How to Use a Punching Bag Without Hanging It – Facts You Must Know


Punching bags are an excellent opportunity to test your boxing skills or add more cardio into your daily routine. Perhaps you’ve purchased your first punching bag that hangs. You’re eager to put it on your wall at home to start your fitness routine. However, you’re unable to find an adequate beam in the ceiling for the hook to be hung. Some homes can’t handle the weight of a punching bag, and some rental units prohibit putting holes in ceilings or walls. Instead of leaving the bag to sit unusable can, there are many ways to use a punching bag without hanging it. We have compiled a list with our top workarounds that we would like to share with you and the most effective method for most boxers.

How to use a punching bag without hanging it

How To Use A Punching Bag Without Hanging It

Hanging a punching bag is not the best way to use it 

If you don’t have a stand-alone punching bag secured to the ground using bags of sand, you can do the most effective workouts by hanging a bag off the ceiling. A punching bag that is hung lets you move around the target from all sides and practice the footwork and aim and even your rhythm. Suppose you’re training to be ready for an upcoming fight and want to improve your boxing techniques to improve at home.

It also offers excellent flexibility in your training methods, from kicks to uppercuts, to practicing combinations. It is best to use the bag’s sway to keep your momentum from striking and mimic an opponent’s movements. It’s healthier for your hand to strike the surface with a swing instead of a surface that has no flexibility. If you’re re-doing exercises of basically punching a cushioned wall, you may end up causing damage to the joints of your fingers.

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Buy a standing punching bag 

Our most popular suggestion is to replace your existing equipment with a freestanding punching bag. If your ceilings appear as if they’ll collapse when you’re hanging bag, a good alternative is to get an item that can support your exercises on the ground. They’re also less expensive than hanging bags. Stand-up punching bags could bring you back to times of the boxing gym when classes would take them out of the closet for training kicks and body strikes. They’re easy to move and keep in storage when not in use. Much like hanging bags, Self-standing bags are weighed fillings like dense foam, sand, or grain. You’ll need to wear gloves to protect yourself from the surface as this material can be too heavy for hands that aren’t. But, we like that the bag on the stand can throw around more minor than the heavy one.

The benefits of standing and punching bags

Although heavy hanging bags provide some unique advantages, the bags that stand up are more practical. Here’s the reason:

  • They can easily remove from storage when not in use
  • They are also cheaper than hanging bags since they do not require you to buy a stand with them.
  • Installation is simple and does not have any special tools
  • They’re generally simpler to use and handle.
  • Despite their size and appearance, they can take a lot of punishments
  • You don’t reason to drill holes into your walls

Set up your bag in a corner

If you’re not able to spend money on a new bag, there are some tricks to get some value from your hang bag. One of the best techniques is to set up the bag for punching in the corner. The bag is set up to let you test your opponent’s shape and whereabouts. Although the corner option might be a good idea, others consider it a bit risky. It’s easy to lose the bag and hit the wall. This could ruin your home or even hurt your hand. Even if you’re able to hit with great ability to aim, hitting the type of solid hits that are effective on bags that hang from the ceiling may result in damaging your wall.

Placing the bag in the corner will also restrict your options to move around the target area. The bulk of boxing involves footwork, making it difficult to learn how to dance around the bag of punches in a situation where you’re only hitting at a single angle. It’s tough to get into the rhythm and concentrate in the cardio area when you must be extremely careful in hitting the smooth surface.

Lay your bag on the ground

Another alternative is to lay bags on top of the ground. This is a method you’ll find MMA fighters using in training, and not due to the lack of hanging equipment but to practice specific techniques for fighting. You could try straddling the bag on the floor and then aiming your punches at the face of your opponent. When using a bag without hanging it, the ground method restricts your ability to move it around and do different workouts. Additionally, you are making your punches to the ground, which could not be ideal based on the situation at home. If you’re inside an apartment, the neighbors down the hall won’t please!

Prop up your bag with sandbags

Here’s another DIY method to use your punching bag that doesn’t require hanging. If you’re in a bind to make the look of a freestanding bag by placing bags of sand around the base to help support the hanging bag while it is upright. It is best to store all of your items on a non-slip floor, like a mat. Ideally, this arrangement will let you hit your upright bag from a variety of angles. It’s not possible to speak of this as a permanent solution since unless your hanger is secured to the sandbags, a decisive strike will eventually knock it down to the floor.

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Free standing punching bag vs. Hanging punching bag

Free standing punch bags

Although they aren’t as well-known as hanging bags, freestanding punch bags, or stand-up bags for boxing, they have become increasingly popular over the last few times. These bags are typically smaller than hanging bags. And rather than being hung to the ceiling or on a stand, a standing bag is placed in the middle of the flooring. The empty bases are filled with water, sand, or foam to weigh the bags down.


Freestanding bags are becoming more popular because of their portability as well as their ease of assembly. Here are some of the other reasons they are unique:

  • Simple installation Standing bags are easy to set up. All you need to do is place it into the base, and you’ll be all set to go.
  • It’s easier to use The most significant advantage of freestanding bags is that they are easier to utilize. They are less traumatic on bones and knuckles as they’re made of soft foam. This makes them suitable for slow striking and exercises that require speed and endurance. Think about using them for Muay Thai.

Self-standing bags come with several advantages. However, it also has several notable disadvantages. Some of them are:

  • A smaller footprint for footwork. Since freestanding bags require more area on the floor, they offer you less opportunity to move around the bags as you would during the actual game. So, your footwork practice will be less ad hoc.
  • Lower resistance: Freestanding bags can withstand less force than heavier bags. They’ll bounce around more often with each strike, and you’ll need to wait for them to settle before hitting them again.
  • Higher priced: Free-standing bags are considerably more expensive than heavier bags, excluding the stand or wall mount. A top-quality freestanding bag is at the very least PS200 pounds sterling. The cheaper ones could of lower quality or are not intend to use by children.

Hanging punch bags

Hanging bags, sometimes called heavy bags, are commonly seen in gyms. Different kinds of bags are available, including speed bags, which are design to be struck simultaneously.

The hanging punch bags contain sand foam or water to add some weight and provide ballast. The top-heavy bags come with an exterior made of leather for shock absorption. Hanging bags come in various kinds. Muay Thai bags, for instance, are generally smaller and more prolonged. Heavy bags for boxing, by contrast, are smaller and more substantial.

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The benefits of a bag that is serious include:

  • The bag simulates a real-life opponent The swinging motion hanging bags allows you to train your footwork just as if you were actually in a match. By moving back and forth by how bags move, users can learn and then duck between strikes.
  • Cost The heavy bags are significantly cheaper than punching bags equipped with stands. All you require is a wall mount or stand and a high-quality bag. Hanging bags are cheaper as they cost less based on weight.
  • Compact: A further benefit for heavy-duty bags is that they don’t occupy any space. They’re compact and small, which means you can put them in your bag and even store things underneath.
  • Durability Hanging bags construct to last. These bags are more robust and can therefore endure more powerful punches and kicks. You can punch them with more force and not be afraid of harming them.
  • Flexibility: Hanging punching bags can utiliz in many different ways, perfect for various routines and exercises. It is possible to alternate between different kinds of techniques while increasing your strength and endurance.

Let’s look at the pros. Hanging bags have several disadvantages.

  • Installation: hanging bags can be challenging to set up. They require solid rafters or a support beam to help support the weight. It is also possible that you will require additional equipment, such as an electric drill, a ladder or screwdriver, as well as two pliers.
  • Bags with limited portability: Large bags are challenging to put up and more permanent placement. Once they’ve been set up, they’re difficult to take them off.
  • You may require a trainer or a friend: You may require someone to keep the bag while you shake and move the bag.


It’s good to know that there are plenty of alternatives to creating your home gym regardless of the location you reside in. A few boxers opt for wall-mounted bags, and others choose freestanding hangers made of metal. No holes in the wall are required. It is possible to use a stud finder to find the best ceiling location to hang the hook. In a crisis, it is possible to attempt to set your bag on a table and place it on the ground to practice boxing. You can also utilize sandbags and a mat to hold it off the wall as a freestanding bag. Overall, you will not regret choosing freestanding.

You won’t have to be concerned about hurting your hand, causing damage to parts of your house, or not getting excellent exercise. You will get the most benefit from your gym at home with the ability to use a portable bag that can move and store after you’ve completed your exercises. If you’re now aware of utilizing your bag to punch without changing it, it’s time to work out! If you choose to use one of our hacks or go for an independent option, punching bags can be a great option to keep fit.

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