How to Use a Meat Slicer – A Skillful Guide on Meat Slicer


Do you use a meat slicer but aren’t sure how to utilize it? Are you unsure if the meat slicer is worth the cost? You’ve come to the right spot! A meat cutter is a device that lets you cut meat, cheese, and other deli-related products within a very short time. Thanks to this machine, the ability to get deli-quality meat in your home at home is possible. Meat slicers are more efficient than any other tool for slicing and are more flexible than most people believe. If you can slice it using a mandolin, you can do it with a meat slicer. They are an excellent method of ensuring perfectly cut meats and other products each time. They may appear intimidating. It is simple to use a meat slicer and is relatively simple to clean and maintain.

What you need to know about meat slicers

Meat slicers are a fantastic accessory to have in your kitchen. Meat slicers can make cutting food much easier. In addition to cutting meat, they’re also versatile and can cut other foods like cheese and vegetables. But the meat slicer is a machine, and if misused, it can pose a risk. Slicers for meat must be operated with care. If handled with care, they’re an ideal machine to own. Each meat slicer is different, so you need to follow your guidelines to use a meat slicer. Be sure that the safety safeguards are on before you switch on the slicer, and don’t let the blade run after you leave, even if it’s only for a few minutes or so. Cleaning the meat slicer is relatively easy; however, each one is different and has specific instructions from the maker.

How to use a meat slicer

In everyday life, we utilize a variety of kitchen utensils to meet our requirements. The meat slicer can be just one of them. It is a kind of food slicer that is an extremely efficient tool in grocery stores, butchers, and delicatessens for cutting food items, vegetables, and cheeses. It lets you cut food precisely. Since you must use any meat slicer equipped with a sharp and powerful blade, it could be risky. In reality, the incorrect usage could cause injury to the operator. So here, we will discuss some steps to use a meat slicer easily and safely.

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Step 1

Put on your cut-resistant gloves and ensure that the machine runs in manual mode. Wash your hands thoroughly and put on cut-resistant gloves. Check that the machine is operating in manual mode. Then plug into the slicer for meat.

Step 2

Lift up the pusher arm and put the food item on the carriage. Lift the weighted pusher arm, then place the food in the food carrier. Utilize the handle to ensure that the food is pressurized when you cut it. Be sure to have a flat surface for the item you’re cutting. Although it’s unlikely, there’s a possibility that the meat slicer might have a hard time holding a larger than a little rounded portion of meat. In the worst-case scenario, this could mean that the food you’re cutting falls off the machine and ends up on the floor. A round blade won’t have the same level of contact as the blade, and it may take several slices before you can get the even, uniform slices you’d like.

One suggestion to make your food easier to manage and the slicing process more efficient is to chill whatever you’re cutting before when you begin. The colder you make it, the easier it will be to create perfectly even slices. Avoid cutting food that has been either frozen or at least partially frozen. Ice crystals could make the blade dull faster, which means you have to replace the blade earlier. Refrigerated food is the best choice to be served cold, but meat removed from freezers defrost before cutting.

Step 3

Make sure you adjust the dish that holds the food to run across the entire length of your food. Be sure to adjust the plate that holds the food to ensure that it covers the entire distance of your food. This is essential to ensure that the meat slicer is in good shape and prevents it from rocking or food particles running across the slicer’s blade at an unbalanced angle.

Step 4

Turn the machine on and move the carriage back and forth. With care, switch the meat slicer off, and push the machine back and forth, moving the food along the blade. It is best to move as fast as you’re at ease, but it’s fine to be a bit slow. Everybody has seen the workers in the deli cutting tons of meat and moving the machine incredibly fast. It’s the result of years of experience, both in cutting in general and using the particular meat slicer. It’s better to work slowly and cautiously than risk injury. It will become easier to gradually increase the speed of your slicing as you gain knowledge and master the art of controlling the carriage.

Step 5

Examine your first piece’s size, adjust it if necessary, and then change the machine to automatic mode. Examine the first slice, and ensure that the food is the right thickness. Make adjustments as needed. If the thickness of your food is what you prefer, it is then possible to change the machine into automatic mode. The majority of slicers come with a thickness guideline on them. However, I prefer this method as it gives you greater control over the thickness of the slices. The thickness you believe will work may not be the most effective option, at the very least, until you’ve figured out the meat slicer and preferred thickness.

Step 6

Once you’re done, remove the food from the machine and turn off the machine. When you’re finished, switch off the machine and shut the plate used to gauge before you take the food out. It’s best to disconnect the meat slicer now, especially if you’re a parent with children. You don’t want your machine to fall and come back to normal. Unplugging your meat slicer whenever it’s not being used is a great method to prevent accidents or even the risk of the possibility.

Step 7

Clean and wipe down the machine as per the owner’s instruction manual. Also, wash the area around the machine in the same manner. It’s not unusual for tiny pieces of the meat you cut to get out of the meat slicer and land on counters nearby or even onto the floor. Be assured that you won’t be able to see tiny pieces. It’s not a problem. It’s a normal side result of the meat slicer’s own.

How to sharpen a meat slicer blade

You need to know how to sharpen a meat slicer blade and use a meat slicer. Blades are the primary aspect of any meat slicer. Naturally, suppose you utilize a meat slicer over an extended period. In that case, the blades will dull and won’t give you the best performance. It recommends to sharpen the blade to make it more durable.

  • Shut down the slicer if it was running, and let it cool.
  • The blade’s cover can be opened using the help of a soft cloth and detergent. Clean the blade, and let it dry.
  • Place some cooking oil or lubricating oil on the bleeding.
  • By pressing the stone on the sharpener, adjust the blade as described in the instruction manual.
  • When you turn on the power and allow the blades to spin to grind. If you are using a whetstone, make sure that the whetstone will not break off when spinning.
  • Then, turn off the slicer and check whether it’s sharp sufficiently or not. If you feel that the blades remain dull, you can repeat the procedure once more.
  • Then, clean the blade with new cloths, clean the slicer thoroughly, and dry.

So you can improve the sharpness of your meat slicer quickly.

What are the benefits of a meat slicer

There are numerous advantages to using a meat slicer since they are reliable, flexible, and can save money. Buying meat slabs or a piece of cheese and then cutting yourself is less expensive than buying pre-sliced pieces of meat and cheese. Meat slicers allow you to easily cut cheese and meat in a short time. They are particularly great to have around the holidays. They can be awe-inspiring to all your family and friends by cutting your meat beautifully, and cheese is cut by yourself. These are useful to have in the house for use daily.

They’re also great to turn leftover ham and roast into lunchmeat. You can even thinly slice onions to make the French onion soup. Many people think of meat slicers as just deli items. Some have serrated blades that can cut through bread and other delicate food items. You’ll need to switch to a serrated blade when you cut all cheeses.


The first time you use a meat slicer, everything arrives perfectly. With time and the device deteriorates, it loses its performance. However, ensuring proper maintenance and using it properly will allow you to enjoy the features for a long period. Use them and maintain the machines properly and regularly. This is how you will make money while saving your equipment too.

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