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If you’re looking for a way to turn on the tv without a remote control, this article is the one ideal for you. No appliance is as essential to a living space as a television set for most people. According to Statista, they are essential in houses of billions. It’s easy for one to believe that as more people use many mobile gadgets, TVs’ popularity will decrease; however, televisions have changed throughout the years and been able to adjust to changing needs of the consumer. Due to the importance that TV is for many people consumers, it’s quite frustrating when you attempt to switch on your TV but are unable to.

There are two methods by which TVs are turned on: the power button and the remote. If one is not working, it is possible to use one of the alternatives. There are a variety of situations where you aren’t able to utilize the remote for your TV or the power button to switch on the TV.

Features of TVs

Most TVs have a push-on button. This means that you can switch on and off your TV without using a remote and changing the sound or switching channels. The only issue that may arise is when the TV’s channels are streamed to your STB. Remember that these settings can’t be adjusted without a separate remote. The position of the buttons on the TV can be different. They may be located below the display or on the side of the panel. The dimensions of these buttons are so tiny that most people do not even notice them initially.

For instance, for Philips and Toshiba televisions, buttons typically are located on the front panel, on the left. Like Panasonic and Bravia, certain TV models come with manual controls for the right settings. Samsung, Sony, and LG usually put the buttons on the back of the panel. For CRT TVs, the buttons are clearly visible to the eye. They are below the screen.

Is it possible to turn on the tv without a remote control?

On most televisions, a power button (joystick) is located under the screen in the middle, to the right or left. Press and hold the button for a second to start your TV after finding the button. You can also shut off your television to conserve energy. There are alternatives to turning on your TV without using remote controls.

How to turn on the tv without a remote control

Most TVs have a switch for power (joystick) situated beneath the screen, either on the middle, left or right side. If you spot the button, simply push on it and keep holding it to turn the TV for a second. If you’d like to turn off the TV, you can use that same button. Below are some suggestions on how to turn on the tv without a remote control.

Plugging in and out of the power outlet

The easiest way is to turn on a television without using a control button or remote to plug and unplug the television. This method for disconnecting the TV’s power source to turn the TV on and off is available on all TVs. To work, the TV has to be on before the time you remove it from power. If you had turned off the TV before disconnecting it, this technique would not work. Additionally, turning your TV off and on with this method is not recommended for prolonged periods, as continual pulling of the cords and plugs can cause them to break or outlets to become damaged.

Turn on the tv with a video game console

The top three game console makers include Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. They are aware that among the most-loved televisions nowadays is gaming. Being aware of the number of gaming gamers engage in has led them to create a system that makes it possible for gamers to turn their televisions on and off with the console. If you’re planning to switch on your TV via an electronic video game console, the first thing you need to look for is whether your TV can support HDMI-CEC and that you’ve switched it on according to your TV settings.

There’s a good chance that you’ll find the HDMI CEC setting in the Connection General, Sound, or the Display options. Once you’ve confirmed that your TV is compatible with HDMI and is HDMI-CEC enabled, let’s look at how you can utilize each manufacturer’s consoles to power your TV.

Turn on the tv with Sony PlayStation 4

You can connect the PS4 to a TV of a different type. Navigate to Settings, select System, and then turn on the Enable HDMI Device Link checkbox. Connect the PS4 back to the TV you wish to switch on. Turn to the PS4 through the PS button on the controller. Your TV and console will turn on at the same time. When you turn on your TV, your PS4 will automatically change into your PS4 HDMI output source. On certain TVs, turning off your PS4 will either shut off your TV or change the input source to a different HDMI input source. HDMI.

Turn on tv with Microsoft Xbox one

Then connect the Xbox One to a different TV. Select Settings, then TV Display Options and then select Device Control. The screen that displays next chooses the console that turns off other devices. There are additional choices, like other devices shutting off the console and on, which you can choose depending on your preference. Connect your Xbox One to the TV you’d like to turn on, turn it on, and your TV will be on.

Turn on the tv with a Nintendo switch

You can connect the Nintendo Switch to a different TV. In System Settings, select TV Output and switch on the option to Match the TV’s Power State. Then connect your Nintendo Switch to the TV you’d like to turn on. The TV will turn on automatically after you turn on the console.

Turn on the tv using a smartphone application

You can also use your smartphone to turn your TV on without the need for a remote or power button. The best part is that you can accomplish this using a Smart TV and a non-Smart TV.

Turn on the smart tv using a smartphone

Many Smart TV brands have apps that you can download on your phone and then sync to the TV. For Samsung, the application is known by the name Samsung SmartThings; Roku uses the Roku Smart App and LG TV Remote for LG TVs. There has to be an initial connection to the television for these apps to start the TV. Additionally, you must ensure that you connect your phone to a network you are regularly using to connect both devices.

Turn on non-smart tv using a smartphone

When you use the remote on your non-smart TV, it transmits the signal to your television through infrared rays that pass by a tiny LED bulb on the top of the remote. Certainremotephones send infrared light beams to the infrared blaster. If your phone is equipped with an IR blaster and you want to download a variety of universal remote control applications in your phone’s app store that let you control your TV just as you would normally with a normal remote. These universal remote applications can also be used with certain smart TVs with infrared remotes.

How to turn on Samsung tv without a remote control

If you remote switch off the power on your Samsung TV, you should hit the TV Control button or, as it is known by”the” Control Stick and the Jog Controller button. The button is located in the front, back, or middle of your Samsung TV. With the Jog Controller, the user can switch off the Samsung TV, control the volume, and access Smart Hub features such as Menus and Settings. The most important step is locating and identifying where to find the Jog Control button. If you’ve ever observed the red light flashing on your TV at first on and then switching off, this is where you will find the television’s Control button.

If you don’t have a copy of your manual for your device, look it up to determine exactly where it’s located on your TV. Most of the time, you will find the TV Controller button situated on the back of your Samsung TV in the lower right-hand part of the display. It’s a way of moving the mouse upwards and down and moving it left and right. Holding down the middle button for a prolonged duration will activate your Samsung TV without a remote.


The most popular TV models, such as Philips, Sony, Samsung, LG, and others, can be turned on and configured on without a remote. You can always find keys located on the bottom side of the rear panel to do this. Manufacturers are always mindful of the various causes of malfunctioning equipment, such as the broken remote control. So, a keyboard or manual control is a breeze and easy to use. Now, we hope you learn how to turn on the tv without a remote control.

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