or other harmful chemicals on your clothes for hunting. They can cause coloration and damage to the fibers. Additionally, animals can detect their distinctive scent.
  • Sprinkle baking soda over the parts which are the most sweaty to get rid of bad smells.


Wildlife possesses a fantastic range of sensory abilities that humans can’t beat. Careful preparation to avoid our sounds, images, and scent from being detected by the game we’re hunting is essential to an effective hunt. We can hear and see just as much as wildlife. However, the sense of smell we have is unsatisfactory in comparison to all other wild animals. The trick is to be aware of the flaws in your system and to take every step you can to keep your scent and those synthetic scents emanating from all around you from getting to the game you’re playing. Be sly in sound protection as well as invisibility and scent detection, and you’ll be well on your way for a successful hunt each time you venture into the field. We hope you learn everything about how to wash hunting clothes.

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