How to Stop My Hair from Curling: 13 Secret Pro Formulas


If there’s one complaint, curly-haired people have that their curls won’t remain in place. They might employ curling irons or rollers to make sure that each curl is perfectly smooth; however, it appears that as soon as they turn their backs …. And then, their rings have changed into a random formless thing or another. If this is the issue you’re facing, you’re fortunate! This article will give you 11 methods to help your curls last longer to keep them looking fresh and beautiful. How to stop my hair from curling? If not, and that’s what you’re looking for, it could be an issue. The first step in tackling hair that isn’t cooperating is identifying why they behave this way. We can aid in this. In this article, we’ll discuss various reasons why your hair is curly and how to stop my hair from curling.

Why does my hair curl inwards

There are a variety of natural and non-natural causes for why your hair curls inward. We’ll go over each of them in this article.

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The grain of your hair

Haircuts, texture and haircuts aren’t the only factors determining how your hair is arranged. As hair strands begin to grow from your scalp naturally, they descend in a specific direction. This pattern determines the texture of the hair. The other issue is the possibility that different regions of your scalp may grow in different directions. If you can eliminate any other reason, your inward-facing curls might be just how your hair is laid out.

Your strands are damaged

An abrupt shift in the direction of your curls could be the consequence of damage. Damaged hair can affect how your curls fall, causing them to curl upwards instead of outwards. The friction can change the texture when your hair is rubbing against your clothes or shoulders. This is particularly true for people with fine or curly hair as it is more fragile and susceptible to breakage than all other types of hair.

The weather is more humid

The drier your hair gets more prone it to react to air moisture. This can be seen most clearly in areas near the sea or in a humid and hot place. Being outside in humid conditions could cause the ends of your hair that you straightened to twist at an unpredictable angle. Although your hair has a slight wave, you may notice the hair curling more and more due to the humid air.

The way your hair is cut

Your haircut affects the way your hair falls. It can also cause your curls to move towards the back. The direction of your hairstylist’s cutting tools determines whether your hair curls upwards or outwards. If you’re getting the hair cut, inform your stylist you’d like your curls to be angled towards your back. Then, they’ll turn their scissors and alter the cutting technique so that your hair is cut in the manner you’d like it to.

Your curl pattern

How the hair curls naturally determine which direction your hair’s curls can turn towards the end. Since it’s natural, you’ll need to correct the inward-facing curl by styling.

How to stop my hair from curling

Are you in search of how to stop my hair from curling? If yes, then we’ve got you covered! Here’s a list of ways to make your hair extend outwards.

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Style your hair with a hot tool

Hot tools such as flat irons and curling wands can’t be beaten in their ability to transform even the most challenging hair into gorgeous coils and waves. However, using heat styling could harm your hair, therefore, be careful not to use this technique more than once a week. Apply a premium spray for heat protection to dry and clean hair. Switch on the hot iron you prefer (e.g. the curling iron, flat iron or curling iron) and let it heat close to temperature. Pick a small portion of hair and use the hot tool to form your curls. Make sure to turn the device inwards so that your curls fall in the correct direction. When you’re happy with the style, you can keep your hair in place by spraying the spray that blocks humidity.

Get a different haircut

If your hairstyle or texture is making your hair of yours curl upwards, visit an experienced stylist and request an alternative cut. Tell them about your concerns, and they’ll offer your hair cut differently and alter how your curls look using some of the most skilled cuts. If you’re worried about losing length, you could grow your hair for a few months and then visit a salon to get a haircut.

Try a straightening treatment

Straightening treatments could be the perfect solution to keep your hair’s ends straight and pin-straight. The treatments are either short-term or longer-term, depending on your personal preferences.

Style your hair differently

Curly ends are more common (and visible) on straight, loose hair. The styles of ponytails, braids and twists hold your hair in a more dense group. This reduces the chance of them being curly.

Pin curl your hair

They are a gentle way to heatlessly make well-defined curls on relaxed or natural locks. It is recommended to straighten your hair before styling it to keep the natural texture of your hair from showing through. Begin by straightening or stretching freshly washed hair. Apply a non-water-based moisturizing product to your hair and then cut off an encapsulated section of hair. Starting at the hair’s ends and rolling it upwards until it is an elongated loop. Attach the curl to your scalp using hairpins and repeat the procedure on the remaining portion of your hair. Allow your hair to dry completely, and then apply your fingertips or comb with a wide tooth to separate the curly curls. Polish the style using the lightest hairspray spray, and you’re at your best!

Keep your hair off of your shoulders

If your hair’s ends touch your shoulder, the hair could begin to form an angular or curly. Pulling your hair upwards off your shoulders can prevent your ends from curling.

Use the right barrel size

Curling irons come in different sizes for barrels. Small barrels create curly, tight curls, whereas larger barrels will create loose curly curls. This is the reason why women choose to have a larger barrel. They believe it will provide them with the frizzy, sexy curls they’ve been looking for. But loose curls are less likely to hold like tighter curls. Tighter curls, in contrast, tend to loosen up and give you that wavy, sexually attractive look you’re looking for. Curls will also appear more well-defined, lasting longer.

If you’re using a more significant barrel curling iron, but you’re not getting the curls you desire, think about changing to one” or 1.5″ barrel. It is also essential to be aware of the distinction between the curling iron and the curling wand. A curling iron can create tight curls, whereas the curling wand allows you to modify the curl that you’d like.

Use frizz and humidity blocking products

If your curls occur because of reversion and humidity, products will block out the moisture responsible for the texture change. Many frizz-blocking products or serums make use of silicones to produce the effect of blocking moisture, so ensure you include every month a cleansing procedure in your hair regimen to prevent build-up.

Grab your blowdryer

Although letting your hair air dry can reduce the damage caused by heat, it could create more curly ends. Blowing dry hair can naturally loosen your curls and allow greater control over how your hair is shaped.

Get a trim

As we have mentioned, damaged hair can affect the ends of your hair’s structure. Trims can remove broken ends and will assist your hair in falling in a more helpful direction. They can also keep your other hair healthy and prevent the problem from appearing.

Leave the curls tight

When your curls are cool and free of clipping, then run your fingers along the curls. They might be a bit smaller than you’d like to make, but don’t try to loosen them and loosen them. The curls will break loose by themselves over time, and trying to blow them out will cause them to concave shape faster.

Moisturize your locks

Your hair’s ends are dryer than the remainder of the hair and can cause them to reverse and turn curly. It is possible to prevent this from happening by ensuring your hair is adequately moisturized. Apply deep conditioning creams, treatments or lotions to seal and impart the hydration.

Making curls stay overnight

Although these are all fantastic methods to ensure your curls last through the day, it can be a bit harder to achieve the bouncy curl you want when you’ve been sleeping in them for the entire night. Here are some helpful tips for keeping your curls in place throughout the night, so you wake up in the morning with your curly hair.


In the end, the hair could be curled inwards for various reasons. There are a variety of methods to control the curl. We hope this post has given you the information to stop hair from curling and provided you with the tools required to correct the problem. We wish you all the best for your hair!

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