How to Use a Sod Cutter to Level Ground – An Ultimate Guide for Beginner


The process of leveling the ground is a must-do step before the construction of a house. In this instance, the procedure is typically performed by an expert digger. However, gardens may not require a significant upgrade shortly. So, you might need to raise the ground yourself to lay a beautiful lawn or install a playground or even an above-ground pool installation. With the help of this guide, you will learn how to use a sod cutter to level the ground.

What is a sod cutter

There are various sod cutters; however, they all cut grass from the root to remove large sections of sod to expose the dirt beneath. The kind of cutter you make use of will depend on the job you’re looking to complete. There are many options to choose from fundamental tools and motorized ones.

Types of sod cutter

Types of sod cutter

There are numerous kinds of sod cutters. Based on the nature and size of the ground, selecting one or the other is necessary. It is also essential to consider how you’ll utilize the machine in different situations. This can include:

The square-edge sod cutter: The model resembles a shovel but has an elongated handle and round edge. It can use to take tiny pieces of turf or reduce the size of your garden. Set it in the ground and then push it into the soil by your feet when you use it. The point of entry must be as close to the place where the grass stops along the street. Utilize a shovel similar to a cutter to remove the grass and then dispose of it.

The Kick Cutter, Kick Cutter, has two handles that join by an adjustable crossbar. There are cutting blades as well as an end roller. The blade is flexible depending on the work to complete. For the cutter to move, you need to hit the crossbar. This is ideal for cutting and rolling long sod.

Motorized cutting: for more extensive tracts, this kind of cutter is the best. It’s powerful. Therefore it is first necessary to determine whether you can operate this machine.

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how to use a sod cutter to level ground

How to use the sod cutter to level the ground

One tool that is appropriate for ground leveling can be the sod-cutting machine. It is also great to straighten the soil before making the lawn more even. It’s usually power by gasoline, digs the ground under the new property, and loosens it up. This means that the soil can evenly distribute, and any unevenness can eliminate. Additionally, the sod cutter is equipment and tool that eases the whole working process. It saves energy and time when working to level the ground and also. To use a sod cutter to level the ground, follow the steps given below. 

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Remove unevenness

We recommend that you look at the reasons behind it. It’s also sensible to consider where the bumps in the ground come from to avoid any further dangers of tripping. Because straightening the ground using equipment complicate and is often associated with cost in time and effort, the cause must first remove.

If there are animals that pollute the land, it is to be blocked off from the animals. Potentially weak spots within the fence must be addressed first. A solar mole repeller can lower the chance of mole injury too. Earthworms may cause small bumps. But, as they require for plant’s health, it is enough to smooth the piles swiftly and efficiently by using the help of a lawnmower.

Find out the amount of lawn straightening essential

The first step is to look at the difference in the height of your property at the most uneven point. You could utilize the long (about 2-meters or more) spirit level to figure out how much. Then, to determine the area that needs to level using a wooden stick, it can inserte into the soil at the lowest point of the lawn. Make sure that the stick should be at least equal to the height difference you’re calculating.

Take a piece of string and move it until you reach the point where the floor is most elevated. Then, the series anchor on the ground (or secured by another person on the bottom) and connected to the wooden stick. With the help of the spirit level with the spirit level, the thread should align horizontally to ensure it’s in line with a level floor. However, if you are looking to level your property by making it slightly sloped, don’t use the spirit level but rather a notch mark on stakes. The stakes must place at the same level.

Let lose the ground

The process of leveling involves lifting the ground from the highest point to the low end. Based on the dimensions of the area to be leveled, tools are required. If you have a small space, it is possible to lift the soil by using the aid of a pickaxe and fork. A tiller is a good option for larger areas since it permits you to raise the earth to 60 centimeters in depth with minimal effort. A considerable area: using a mini-excavator could become necessary. If you’re adding soil from the outside, there is no need to move your soil around.

Remove roots and stones

When the soil has been loosening, it becomes much easier to get rid of the roots and stones that could hinder the process of leveling. This laborious task can done manually, but an uprooter and stoner can aid you in this job. If you intend for the grass or other plants, you should leave the most petite stones in the soil. They allow you to maintain air-conditioned and less compact soil.


You are at the moment to level the soil. Make use of a sod cutter and make sure that you level the ground to form an elongated shape. The cutter’s motion could reveal any flaws you can correct right away if you treat the soil. Additionally, you should utilize the following steps for using your sod-cutting machine: put it on, then move the lever back to neutral. The lever will be engaged. Blade and lift the cutter’s handlebar by using the other hand. Adjust the depth and then lock it by turning the knob for depth. Do the work until you satisfy with yourself.

The ground should sink into place

Before you enjoy your land level, let the soil sit for at least 48 hours. Then, sprinkle water three or four times to assist the earth in settling. Please don’t step on the ground or place anything on it if it falls and breaks up the level. In the next 48 hours, you can make an additional pass with the roller that needs to level. If you’ve added topping soil or any other amendment that you’ve made to your ground, give it some time to settle.

How to use a sod cutter to level Ground: Tips

  • One of the first things we should do, even though it’s apparent that it’s not done all the time, is to read the manual for the sod cutter to be aware of the machine’s workings and options. You should know the kinds of materials that are safe to cut and which materials could jam the sod cutter, causing hazards.
  • Before each use, be sure that there aren’t any loose components within the machine. Don’t forget to take away any objects that may hinder the use of the sod cutter, such as toys or balls off the lawn.
  • Do not operate the sod cutter inside; however, always use it outdoors where carbon dioxide won’t accumulate.
  • When the machine is running, It is crucial to keep any part of our body and our clothes as far as possible from the machine.
  • Don’t use the sod-cutter when you are walking barefoot. The proper attire and footwear, including protective glasses, will lower the risk of accidents.
  • If stones cause the clog, remove it before examining it.
  • Be sure that there aren’t any children in the machine’s vicinity when it is in operation.
  • When the cutter runs on gasoline, fill it outside and keep away from possible ignition sources.
  • After the work is done After the work is completed, you should collect, store and secure the tools that were used. One reason to change the sod cutter is when it is wet during the rain.


In conclusion, the ideal surface should have an even surface that doesn’t slope in either direction. A lush green landscape and free of moles or weeds are also perfect. That’s at least the theory, but in reality, the majority of floors are pretty uneven. It’s not the kind of lawn that amateur gardeners would like. Of course, there are a few exceptions. However, everyone does not want their lovely property to be an open meadow of cows with lots of holes or hills and excavating in the form of moles. To get the desired result, it is essential to straighten the land using the aid of a sod cutter. We hope our tips help you understand everything about using a sod cutter to level ground. 

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