How to Take Care of Permed Hair: Pro Styling Tips You Must Follow


Perms are back in fashion and can give you the volume, texture, and curls you lust for. Perms are a great alternative to spending time curling your hair every day or manipulating it in any other way. All you have to do is apply a little product and go! While perms may be a time-saver, they can also make your hair more fragile than usual. Perms need to be treated with care and use specific products to ensure that they give your hair the desired style. Mateo Jon, Master Stylist at Virgo Salon, has some tips to help you get the maximum out of your new hair texture. Here we will discuss how to take care of permed hair.

What is permed hair

Perming chemically alters the structure of your hair to create different kinds of curls and waves. Hair relaxation is a technique that straightens hair. It breaks down disulfide bonds and gives hair a new structure. There are many ways to perm your hair.

  • Spiral Perm This is characterized by tightly-defined curls that have volume. The size of the rod used determines the curl coil. The rod is placed vertically in the hair to achieve a corkscrew curl.
  • Pin-Curl Perm This involves applying a chemical solution to your hair. Pin curls can then be styled and fixed in place.
  • Root Perm If you have fine or thin hair, the root perm will add volume and thickness.
  • Stack Perm Layers and curls are added to long or medium hair to increase volume.
  • Spot Perm: Permrods are placed in a specific area to create curls. This is a hairstyle-specific procedure.
  • Body Wave Perm This process involves long curling rods that give hair beachy, tousled waves.
  • Multi-Textured Hairstyle: This process blends different curls to create a unique style.

How to take care of permed hair

Follow the following tips to take care of permed hair.

Right after your perm

Your hair will take some time to set after you have done your perm. Wait 3 days before you let your hair get wet. It will take approximately that time for the perming chemicals in your hair to bond. Therefore, waiting at least a week before styling your hair is best. If you have to, curl your hair by squeezing it with your fingers. It would help if you didn’t use any hairbrush while your hair is in adjustment. Instead, finger-comb your hair or use a wide-toothed comb in the bath with many conditioners. You want to avoid damaging the curl structure, which could lead to your perm being damaged or set in an unusual shape.

Get your perm clean

Your washing routine will likely look different now that your hair is curly. You might be used to washing your hair every other night. According to Cheryl Bergamy, a celebrity hairstylist who founded Contents haircare, you should only wash your hair once weekly. Bergamo says, “Remember that you’re a curly girl now.” “You don’t need to wash your hair as often as when it was straight. A sulfate-free conditioner shampoo and moisturizing conditioning conditioner are essential products to use on your wash day. Also, never use a brush to style your wet curls. Instead, Bergamy suggests using a comb to keep your curls and shape.

She suggests shampooing your hair once a month with a clarifying Shampoo. However, she advises against shampoos and conditioners that contain silicone, alcohol, and sodium lauryl/Laureth sulfate (SLS).

Nourish + Moisturize your hair

Modern Perms may be healthier than old perms, but chemical processes can make your hair more sensitive than when it was virgin. Using nourishing and hydrating products to restore your hair’s natural beauty is essential. Remember that your hair will become drier after a perm, so make sure to have a good Deep Conditioner! Mateo Jon, the owner of Virgo, recommends deep conditioning your hair at least twice per week while you wait for your hair to recover. Then, once a week after that.

Heat styling on a perm

Breuer notes that heat styling is best avoided in general. You will need to switch to air drying instead of regular blow drying. If you use a blow dryer, attach the diffuser. He says that permed hair tends not to curl as quickly as natural hair. Additionally, heat styling can cause split ends to appear faster in perms. The modern perm should make it less likely for you to use a heat tool.

However, Breuer recommends that you heat style your hair whenever you desire. He loves Wella EMEI thermal image spray ($18; The spray protects hair from extreme heat and smoothens hair follicles to keep them healthy and shiny. A healthy and effective alternative to heat is the roller. Rollers. Bergamo claims many rollers can transform your hair into spirals and beach waves without using heat.

Shampoo less

You can strip your hair of its natural oils by washing it too often. You will want to keep as much natural oil as possible after a perm. They will help keep your hair hydrated and healthy. You’ll want to wash your hair less often to keep it healthy and moisturized. Make sure to use a natural, moisturizing, and sulfate-free shampoo when it comes time to wash your hair. Also, be sure to condition your hair regularly with a conditioner.

Find the right products

You may change your product selection from virgin hair to chemically treated. A good shampoo and conditioner should have curl-enhancing formulas. These should be moisturizing but not too creamy. This can cause your curls to lose their shape. A good curly shampoo is not enough. You should also wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo at least once a month. This will help to remove any excess product from your hair. Avoid products made with silicone, alcohol, or Sodium lauryl/Laureth sulfate. Silicones can make your hair heavy and greasy. Alcohol can dry your hair, making it dry and frizzy. SLS also depletes the natural sebum that moisturizes your hair.

Regular trims

You can keep your hair healthy by trimming damaged ends regularly. We recommend trimming your hair every one and a quarter to two months, depending on how fast you grow your hair.


A perm can save you time when styling your hair. You can also count on your permed hair looking naturally bouncy. However, it is important to maintain your perm. A perm is a great option if you’re ready to quit heat and switch to new products. We hope now you know how to take care of permed hair.

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