How to Use a Roaster Oven Like a Slow Cooker | A Conclusive Guide


Slow cooking helps tenderize cheaper cuts of meat, and it also enhances the flavour of foods. Because of the slow and low-temperature cooking process involved, this is possible. This is possible by learning how to use a roaster oven like a slow cooker.

What is a roaster oven?

An electric tabletop cooking device roasts food using heat distribution rather than heating it with gas or exposed coils like a traditional oven. An electric roaster comprises an electric heating element, a large removable pan, and a lid. The heating element has the same shape as that of the pan, but it is slightly larger to allow the pan to fit within the heating element. Dial control allows for temperatures ranging from 200 to 450 degrees for baking and roasting. The pan is equipped with a rack to hold the food. This is similar to baking or roasting in a traditional oven. The most common size of a roaster oven is 18-quart. However, other sizes are available. You can use roaster ovens for cooking, roast, steam, or slow cook many foods, including turkey, meats, and vegetables.

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How to use a roaster oven like a slow cooker

What is a slow cooker?

Slow cookers are pots that can be used to cook. They are typically made of ceramic, metal, or porcelain. The electrical unit that houses a heating element is often wholly enclosed around the slow cooker. You can have the heating element on both the sides and the bottom of your pot. Commonly, a simple heating plate made of metal has no sides. Your cooking pot just sits on top. All of them have a lid made from ceramic, metal, or glass.

These lids create a low-pressure seal that stops moisture from entering the pot. You can use many kitchen appliances to slow cook food. Modern programmable rice cookers have a slow cooking function. A multi-functional device that can slow cook, deep fry, and sear. Even though slow cookers can be left on for hours, they use less electricity than an oven. This is due to the way a slow cooker works. A slow cooker can heat continuously or keep the heat at a specific temperature depending on its brand. This slow cooker is ideal for those who want to save money.

How to cook a beef roast in an electric roaster oven

How to use a roaster oven like a slow cooker

You can cook a lot of food in a slow cooker. This post will show you how to use a roaster oven as a slow cooker. Cover the roaster oven with a lid to slow cook the food. After setting the temperature and cooking time, turn on the oven to 200 F. Slow cook the food in the roaster oven according to the recipe. The cooking time is usually 8-10 minutes at 200 F. A roaster oven uses less energy and emits less heat into the kitchen.

Self-contained countertop ovens are a significant investment. The versatility of a roaster oven lies in the fact that it can use as an extra-large slow cooker. There is no better way to make large batches of your favourite stew or braise a large piece of meat than this roaster oven. If you don’t own the right slow cooker, it doesn’t mean that you have to overlook any slow cooker recipe. Your roaster oven can perform the same job as a slow cooker. You will have to brown the meat more and add savoury flavours to your Meat-based recipe. Read our info guide on how to fix tough meat in a slow cooker for better cooking.

How to use a roaster oven like a slow cooker

How to maintain roaster oven after slow cooking

A countertop electric roaster oven is a better alternative to an extensive range. This is an excellent alternative to a large oven for slow cooking. Roaster ovens require more frequent cleaning due to the carbon buildup. Although it may seem daunting to clean your roaster oven after each use of the range, you have to do it.

Unplug the oven

After slow cooking, turn off the oven and unplug it immediately. Before you begin to clean the oven, let it cool completely. Before cleaning, let the oven cool down for at least an hour.

Remove attachments

Before you attempt to remove the drip tray and any attachments from your oven, make sure the manual clearly states that it can remove it. As the tray could still be hot, I recommend that you use kitchen gloves when eliminating attachments.

Clean it carefully

No liquid grease should ever pour down the sink, no matter what you do after slow cooking. If the drip tray is not removable, use a damp cloth with a mild for cleaning.

You can get rid of large pieces of food from the roaster. You should clean the inside of your roaster oven with a damp cloth that soaks in mild dishwashing detergent. When you scrub the stove well, remove grease buildup. To clean the interior of the oven, you should not use any scouring agent.

Dry the roaster oven

When cleaning the oven after use, it is essential to avoid getting water in contact with any wiring. You should also pay attention to crevices and cracks where carbon, grease, and other debris could stick. The lid of your roaster should only wash with warm, soapy water. After a thorough cleaning of your roaster oven, allow it to dry completely before storing or using it.

Store the oven

If the roaster oven is to keep in a cool place, cover it with a cloth. It is essential to clean the electric roaster oven after each use for slow cooking or other purposes. It is dangerous to add food or grease to your food. To ensure that you are clear about slow cooking, cleaning, and storage, make sure to read the instructions on your roaster oven’s user manual.


Burns can be caused by the roaster, the lid, and hot vapours that escape from the top. Use oven mitts that are well-made and well-insulated to protect the roaster’s lid and your hands from steam escaping when the lid is lifted.

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