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If a refrigerator starts moving on its own, it is essential to identify the cause as soon as possible. It is not a good idea to have a refrigerator that starts moving on its own and then refuses to stop. This could cause irreparable damage to your refrigerator and everything around it. It is essential to know how to stop fridge from rolling. Place plastic or wooden wedge underneath the wheels or rollers to prevent the fridge from moving. To lock the screws in place, tighten each screw counterclockwise. When the wheels are loose, it is common for fridges to begin rolling. You can pull the reels to stop the refrigerator from moving on its own. You will assume that a refrigerator will continue rolling forward if it rolls.

However, this is not always the case. Some fridges can move on a slope. They won’t proceed if you level the surface. This is something you should consider when trying to figure out why a fridge is moving independently. This guide will provide more information on how to stop fridge from rolling. It also explains what you should do when it stops rolling.

How to stop fridge from rolling

Put a wooden or plastic wedge under the wheel

You will need to place something under the wheel to stop the refrigerator from rolling. This is the only way to stop the wheel from spinning, and the wheel will be fully controlled once it is lowered.

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Type of wedge you need

A fridge wheel stopper is a valuable item made from plastic or wood. Both options will work well and provide enough friction to prevent the wheel from spinning.

Close to the wheels

Long-term solutions include looking at the panel underneath the fridge. This panel design to fit around the wheels and allows you to lock or unlock them. If the fridge is rolling because the wheels do not lock, you need to tighten those screws closest to the wheel. This will ensure that the wheel does not roll once you tighten it. You will need to tighten your screw counterclockwise to stop the wheel from spinning.

Remove the fridge from the sloped surface

Many people assume that the problem is with the wheels. But what if the problem is more about the surface? The wheels will spin naturally if the surface slope. It will be much more difficult to control when the fridge moves. You should level the refrigerator, even if it’s on wheels. It is essential to move the fridge away from the sloped surface. This will control the amount of the refrigerator rolling and the efficiency of the wedge once it is in the wheel’s path.

The fridge weight distribution

Did you take the time to examine the weight distribution of the fridge? Many people don’t know that a fridge’s weight can affect how it slides. Let’s say remove the wheels. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the fridge will start to move. The problem is that the weight tends to push to one side or forward, which causes the wheels to roll because of the weight. You should ensure that any food items in the fridge do not thriug away.

How to stop a GE refrigerator from rolling

Make the refrigerator level

Remove the base grille and use a screwdriver to level the fridge. To raise or lower the wheels, turn the screws counterclockwise. Continue to adjust the wheels until your fridge is firmly on the ground. The appliance’s front should be a quarter-inch higher than its rear. This can measure with a level. Only adjustable rollers are required for this solution to work. If this doesn’t work or is not possible, you can try the following option…

Get the levelling legs out

Take out the base grille. You will find the levelling legs in the same spot as the rollers. Turn the screws counterclockwise with a flat-head screwdriver to lower the levelling legs. The rollers will be lifted off the ground, and the levelling portions will remain in place. Important to know that not all GE refrigerators have levelling legs. If your appliance does not have levelling legs, you can try the following option…

Place a wedge under the rollers

Use a plastic coaster or wood to support the rollers as a wedge. This will stop your fridge from rolling. You can also use a rubber cup for furniture. This should be placed on each wheel. Cut the cups in the middle of the cups that aren’t deep enough to fit the wheels. This will allow the wheels and tires to rest deeply on them.


These are the top tips to stop your fridge from rolling. Insert a wooden or plastic wedge under the wheel to stop it from rolling. To prevent the fridge from spinning, tighten each screw counterclockwise. These solutions are great for people fed up with their fridge not moving. This is not something you want to see, and you will not have to. Keep it simple, and use the solutions provided here to solve your kitchen problems. You can do this by investing in a plastic wedge or tightening your wheels.

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