How to Turn a Room Into a Walk in Closet – DIY 10 Beautiful Ideas


Many of us have rooms within our houses that we do not use, and in that situation, we wonder how to turn a room into a walk-in closet? A luxurious dressing room was once a luxury reserved for famous people living within Hollywood mansions. But, you don’t need to reside in a massive Calabasas mansion. All you need to build an inviting, neat closet is a spare bedroom and a little imagination.

The process of transforming an existing space into a perfect clothing space can be as simple as adding some sturdy components and, obviously, your gorgeous closet. We’ll go over the essentials you require to get going in the renowned living space you’ve always dreamed of with, all the way to today. For turning a bedroom into an open storage space, you only require a bit of imagination and the appropriate tools. Before you start to turn a room into a walk-in closet, take an examination of us.

How much space needs to turn a room into a walking in closet

For most dressing room designs or walk-in closets, you’ll require at least 8x5ft (2.45 1.53m) 1.53m) space to work with. Even rooms with awkward spaces like alcoves or low ceilings can be equipped with bedroom storage solutions, including shelves, drawers, or hanging space. Although a high ceiling isn’t necessarily one that’s 7 feet 3 inches (2.2m) or higher will allow the possibility of two rails for hanging space. A larger space can be the envy of neighbors with an open-top drawer unit, a vanity space that can be used to iron and press garments, and a comfy armchair.

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How much space needs to turn a room into a walking in closet

How to turn a room into a walk in closet

You can complete the project yourself or employ an organization to build an ample closet in your space. If you’re working by yourself, the process will take around four to six weeks, dependent on the kind of features you’re looking for. With help from a professional, it can be accomplished within a shorter time. If you’re doing the work yourself, we recommend you begin at a time when humidity is low because, in dry conditions, it’s much easier to lift or move heavy furniture. Take note of the design of the space.

If you’re planning to turn an unfinished room into a closet, you should focus on the room’s design. While some rooms can be converted into a walk-in closet, it’s better to possess a rectangular or square space. Before you decide what to think about, consider the place you’d like to put the closet. It is possible to transform the guest room into a dressing space. A room that is close to the bedroom could be an ideal option. It connects two rooms and lets you pick the essential elements you want to use. The closet will also isolate you from the remainder of your home, giving you time to look over some of your favorite outfits. When you transform your bedroom into a closet, you will observe a variety of changes.

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Do some creativity with storage space

The issue of clutter is a common feature of closets. It might be not easy to find enough space to put away every item of clothing. Jeans are one of those things that take up a lot of space. Therefore, consider hanging them on belts, hooks, or peg racks instead of neatly folding the bulky pants and stacking them. Therefore making a spare bedroom into a closet is an intimidating job. If you follow any of these ideas for turning your room into an organized closet, you may be able to make new enhancements and exciting projects to complete.

Jazz up your closet

After you’ve adorned the bedroom you’ve chosen with a closet with mirror, lights, and seating, it’s time to decorate the room. While it’s where you get dressed and head out, it requires some style. Hanging an oversized artwork or photograph could be the answer since it makes an excellent accent wall. For a more modern look investing in unique pendant lighting will add a new dimension to your room while illuminating it and making it more Instagram-friendly.

Set up a large dressing table

Suppose your spare room is large; congrats! With that, you could bring in a dressing table to store your handbags, jewelry, and magazines. It doesn’t need to be expensive, however. A desk, a dresser, or even the dining table works like a charm. IKEA can provide you with many options and Thrift stores near your house.

Make sure you don’t forget the wardrobe

The wardrobe plays a crucial function in the creation of an efficient and attractive walk-in closet. You can build an outfit yourself if you are a crafty person or buy one and modify it to your liking, similar to in Ikea Pax wardrobe hack. Making the Ikea Pax hack requires your imagination, creativity, and reference in the guide. Once the transformation is finished, you can decorate the doors using wallpaper or paint. You can take the door off to allow you to grab your clothes in a flash. Anything is fine so long as it’s able to give a boost to your personality in the space.

Buy some open garment rack

Converting a small room into a walk-in closet could be somewhat challenging since you’ll have a difficult time locating an appropriate wardrobe or cabinet that will fit in. If this is the case, consider an organized rack for your clothes. Garment racks are extremely compact and easy to set up. They are also inexpensive. They can also assist you in finding the clothes you’ll wear easily. Let’s face it! It is common to wear the same clothing often. However, you’ve got piles of clothes on the shelves in your closet, aren’t you? The primary reason is you can’t see them clearly when you put clothes in the corner of your wardrobe. Garment racks provide the best solution because they allow you to look at the possibilities.

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Lay a rug

Make your closet a little more inviting. Similar to the different rooms in the same way as other rooms in yours. In reality, it could be a great place to relax for those who want to relax and read the latest book or just taking a break from the craziness of the day. So, you have to customize your closet to make it as comfortable as possible. A rug for the walk-in closet could be an excellent idea for a start. When you lay a rug in the ground, you’ve created a smooth floor for your feet and added color and texture as in the monochromatic rug, which adds the appearance of pattern and design to the space.

Use your wall for extra storage space

Fashion magazines or blogs and Instagram Feeds always provide new and innovative ideas to enhance your OOTD and cause you to purchase more sweaters, sunglasses, and even shoes. You may not realize that your closet and cabinet are bursting at the seams or could explode when you continue to pack even more stuff into your closets. If you feel there’s not enough room in your closet or have accumulated items in it, it is time to take advantage of the Wall. Hang some hooks or shelves, or even pegboards to store the items that you can grab on the go, such as caps, ties, hats, belts, sunglasses, and even shoes. Make sure that you don’t allow the walls in your closet in the walk-in. Apart from making your wardrobe more organized, hanging your accessories on your walls can make your closet appear more stylish.

Select the seat

From a tiny stool to a large bench, The walk-in closet ought to provide you with something to take a seat on. You can place a small writing desk in your walk-in closet-and-dressing-room combo, especially if it is short on space. It is ideal to have a comfy sofa or bench in the middle of the room so that you can relax on it while you put your shoes on or lay down on it after doing numerous things.

Add wall mirrors

The mirror is an essential accessory for the walk-in closet, no regardless of the size. Every functional dressing room has mirrors to check your style before going to work or an evening out with friends. Mirrors can be more effective than displaying your reflection. It is possible to dress up your mirror to ensure it is a part of stylish decors that can enhance the look of your closet. The most appealing aspect of making a bedroom an open-air closet is that you will have an entire-length mirror if there is plenty of wall space. With a large mirror, you’ll be able to view your entire body more easily. In addition, this mirror will make your closet appear as if it’s a chic boutique.

Plenty of light

Natural light may sound wonderful because it makes any space seem more open and airy. However, when designing a walk-in wardrobe, it is possible to consider curtains or blinds. If you do, you’ll be exposed to sun-colored clothes that could make your appearance less appealing. This doesn’t mean that you need to eliminate all lighting equipment, however. As with every other room, the lighting is always playing an important function. This is why artificial lighting, such as lighting fixtures, chandeliers, or recessed LED lighting to help. Choose a lighting option that matches your style, and you’ll be good to go!


The gorgeous time to complete this task is during summer. Summer is when it’s the busiest time for installers of garments, So if you wish to speed up the process, you should consider doing the project in the spring or fall. Large closets require a huge quantity of material and dry weather is ideal for moving things from and into the home. If you decide to go with painted finishes, they’ll dry quicker in less humid or wet conditions. You can make an extra room to be a closet if you don’t get a lot of guests. Making a room a walk-in closet could be an overwhelming task. But, it can bring good benefits, beginning with the enhancement it brings an area that is often satisfying.

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