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In Asia, chopsticks are the primary eating tool. Chopsticks are not something Americans will encounter unless they’re in an Asian restaurant. If you don’t have any experience with them, it can be challenging to use them. Chopsticks are a great way to eat. It provide an authentic dining experience and allow food to be eaten the way it was intended to be. Chopsticks are also a way to show respect for the culture and heritage of Asian food. Chopsticks also require that you eat slower and more carefully, which helps digestion and allows you to enjoy your meal more. Here we will discuss how to use chopsticks for kids.

What are chopsticks? 

Legendary ruins in Yin province in Henan provided the earliest examples of Chinese writing and the first known bronze sets of chopsticks. They were also found in tombs at this site. Chopsticks in the early days were able to reach deep into boiling oil or water, but they were primarily used for cooking. People started eating with the utensils only around A.D.400. This was due to a large population explosion in China, which led to cooks developing cost-saving methods. They began to chop food into smaller pieces, which required less cooking fuel.

This was perfect for the tweezer-like grip of chopsticks. Knives became less valuable as food became smaller and more manageable. Confucius was also responsible for their decline and chopsticks’ rise. He believed that eating sharp utensils at the table would remind people of the slaughterhouse, even though he was a vegetarian. He thought knives with sharp edges evoke violence and war, killing the contended, happy mood that should rule during meals. Chopstick usage quickly spread throughout Asia thanks to his teachings.

Different cultures have different styles of chopsticks. Chopsticks from China had a pointed rather than a blunt end, perhaps in an apparent nod to Confucius. Chopsticks in Japan were 8 inches long for men and 7 inches for women. The Japanese created the now-ubiquitous disposable set in 1878. It is usually made from bamboo or wood. The wealthiest could choose from ivory, jade, or coral versions. The more privileged could use silver sets. Silver was thought to rust and turn black when it comes in contact with poisonous food.

Chopsticks and rice have been in a close relationship throughout history. Chopsticks can be used to eat a variety of foods, but some are more suitable than others. You might think rice would not be ideal for this, but most Asian rice is short- or medium-grain. These starches create a product that is chewy and clumpy. This is in contrast to the fluffy, distinct grains of Western long grain rice. It’s like a match made in Heaven when chopsticks join hands to lift sticky rice bundles.

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how to use chopsticks for kids

How to use chopsticks for kids

Ever wonder how to use chopsticks for kids. It can be challenging for kids who don’t use chopsticks as often as they should. Here’s a hack and a chopstick activity to get your kids catching flies quickly. You can easily make starter chopsticks using just a piece of paper and an elastic band. These chopsticks that open up by themselves are much easier to use than regular ones. Many people laugh at the idea of ‘cheats chopsticks.’ But it’s okay to make things manageable for children. It will be more challenging to grab a child’s attention if the task is too difficult, especially if the child is younger.

This activity is great for kids aged four and up. If your kids are older, you can start them with the tricks so they can practice how to get their fingers in the right places. Once they are confident, you can remove the elastic. It may take some time for smaller kids to get it right. How to use chopsticks for kids It’s a win-win situation. They will able to learn to use chopsticks and also develop fine motor skills. It is also a color recognition activity because I used colored felt containers and balls. Don’t talk too much about it.

how to use chopsticks for kids


  1. Use the above steps to make your cheats chopsticks.
  2. If you have any, you can set out cute containers or felt balls. But you can use whatever you like. Visual stimulation is more appealing to children, so choose cute items if possible.
  3. Assist the child with their fingers aligned and ask them to sort the balls in the correct containers. Then, relax and let them do it. It doesn’t matter whether the balls are in the wrong color or if they cheat; the whole point is to teach them how to use chopsticks. They will continue to do it if it is fun. Too many corrections will lead to the opposite effect.
  4. Once they are proficient in the cheat’s chopsticks, you can remove the elastic and let them have it. This may take several months. There is no rush. Make it fun, and they will soon be cruising the sushi train in style.

How to hold chopsticks and move them 

After you have learned how to hold both chopsticks, you can move them around. The middle finger’s first joint should support the upper chopstick. You will now able to move the upper chopstick between your index and middle fingers in this position. The bottom chopstick should remain in the same place. The tips of the chopsticks will open and close correctly if done correctly. The information should touch when stored correctly.

  • Place the first chopstick between thumb and pointer finger; balance it on ring fingers.
  • Place the second chopstick between thumb and pointer finger; rest it on your middle finger.
  • To grasp the second chopstick securely, use your thumb, pointer, and middle fingers.
  • The middle and index fingers do the lifting.
  • To close chopsticks, use index and middle fingers.

It would help if you moved the top chopstick, and the bottom chopstick should remain still when moving them. You should be able, if done correctly, to grasp small objects like beans or grains of rice individually.


You can practice your chopstick skills with a set called “trainer” or beginner chopsticks. Aisan kids uses these when they start to eat. Purchase a pair of beginner’s chopsticks from the market. Use a rubber band to attach the chopsticks at the top or wide end. Then, wrap the chopstick wrapper in a towel. This roll of paper should be placed between the chopsticks and the rubber band. This will make a tweezer-like fulcrum, which allows you to grab food quickly and easily without having to struggle. If you find this article helpful for you, then share it with your friends and family. While you finish reading this article, don’t forget to explain your feelings by commenting below.

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