How to Store Iris Bulbs | Expert’s Basic Tips to Store Iris Bulbs


Iris is regarded as among the most ancient garden perennials. It was once used for medicinal reasons. It is also a popular choice by gardeners due to its vivid-colored flowers. Still, its appearance and physical characteristics can vary because there are a variety of species to choose from. In the process of growing the iris, there are many things you need to be aware of; one of them is the way to store your bulbs of iris. This is essential during winter, securing the rhizomes against extreme cold. Additionally, the storage requirement of bulbs for iris is required in the event of relocation and move the plant. In this article, we will briefly discuss how to store iris bulbs.

How to store iris bulbs

To store iris bulbs, you’ll need a high-quality spade and also pruning shears. We will now discuss how to store iris bulbs.

Remove the Bulbs

Dig the bulb up The bulb is a tiny hole about 2 inches deep in which the iris is growing. Make it happen using a spade. Make sure you are careful not to damage the stones. Dig until you get to the bulb. Then, put the spade away and begin digging with your hands. The bulb is now exposed. Do it slowly. Use gloves to prevent irritation. If you don’t use gloves, it could cause damage or cause scratches to your palms and fingers. Take a look at the bulb. The bulb might have some roots that are growing within the bulb. In this bulb, be careful not to cause damage to the roots and strive to keep any roots as you can. If you fail to keep these roots intact, it could affect your longevity and even your longevity.

Following that, clean the soil that has accumulated off the bulb and the roots. Make sure you do it with care and avoid damaging bulbs or roots. It is also possible to do it using your hands. After cleaning, take it out, then take any sturdy bag and place all the bulbs inside. When picking this bag up, ensure that you hold it properly and don’t throw it around or shake it. Otherwise, all your efforts will ruin.

The next step is to check the condition of the bulb, whether it’s in good condition or is suffering from any illness. If you notice rotten bulbs or suffer from any disease, you should throw them out. It. You can do this by looking for holes caused by insects or observing any diseases present in the bulb. Also, you can dispose of it.

If you store an item, it could cause damage to all the bulbs in the bag and begin to rot in the container. If the bulb does not have leaves, you can do this without a problem. Cut off the leaves of growth using pruning shears. This can stop rotting leaves. It allows bulbs to store energy for storing. Artificial drying out could damage the bulbs. Therefore, it is essential to keep the bulbs in sunlight for about a week until it scorch for curing if the weather isn’t clear, the bulbs outside for 3-4 days until they’re dry.

Put them in a bright place

When the bulbs are dry will require to cure before storage in a room that is ventilated to cure for 2 weeks, at a 21 C temperature. The excessive dryness of bulbs can result in the bulb dying after replanting. The bulb should keep away to stop excessive dryness. Make sure you choose a space that doesn’t have windows, for instance, the garage or basement. A high-quality shallow container can hold the entire bulb in one layer. Placing the bulb inside the container isn’t require to have an enclosure to protect it since it doesn’t require a lot of air. The container must clean thoroughly. It is safe to use the container, so you like it as long as the container is dry. Do not store bulbs in layers as it may result in lower bulbs drying out or rot out.

Fill the container up with a mix of sandy peat moss, sand and wood shavings. This can act as a covering for bulbs. Mix the layer with your hands. Mix all the ingredients in equal portions. If you are using any chemical, you should take precautions, such as mixing the bulbs with the chemical in a well-ventilated space. After completing the curing process, you should coat the bulbs with an anti-fungal solution to keep them rotten. After storing, you should check each day to ensure they don’t develop any illness after removing from the plant. It is essential to check that it isn’t drying out or rotting out.

Preserve the bulbs

If you do not have a mix for storage and don’t have a storage mix, wrap it in Newspaper. Do not use one Newspaper to cover multiple bulbs. Wrap them differently. The Newspaper keeps the dryness and allows you to separate the bulbs from the container. You can utilize the same container to place bulbs that wrap. Do not pack them tightly if you plan to place them in layers. Place newspaper between the layers. There should not be any pests around the bulb storage area. Keep that container in a dry and cool area. Once the bulbs keep in the container, you can plant the bulbs. If they begin to break down, replace them as soon as you can. It is helpful to think about the location in which you would like to plant the bulbs.

How to store iris bulbs: Tips

Apart from the steps briefly described above, here are other essential things to be aware of:

  • If the reason for storing Rhizomes is moving, it is possible to place the iris in a container and then take it along with you instead of placing it in a container.
  • Do not place the bulbs on top of one other. If you can, you should keep them in a single layer. The bulbs’ weight at the top may exert pressure on the bulbs at the bottom and, consequently, cause the bottom one soft.
  • Don’t cover containers or boxes. Don’t store the container in tight areas. An open space with ample airflow is ideal. This will aid in the prevention of the accumulation of moisture.

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How to store iris bulbs in the winter

Sure, iris bulbs are sensitive to frost and must store at temperatures above freezing to live. Iris bulbs store for winter use can transplant or plant in the garden when the risk of frost has gone. Utilize a trowel to dig the iris bulbs from the ground before that first freeze of the year. Spread the bulbs out on burlap or cheesecloth in a cool and dry location. It is essential to ensure that they scorch before storing them. When they’re dry, then scrub off any dirt or leaves using a clean towel.

If bulbs damage, you can sprinkle some sulfur on them to avoid any decay. Remove the bulbs that damage and do not place them alongside the healthy bulbs. Some iris bulbs are susceptible to frost and must keep above freezing temperatures to last. Use a trowel to dig the bulbs out of the ground before that first freeze of the year arrives. Iris bulbs can store in three ways. After they have dried completely, place them into a bag that has peat moss around the bulbs. Keep the bulb bags inside the drawer that is crisper of the refrigerator (at 35 F) during winter. Except for bulbs, take everything out of the crisper drawer since vegetables and fruits can produce ethylene, which kills the iris bulbs.

The damaged iris bulbs should be stored in a separate plastic bag. Make sure the bags are closed. Keep the Iris bulbs inside a dry, cool, and dark space like the cupboard or dry basement if you do not have space for them in your fridge. Please place them in bags made of paper that is lined with peat moss. Keep the damaged bulbs separate from the good ones. Make sure the bags are sealed. The iris bulbs are stored using three different ways. The damaged bulbs of the iris should be stored in a separate plastic bag.

You might want to consider cultivating the iris bulbs inside pots inside your home if you’re looking to bring some color into your family and you don’t want to hinder the growth of these bulbs in any way. After digging them out from the ground, move the bulbs into containers that can be grown. Set them in a sunny window or on the patio during warm days with little chance of frost. Be sure to take care of them in the same way, with regular irrigation.


For the final part of this discussion, storing iris bulbs for future use isn’t easy but requires meticulous care and attention to avoid deterioration and decay. I thoroughly explain the process keep iris bulbs using the correct instruction guide. When you’ve stored them, examine it each day to ensure that it isn’t drying. Replanting the iris flower will give you a bouquet of blooms. The flowers will transform your garden into something beautiful and charming.

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