How to Use a Coffee Percolator Camping – A Beginner Guide from Experts


Coffee is a bit of an essential part of our lives. We can’t even imagine the day that doesn’t begin with a cup of hot coffee. The scent alone will wake up your senses and help prepare you for the day ahead before you drink the first sip. Coffee making can be as individual as picking the beans you prefer. The method employed determines the strength of the final coffee and the coffee’s caffeine level. There are many ways to go about it, including traditional drip coffee systems and trendy pour-overs. There are also quick and easy one-cup Keurig’s and the arduous French press. Percolator coffee may seem a bit outdated. However, it has seen an upswing in the current modern coffee culture. Do you think that learning how to use a coffee percolator camping is the secret to making your perfect coffee? Find out more here.

What is a camping coffee percolator

You’ve probably all the supplies you’ll need for the camping weekend that is to be. You will not able to find instant coffee inside your backpack, will you? It’s possible to do this by incorporating an outdoor percolator in your bag of supplies. Percolators are a coffee maker that makes an ideal companion for your trip to the campsite. There are a variety of percolators based on your need or where you will use the device. You can choose a conventional unit mounted to the stove or a stove unless you plan to use an RV, where an electric percolator is suitable.

There are a few things to take into consideration when purchasing the percolator. Take into consideration the size, filters basket, durability, and functionality. A device that keeps the coffee warmer for longer is ideal when going camping. You can find unexpected surprises in the wild, and it is uncertain when you’ll require it. To be ready always and without difficulty, it’s crucial to keep the percolator in your bag.

how to use a coffee percolator camping

How to choose coffee percolator camping

Before you can learn how to use a camping coffee maker, it is essential to be aware of their different types. Percolators for camping coffee come in two main kinds: ones with a glass knob on top and those without. Both work in exactly the same way. However, those with a transparent glass knob are simpler to use. You can buy your camping percolator in the camping section at your local department store or purchase a stovetop-based percolator in that section in the kitchen of the same department store.

All stores are not created in the same way. There’s not an overwhelming demand for percolators because of the widespread use of drip coffee makers and coffee makers that make use of cups that are pre-measured for coffee. It’s nevertheless an ideal option to make coffee at home. Make coffee at camp effortlessly. If the local shop doesn’t have a camper or stovetop coffee maker, you can buy percolators online from various sources.

how to use a coffee percolator camping

How to use a coffee percolator camping

If you’re a devoted coffee drinker, you may be interested in learning how to use percolators for camping and other camping cooking options. One of the most common ways to get sick during a camping trip is by eating unprepared food. With an old-fashioned coffee maker, you won’t need to make do with instant coffee. You may even discover that you enjoy the coffee made this way more than what you get from your coffee maker in the kitchen.

How to use a coffee percolator camping

Heat source control

Making coffee by the campfire can be a challenge. It is important to note that generally, the fire is scorching. It is difficult to enjoy that you drink your coffee without the flavor of scorched coffee. Do you think of drinking coffee with this flavor? I bet you’d be willing to do anything to make a tasty cup of coffee and have a great time with nature. Utilize a small number of flames to create an excellent cup of coffee by the campfire. This will ensure that the job gets completed with ease. This is the reason why the home coffee maker is thought to be a great source of coffee. Do you agree? Do you think you would like to be sure? Place the gadgets in the rack of a campfire grill that is adjustable if you drink your coffee by percolating it over the campfire.

It is essential to set the grill rack in the most extreme setting. This prevents the scorching of the coffee. A different reason for this is because it makes the water inside the coffee pot evaporate rapidly. Try to create a small campfire for the coffee’s percolation. Many people are using modern heating equipment such as batteries-powered or fuel-powered burners to heat their morning coffee. This is a fantastic idea and a viable option since they don’t produce as much warmer than the campfire. How long does it take to percolate the coffee in a camping beverage? It can take some time to prepare your drink. Be aware that you need to be mindful of the heat source when you are brewing your coffee in the campervan.

Add water to the unit 

The usage of a percolator coffee maker for camping is not complicated if you can add enough water. Make sure you put the correct quantity of water in the pot for the precise amount of coffee you plan to drink in a specific setting. For making your own wild-brewed coffee, you just need to make one cup (6-8 ounces of capacity) then pour in water into it according to how many cups you want to make. You should add about three cups of liquid if you plan to serve your coffee for three persons.

As many coffee cups as you’d like will probably save coffee grounds. You might be able to make use of the rest of the environment shortly. In this way, you’ll be able to manage your consumption and prevent yourself from using them up. But, making additional coffee is an excellent option if you have a great thermos that will ensure it stays warm over an extended duration.

The significance of coffee branding 

Branding isn’t just a thing you can do; it is a must to a percolator for camping. Look for a product with a trustworthy brand; otherwise, damaging it could be an issue even if the coffee isn’t optimal. Some brands are specifically intended to be used outdoors. Another aspect to think about when making coffee in the wilderness is the best choice of the brand. It is crucial to prepare percolator coffee when out in the wild If you select one of the highest quality in terms of taste. The taste of the coffee isn’t easy to ruin with high-quality coffee. Do not fret when you overmake the coffee because the delicious flavor remains the same. It is recommended to use coffee grounds that are of good quality and have a great flavor compared to the less expensive ones when you prefer to percolate your drink.

Most of the time, cheap coffees taste awful and are can be ruined. They give off a terrible flavor even though they’re not scorched. In addition, you can make the option of choosing which you think is the most suitable coffee option. Many experts agree on the ability of premium coffees made by a brand name to last when used in camping percolators. Consider the selection of certain brands that are specifically designed specifically for use with camping percolators. This is why knowing how to utilize a coffee percolator in a camp is essential. Be aware that the coffee served at the center has a distinct taste from the one you make at home. This is why, even if the coffee is brand-named and flavored, the flavor won’t be the same both indoors and outdoors.

The material design of coffee percolator 

Be aware of the design of the percolator because it will help determine the quality of a coffee maker and the rate at which the machine operates. The majority of percolators are built on an element of metal. However, specific units are more durable than the other models. Both titanium and iron are fantastic materials for percolators as they can withstand extreme temperatures with ease. Percolators used in camping originate from different components like aluminum and chrome. They can endure heat and high temperatures.

Avoid using camping percolators of lesser quality as they will not keep your coffee hot under extreme temperatures. Additionally, it’s not an ideal choice to pick a tin-based percolator. It is better to purchase or choose an item that is high-end and made of long-lasting material. The percolator must be built to withstand the elements and extreme heat of making coffee when camping.

Time to make your coffee 

How long do you percolate camp coffee? The directions of each percolator for camping coffee in terms of cooking time will vary based on the brand. There appears to be a common-sense approach for coming with a great cup of coffee with your percolator at camp. You can make your coffee in just 15 minutes or until the lid starts to flow. While the actual cooking time could differ, however, not all sources of heat will be identical. Keep an eye on your camping percolator as you cook. Be sure that it’s functioning correctly. This will avoid any damage to your machine or cause the coffee to be adequately brewed.

Use of a standard coffee cup 

It’s best to utilize a standard cup of coffee for cooking your percolator coffee in the camp. It will never hinder your ability to make excellent coffee even when you’re far from the city. A cup that is larger in dimension may just require you to alter the coffee grounds and the water to make. Then, it will harm the coffee’s flavor. It may not be sufficient cups when more than four people use one pot. In this scenario, it is recommended to use larger cups to solve the issue.

Strength of coffee 

There are instances that the directions of a coffee percolator at camping demand you to know the strength of the coffee that is to be prepared. The principal reason behind this is to ensure that the equipment you are using won’t be compromised. It is essential to know that the maker’s capacity to provide you with the most effective coffee. By adding more coffee grounds to the pot can boost the power of the coffee brewing process. Another way to increase the strength of your brew is to boil the water. Make sure to be cautious when making the coffee to not affect the flavor of the coffee. Additionally, the coffee may look like the consistency of thick sludge.


It’s not necessary to wait until you are camping to use your coffee percolator at camp to master the use of percolators for camping. Percolators can be placed with any heating source. However, the ideal coal bed on the side of your campfire may be the best. Suppose you cook eating bacon and eggs simultaneously as you prepare your coffee. In that case, you’ll be able to prepare your coffee to drink along with breakfast. Keep in mind that coffee made with percolators will be hotter than coffee made in the coffee maker. Also, make sure to remove the grounds from the coffee. It’s tempting to take on some chores around camp while your coffee is making you feel good. However, you may end having a strong batch this way.

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