How to Unlock Refrigerator Wheels: An Uncomplicated Guide to Follow


The transportation of a refrigerator is among of the most challenging tasks one has to do when one needs to get from one place to B. This is because of the size and shape of modern refrigerators. To make things easier, manufacturers create wheels built into the fridge that allows you to move the fridge where it’s needed. Instead of lifting the refrigerator off the floor to move it, it can be rolled using wheels. But, the wheels of your refrigerator remain locked when the fridge is in one spot. This is to make sure it isn’t swaying around where it should not. You’ll need to know how to unlock refrigerator wheels. To open the refrigerator’s wheels, locate the piece of plastic that holds the wheel.

There is a screw which can be turned counterclockwise using a screwdriver. The more it is turned, the faster the wheel will fall. Make sure to do this for all the wheels. It’s important to know that some refrigerators feature an automatic locking mechanism that unlocks and locks the wheels. This means that the wheels will be opened if the fridge is turned. If you own an older refrigerator, you are likely to have a screw that runs through the panel to be turned counterclockwise. Make sure you are prepared when the refrigerator’s wheels do not fall down by themselves. This article will provide a more in-depth review of how to unlock refrigerator wheels and the best method to use.

How to unlock refrigerator wheels

Find the panel connecting to the wheel

To unlock the wheels of a refrigerator, it is essential to locate the connection panel on the side of the fridge. The panel will keep the wheels when they are locked or unlocked. Pay attention to the location of the wheels and look for an attaching screw anchoring them. The screw plays a role in holding the wheels in place, whether tucked away in the freezer or ready to use. This panel ought to be simple to locate, and the screws should be located near exactly where the wheels sit.

Turn the connecting screw clockwise

If you locate the screw, you’re going to use an instrument to loosen it. It must be done in a clockwise direction for the wheel to move. The screw will be located next to each wheel and will form a component of the panel on the lower part of the refrigerator. As you loosen it, continue to do so, and observe as the wheel begins to fall down.

Let the wheels come down

As the wheels begin to move, you’ll notice that they’ll fall until they stop. This is the point at which you stop the wheels. Once you’re satisfied with the wheel you have chosen, proceed to the next. Keep doing this until all the wheels are set and ready for use. It is also possible to consider testing the wheels to determine how easy it is for you to manoeuvre around.

Check for an automated unlocking mechanism for wheels

In certain instances, refrigerators will come with wheels that automatically unlock. This will ensure that you don’t have to climb down and start disassembling the panel for the wheels out. It’s not a common occurrence. However, it is to be looked for if you cannot locate the screw. To turn on the automated feature, you need to turn the fridge upside down and try the move. The wheels will fall down, and it will be simple to move the fridge wherever it is required to carry. Read the specific model’s manual if you’re not sure, as each refrigerator differs in this feature.

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How to unlock wheels on a Samsung refrigerator

To open the refrigerator’s wheels, it is necessary to remove the grille and kickplate from the side of the appliance to gain access to the wheels. Based on the model of your fridge, the grille may be secured by fast-release screws. It is common to find one or two screw-down pads located in the front, under the grille. In general, you’ll have for you to tighten them on so that the wheels can move again. For security reasons, make sure to turn off the power source to your refrigerator before taking off the grill. Unplug the appliance from the power or turn off the circuit breaker that provides the electric power.

How to unlock GE refrigerator

Remove the base grille

If the grille’s base is fixed by screws, remove the screws. If not, move it out of its place. The adjustment screw for the leg/roller is hidden behind the grille.

Adjust the levelling legs

Utilize pliers or a 3/8 ” wrench for adjusting the screws. The adjusting screws should be turned counterclockwise, which raises the levels of the rollers or legs. By turning the screw counterclockwise, you can lower them. Your appliance needs to be able to move effortlessly. Keep in mind that only those legs on the side can be adjusted if your refrigerator comes with front leg levelling rollers and legs. The front rollers cannot be adjustable.

Don’t forget to put unbreakable plastic or cardboard underneath the legs or rollers before shifting the refrigerator. This will protect the floor from scratch marks. Also, if you’d like to level your refrigerator, place the rollers so that the fridge sits on the ground. The front of the refrigerator should be one-quarter-inch higher than its rear. This will enable the door to shut quickly when opened at less than a 90o angle.

How to adjust the wheels on a refrigerator

A majority of refrigerators are equipped with wheels that can be adjusted and used to level the appliance. However, this is contingent on your chosen model since some refrigerators have non-adjustable legs or rollers to level. If the model you have is fitted with wheels that can be adjusted in height, look for the adjustment screw typically located on the side of the wheel. The majority of wheels can be adjusted by turning the screw counterclockwise to raise up the top of your refrigerator or counterclockwise to lower it.

To make the task more efficient, you might want to find someone who can assist with the work by pressing gently against the refrigerator’s front. This can help take the weight off of your legs. It also removes the necessity to stand up and turn around to walk back down to examine the level of a refrigerator located on the uppermost part of your refrigerator. If not, consult the user’s manual to discover another method for adjusting the model you have selected.

How to move an appliance with wheels

A majority of refrigerators come with wheels or rollers. Therefore, moving them should not be too difficult. To ensure you’re on the safe side, drain the refrigerator, disconnect the water lines and wiring, and defrost it should it be required. The appliance should be moved by a few inches and secure using furniture sliders. Hold both sides from the back of the refrigerator and move it from one way or the other as you move it towards the front. Once you’re happy with your arrangement, you should wait 30 minutes before returning to it. It is advised to avoid moving your refrigerator until it’s resting against its back for at least a day.

If the refrigerator is jammed and you’d like to move it, begin by removing the faceplate at the bottom. Place yourself on the front of the appliance and push it forward using any heavy objects beneath it. After that, you can take it out of its resting place. Be aware that lifting an appliance on its back is not recommended. The reason is that the impact of the body of the device on its components could result in injury, even though they aren’t exposed.


Here are the steps on how to unlock the refrigerator’s wheels. To unlock the wheels of your refrigerator, locate the panel across the side of the fridge. The meeting will be equipped with an opening close to where each spin is. Rotate the screw in a clockwise direction to make the wheel looser until it goes down. Repeat this process for all the wheels. The process isn’t too long, and it only requires one screw for each wheel. Continue working to the left and check the fridge is level after placing it on the wheels. This makes it much easier to move the fridge where it should be without causing any damage to everything. Keep in mind that certain fridges have an automated unlocking mechanism that can be activated. Simply tilt the fridge to unlock it, and its wheels slide down so that you can use it.

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