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Are you searching for the first table for your pool, or might you look to sell it? To determine the right price, you’ll have to know what kind of table it’s, slate or non-slate. There are two most popular varieties of pool tables available on the marketplace today. There is either an MDF pool table or a slate table. How to tell if a pool table is slate? There are several methods to tell whether a pool table’s slate. A higher cost is a positive sign along with the design and the overall weight. To be sure of the authenticity of the table, look for slate screws, and examine the table’s underside. Look closer at various methods to determine whether the table is made of wood or slate, and make sure of the type of table you’re dealing with.

How to tell if a pool table is slate

Many people cannot tell if a pool table is made of slate or wood. This is especially true for those who are new to the pool table. I wrote a fantastic piece on using a slate-based pool table; this is if you’re trying to find some more details on the matter. What can you tell when an outdoor table is a slate? Identifying a slate isn’t easy when you don’t know the signs to watch out for. I’ve broken down some of the most important factors to consider on how to tell if a pool table is slate. They include Price, Build and materials, and weight Check for screws.

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In terms of quality, the slate pool table is a better choice. The slate table cannot be compared to one made of another material. Slate is a superior performance and quality to play on. Their high-quality increases their endurance and also makes them more expensive. They’re extremely accurate, and if maintained properly, they’ll last longer than your entire lifetime. This is the reason slate pools tables remain in great demand and are among the most sought-after tables for pools.


The cost of the table can be a good indication of the bed of the table. Tables with higher prices typically have slate beds. Less expensive tables will feature slate options or MDF. A brand new slate pool table can be offered for sale between $2000 to $5000 or even more, depending on the type of slate, the thickness of the slate, and the dimensions of the table.

This is significantly greater than the price for an MDF bed table, between $500-and $2000. You can purchase higher-quality MDF tables at a greater cost, just like you can purchase slate tables for less money; however, the price can be a great indicator of the bed used.

What the table does

Each slate type will yield more advantages when taking part in the games. The superior results result from the slate are made of smooth, flat rocks parallel to each other and original. These materials playing pool on a slate table allow the ball to move smoothly and swiftly. This is why slate tables are the ideal option for playing pool. This isn’t the norm with tables constructed out of other materials. Slate helps make the game more effective because the grains are squishy and randomly inclined. Because the slate is smooth, allowing the ball to move through the table with ease. This table is ideal for beginners who wish to develop their skills in the pool and those who want to play professionally.

The table’s weight

As you can imagine, slate tables are heavy. Not only does the slate weigh quite a bit (450 pounds, on average), and the table’s other components weigh quite a lot too. This is because slate tables must be designed to hold their weight. Slate bed. It is usually done using an extremely sturdy wood frame and large legs. It is then important to consider the pockets, cushions, sides and other decorative elements that make your table look appealing. Slate tables for the pool typically weigh between 650 and 1000 pounds.

MDF tables, On the other hand, weigh significantly less. The wood panel of the table’s playing surface isn’t nearly as heavy as slate tables. This means that the other table components and the frame aren’t required to support much weight. MDF tables typically weigh between 100 to 300 pounds. Also, if you’re not certain if the table is made of wood or slate, take it off and do it with care. If you’re able to lift off the ground with ease, It’s MDF if it appears to be extremely heavy.

Cost of maintenance

Contrary to most pool tables, slate tables have an easier maintenance cost. Since it is made of durable natural materials, the maintenance requirements are not difficult. Furthermore, its high resistance to scratching and liquid spills ensures that your table will last with you. As we said earlier, the only thing you need to do is alter the top layer of clothing, and you’re good to go. If you’re an avid pool player who has a busy schedule, you should opt for this method and forget about the hassle of taking care of the pool table every day.

Slate relying on inspection

The most effective way to tell whether your table has a slate is to check the table for screws made of slate. If you run your fingers along the cushion ridge for the entire long length, you will be able to determine the location of the slate screws or, at the very least, the holes for the plate screws. They are most likely to be situated on the right side between the two pockets.

A look under the table can also allow you to evaluate the material of the table’s surface. Most times, you’ll only see the slate supported through wooden supports. If your table is not covered, then it is possible to check for the screw separating the slate (as mentioned), and maybe you’ll be able to feel how the slabs of slate touch in the case of a multi-slate table.

Leg construction

The entire weight of a slate pool table rests on its legs. If you’re looking for an excellent slate-based pool table, its leg structure is typically stable. Most of the time, the design is two pedestal-style legs or four separate legs. When pedestal-style legs are employed, they are typically framed with solid, sturdy materials. However, when the four legs are employed, producers ensure that the legs are of enough strength to support the massive weight of the table. There is a particular method by which the legs of slate pool tables are made. This construction method aids in keeping the entire table sturdy.


As with all natural stones, slate tile is typically sealed to make it resistant to water and keep it from scratching or staining. This makes slate tables impervious to spills, liquids and scratches. If you happen to spill something, you just have to replace your cloth or felt on the table fabric or the felt, and you’re good to go. This feature makes sure that the table doesn’t age with the player. Because it is natural and is a natural product, you can expect an amazing gaming experience. It doesn’t matter if it’s scratched or struck. The slate table is made to provide a satisfying playing experience.

What the table does

Each slate type will yield more advantages when taking part in the games. The superior results are because the slate is made of smooth, flat rocks parallel to each other and original. With these materials playing pool on a slate, the table allows the ball to move smoothly and swiftly. This is why slate tables are the ideal choice for playing pool. This isn’t the norm with tables constructed of other materials. Slate is a great material for playing because the grains are squishy and randomly inclined. Its smoothness lets the ball glide across the table with ease. The table is great for beginners who wish to develop their pool skills or those who want to be able to play professionally.

Slate vs. Wood

Before we dive into specifics, It is essential to understand exactly what you’re dealing with about the pool table. Slate is one of the commonly used materials for pool table surfaces. It’s because it’s a rock-cut to be smooth and flat. It’s typically about 3/4 ” to 1″ thick, based on the dimensions and age of the table. The majority of tables are constructed from three slate pieces made from the same massive piece.

The most popular wooden playing surface used on pool tables is MDF or Medium-Density fiberboard. It is composed of compressed wood fibres made into a flat, flat piece to be used as a tabletop for pool tables.


Identifying the slate pool table isn’t too difficult. However, inexperience could make it difficult to distinguish between the wooden table and the slate one. If you follow the guidelines in the previous paragraphs, you’ll be able to tell if a pool table is slate. The best way to increase your knowledge of tables for the pool is to play a lot of time. The above points will be useful while you’re out on the market to purchase your first table pool.

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