How to Store Baby Toys in Living Room – 13 Easy Hacks to Store Toys


When you get up in the morning to enjoy a cup of morning tea, your eyes wander over the talking baby doll as you make your way into the living room. You look around as you move toys to make space on the couch and wonder what happened to your once chic and elegant living room. You may wonder if your living space will ever be the same again with all of its primary colors and random toys scattered across the floor. We understand how you feel. There are many toy storage options for your living room. It’s up to you to be creative and courageous enough to try it. Take a few more sips of tea. There’s a lot of work ahead. Because we are going to explain how to store baby toys in the living room.

How to store baby toys in living room

Here are the ways that I have found the how-to store baby toys in the living room. To organize your child’s room once and for all, we’ll use a variety of bins.

Baskets woven for toys 

If you don’t have enough space to store your toys, wicker or woven baskets can be a good option. You can hide small baskets behind furniture or in corners without making it look too childish. Woven baskets are a great way to store many things. You can let your child help choose the woven baskets that they like best for their toy storage. Stuffed animals can also be stored in large storage baskets.

Purge toys 

Decluttering toys is a must if you only have a tiny space. This means that you should regularly go through your toys and pass on any that don’t get as much play.

Protect your space 

Another aspect of decluttering your home is to be mindful of what you bring in. Ask your friends and family to help you limit the toys you buy. This rule is for moms and mothers-in-law. Grandmothers want their grandchildren to have fun with the toys they give them. Grandma wants joy. Grandmas prefer a small toy that can be used in their home so that their grandkids have it. Be polite, and tell her that while you love all the toys your children get, there is only so much space. Ask her to consider the size of toys she purchases.

A simple toy storage system is recommended

My friend uses a large, woven basket to store her toys. This is her entire toy storage system. All toys are put back in the same basket when it’s time to clean up. It quietly disappears behind the recliner. Is there a spot in your corner or behind the recliner that you could store a large basket or box of toys? A small area rug may be an option to separate the toys from the rest. It’s a bonus if your children can be trained to keep most (or all) of the toys on their rug.

Establish ground rules

To make toys easier to clean up, you can take out fewer toys. With your children, establish ground rules. Here are some examples of practices:

  • Children can only take out one container at a time. They must clean up afterward.
  • Before dinner, all toys are cleaned up.
  • Play with all the little toys at the kitchen table. To save your feet from the inevitable disaster.

Decide what ground rules are most important for your family. Then, be clear with your children about those rules. For the first few months, enforce them consistently and help your children remember them.

Toybox for living room

You should pay attention to the color of any “kiddie” you place in your living space for your children. You don’t want to disrupt the decor of a living room decorated in muted greys, ivory, and soft greens with a brightly colored toy bin. To match the existing set, choose a grey, white, or even neon-colored toy bin. This will make your eyes less likely to wander to the toy bin and may even add charm to space. This neutral-colored bin would look great in a warm or earthy living room. If you don’t want to see the smiling pink pig staring at you, make sure you push them down.

Make space behind your couch 

Consider pulling your couch out of the wall if it is too close to the border. You can still place more giant toys behind the sofa if you have an open floorplan as I do. While they won’t be hidden, it will keep them out of reach in high-traffic areas. You might consider putting your toys underneath a table like this.


Is your child a voracious reader? Good for them if so! You can show them off creatively by buying a modern bookshelf. They can show off their readings. Have a tiny one? You might consider a partner. Forward-facing bookshelf for easier access.

Living room basket 

Wicker baskets have become a rage and come in many different colors, textures, and shades. You can choose one to store under your table. However, the sides should be high enough to cover any toys that you want to hide. You’ll end up with a fashionable living room basket that has doll hair and figurine arms sticking out of the brim. This, my friends, isn’t cute.

Shoe racks for toys 

Shoe racks are great for toy storage. A hanging shoe rack can be attached to the back of a bedroom or closet door and store small toys, Barbies, and action figures. Sliding shoe racks can be used to store Barbies and action figures, as well as their cars and houses.

Stick it to the wall or fridge 

You can fill small boxes or bins with craft supplies or toys by sticking them to your fridge with a magnet. These storage containers can be made by your children as a craft project. Find small containers or pasta boxes that are empty. To make a cute and helpful storage container, add some paint to the cardboard.

Rolling toys in and out 

For toys, carts and shelves with wheels can help transport them. A coach with shelves is an inexpensive option. You can fill it with stackable toy bins or baskets and then put it in your closet or laundry area.

Toy hammocks 

Toy hammocks can be a great way to store stuffed animals for kids, such as mine. They are super easy to store and can be placed directly on the children’s bed.

How to store baby toys in a small living room

You may feel frustrated when it comes to storage solutions for your living room and small spaces. You may love the idea of a regal, sophisticated Ottoman to keep your children’s toys safe, but if you have limited space, adding bulky furniture to your living room is not something you want. We understand! You can hide your kid’s toys in any size home, mobile home, or apartment.

It’s possible to conceal your children’s toys with a bit of creativity. First, keep as few items as possible off the floor. We are not talking about toys here. The amount of hidden storage space available to you, such as cabinets that aren’t in use, will determine the storage solution you choose. Hanging wall shelves are a good option for smaller spaces.

They can be used for books, toys, and other items that are not in use. Who wants their children’s toys on the living room walls? There’s a point to it! However, not all shelves are the same. Have a look at this Nifty Shelf. It has storage spaces that can hold storage cubes, making it easy to hide small toys without taking up too much floor space.

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How to store baby toys in living room

How to store large baby toys in the living room

You might also consider placing some more giant toys behind your couch. You won’t likely want to put your child’s hula hooper in your living room. But you might find a creative way for it to be displayed on the wall. You can also hang smaller toys on the wall of your child’s bedroom. You should make sure that toys match the theme of your child’s bedroom.

Another idea for the playroom or bedroom of your child’s little one? As we have mentioned, it is a good idea to look at the space in your child’s bedroom. It might take some creativity and reorganization, but we believe that if you can get your living space back, you will be happy to oblige. You might be looking for how to disinfect baby toys? For more ideas, check out this informative guide about disinfecting baby toys.

Keep in mind that while using the playroom closets and storage space in your children’s bedrooms may seem like a simple task, some parents prefer to not have toys in their children’s rooms. Learn more on how to organize baby toys.

How to hide toys in living room


Celebrate your achievements and hard work after you have figured out how to store baby toys in the living room. Your living room is simply outstanding! It’s incredible how easy it is to bring a bowl of ice cream to the living room and not fall on toys. It’s incredible, isn’t it? This post should have given you many great ideas to organize toys in your living room. What is your top tip for organizing toys in the living area? Comment below.

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