How to Stop Dart Shafts Coming Loose | Effective Methods You Must Apply


Have you ever wondered why your dart shafts are constantly falling off? It’s a very frustrating issue while playing darts. I’ve lost track of the number of times when I’ve played a game and had to stop mid-throw due to the shaft of my dart coming loose. There are several simples, quick and inexpensive solutions to stop dart shafts coming loose. The article below will explain the best ways to stop dart shafts coming loose using cheap and simple accessories or a straightforward hack.

How to stop dart shafts coming loose

When playing darts, several things frustrate dart players continuously. They are the dart bounce-outs, broken flights or shafts, and dart shafts out of their sockets. This is a problem for those who use dart shafts made of titanium or aluminum. The threading of these types of posts isn’t able to lock securely inside a barrel for darts because of the contact between metal and metal.

You’ll often see them move around or loosen after repeated games. How do you stop dart shafts from becoming loose? To prevent dart shafts from becoming loose, utilize a rubber ring for aluminum shafts that can be fully tightened. It is also possible to use a dart wrench that tightens shafts for darts. You can also employ a second dart to pull the aluminum shafts with a hole for tightening. Since metal shafts tend to be the ones that fall out the least, a simple alternative is to buy plastic shafts.

Professional players generally opt for plastic poles, despite being less expensive and lasting less time; thus, metal shafts are loose could be a factor in this. Suppose you consider using dart shafts made of metal to maximize value or longevity or simply to be more aesthetically pleasing. In that case, there are some simple solutions that you can use.

Darts O Rings

The most effective solution you can employ to ensure that dart shafts are tight and secure is using the o-rings made of rubber. O-rings made from rubber are explicitly designed for dart shafts and are made to serve as a “washer” between the dart shaft and the barrel.

O-rings are basically used to help keep the shaft of your dart tightly and securely against the barrel of the dart, which helps to reduce the need to continue to tighten your poles. The primary benefit of having an o-ring for darts is that they’re incredibly inexpensive (a couple of dollars), but they’re also highly efficient in what they do. After applying the treatment, you’ll see an immediate decrease in the number of dart shafts breaking loose – if they do!

Use a dart tools

Dart tools, also known as a dart wrench, is dart accessory with multiple uses. One of them is to tighten dart shafts. The tools can sharpen the edges of darts and straighten bent aluminum shafts and eliminate or tighten shafts for darts.
They’re an accessible tool and can be used just like a standard wrench for a bolt. It’s really not that difficult to describe their use!

Tighten dart shafts with a second dart point

The simplest (but not always the most efficient) method to prevent dart shafts from loosening is to secure them using another dart. It may sound confusing, but if you examine the posts in a set, especially the aluminum ones, you’ll notice a gap next to the bottom of the shaft. The hole is not an option in the manufacturing process or as an aesthetic addition, but it has the purpose of tightening your shafts for darts. It is made to allow dart points to pass through it, enabling you to use a second dart to act as an instrument (of a sort).

The second dart lets you utilize the force provided to pull the shaft more tightly than if you twist the post manually. This manual procedure reduces the necessity of purchasing extra accessories, but remember that it’s not the most effective method. However, even when this method is used, the shafts will still be loose, so it’s an interim solution that is still effective and simple.

How to tighten loose dart shafts

You’re in the league or tournament, and each moment you throw your darts, you are putting more pressure on the shafts of your darts as you return. Do you sound familiar? The easiest solution is to make use of Rubber O Rings. They function as a washer between the metal dart shaft and barrel threads. If you insert metal into the dart shaft, it won’t “grip” itself. Therefore, when you use a metal or an alloy shaft for darting, you’ll require Rubber O-Rings. A pack that contains 21 rings will give an extended time! Just slide the rubber rings over the threads of your dart shaft made of metal. When you attach the post to the dart, it will help keep the dart shaft in position.

Sometimes, I use the edge of the dart to guide the rubber ring to the threads in the beginning. There is no need for calls made of rubber for plastic or nylon dart shafts. They are designed to stay within the barrel of your dart just as. If you notice they’re loosening up, it could be time to replace the dart shafts because threads could become damaged. The Unicorn Darts Thread Washers include an applicator that makes it simpler to put the rubber ring onto the lines of the dart shaft. It’s a great idea considering you’re dealing with small components!

How to put dart o rings on shafts

There are two ways that you can use dart o-rings. The first is to use the manual to place them on the shaft’s threads. It’s a simple thing to perform; however, because of the tiny size of these rings, it is a complex task and causes some to be frustrated. The second option is to utilize a specific device called an o-ring applicator. This inexpensive accessory lets you quickly apply O-rings on your dart shaft with no trouble or confusion.

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Tightening without o-rings

If you don’t own any O-rings, you can also find an alternative that isn’t expensive. Using the plumber’s tape (PTFE) as an alternative is possible. I suggest using scissors to cut it into size. This is if you wish to ensure that the tape doesn’t show up when the barrel and shaft are fixed back to each other. Once the tape is cut to size, place it to the thread on the screw of the dart stem, then wrap it around. The great thing about the tape is that it’s fragile and will mold to its shape to match the contour of your thread after you screw both ends.

If you don’t have plumbers tape, a second option could be to utilize cling films, which I have found more efficient than tape. But, as I’ve mentioned, it’s more challenging to use because it doesn’t adhere to the same way that tape does. Once you’ve wrapped it around your thread and screw the barrel to the top. There’s a good chance you’ll see some hanging over the sides, but you’ll be able to tear it off. We’re trying to fill the space between the shaft and the barrel to avoid a metal-on-metal collision.


Loose dart shafts are among the most irritating experiences as an avid dart player. It is necessary to adjust the post. Each throw quickly becomes tedious and can be distracting when you are about to throw and notice a slight wobble in the shaft. Thus, finding a way to stop dart shafts from coming loose. There are, however, several affordable and straightforward solutions to ensure steady playing without the shafts getting loose. To ensure that darts shafts don’t come loose, I recommend rubber o-rings as the first choice. They keep the posts securely and do a great job, particularly at an affordable cost. Alternative options include using an exclusive dart wrench or tightening the shafts using a different dart (if the post is fitted with holes).

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