How to Shoot a Basketball Technically: Amazing Pro Tips for Novice


Each young basketball player grows to want to learn how to shoot a basketball technically at an elite level. This is evident for anyone who steps into the gym. You’ll first glance at and notice athletes as young as five years old throwing and shooting from under the line of three. With the rise of stars such as Steph Curry or Damian Lillard and basketball evolving to take advantage of three-point shots, the art of shooting a basketball at a high quality is never more crucial.

How to shoot a basketball technically

Do you know how to shoot a basketball technically? To play, it is necessary to have a solid understanding of how to shoot the basketball with precision. I am sure you’ll be able to agree on one thing. The more time and effort you put into your basketball skills to become a better basketball player, you will become. You didn’t come into the game with great size, but your shooting ability is something you can master. If you’re starting or a player who wants to improve their shooting skills, you might be doubtful and wondering, “How can I shoot better and better?” The answer is to master how to shoot correctly and to practice basketball on the grass.

Learning to shoot a basketball technically will improve your skills and other fundamental abilities like dribbling or passing. Let me begin with a positive note! Indeed, you don’t require an excellent shooting technique and form to shoot basketballs ideally.

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Having the right posture

The right foot in the correct position can help to keep your balance and manage the ball. Keep your legs spread apart and spread out to shoot basketballs in the basket. Your legs must be in a relaxed position and should be about shoulder-width apart. This will allow you to help support your weight and prevent you from being weighed down when shooting in a basketball shooting.

If you intend to advance, bend your knees, then shift your leg that is leading farther from the opposite. For instance, if you’re on the right side and your right foot is in front, you must be slightly ahead of the left. The ball must be balanced before it gets into your hands, so you can hit the ball as fast as you can without having to get back in balance before shooting.

Basketball players must focus entirely on a complete shot practice with the most efficient technique when they shoot. Additionally, bend your knees slightly to ease your leap when hitting the ball. If you can practice this until you can master it, it could assist you in adopting a style and speed up your shots.

Holding the ball correctly

If you are aware of standing, you must keep control of the ball. Take the ball with the hands of the shooter. Be sure that the eye and ball make a uniform line as you proceed forward along with the hoops. Make sure your elbows are aligned, and your hands are strong enough to ensure that the ball goes in the correct direction. Keep your hand at 90 degrees. Your elbows must be aligned with your shoulders as you lift your body slightly to aim your shot. When you’ve got the ball, ensure that you can keep it under control using your toes and fingers’ assistance. This will help the ball let go of your hand quickly.

Concentrate upon your Target

Be aware of the ball by focusing your attention on the direction you would like the ball to take it. For instance, before shooting, you should consider directing your focus to the backboard or rear edge of the net. This will allow you to avoid interruptions from outside that could affect your ability to hit shots. For example, if a shooter can hit 35 percent from his images that are three points and can make 35 percent of his three-point attempts, he will be more effective than someone who can make 50 percent of his shots from two points.

Shooting the shot

When you think about the first step, your hand must be placed on the ball while your wrist turns to pull it toward the lattice. Make sure to bend your hands upwards and towards the net. Your arms must extend fully, and your elbows must be bent. The more you practice following these techniques, the faster it’s easier to perform them in the future without worrying about the timing.


Keep a robust and stable base that can help you build the foundation for a perfect shot. The weight should be evenly distributed across each leg, with the slightest tilt in your knees.

Eyes on goal

Professional basketball players believe the ball will travel to where you are, so make sure you’re looking at the basket. The exact location you are focusing on is entirely up to you; however, it’s an excellent point to begin focusing on the sides or the front of the edge.

Elbow aligned

Your hand’s elbow should sit at 90 degrees with your chest as you begin to shoot. Your elbows should be lower than the basketball, shoot focused on the ball, and make slight contact with the fingers of your hands close to your hand’s basketball.


The most crucial step in the procedure is to strike the wrist, which passes over the target. After release, the ball will hit through your pointer tips and middle finger. If you’ve done it correctly, your wrists will bend, and your fingers will drop to the ground. Shooting is the most critical aspect of the game, and even a tiny improvement in your shooting performance will significantly affect the winning percentage. Regular practice with strategically designed shooting exercises is a method to improve your shooters’ skills. Here’s a personalized shooting practice to add to your basketball routine.

Shooting exercise designed to aid your form

To finish your proper form, performing a specific shooting practice is essential. This practice will help you improve your shooting skills, consistency, and confidence on the court. Here are a few shooting drills to aid you in improving your shooting technique and performance as a player.

1-2 step shoot

The exercise is about putting the foot into your shot only one foot at a given time and helps you build your offensive abilities. For this exercise, begin by adjusting your mindset. Then, once you have received the pass, take one foot toward the path of the sign. If you’re on the left, take a step using your left foot, then bend one foot. Then, you can fill in the step using your opposite foot, completing the two-step shoot.

Set to go

It would help if you stood a couple of feet away from the basket for this workout. When you have reached the correct position, hold the ball on your shoulders at 90 degrees to your hand. Then, spread the legs while shooting simultaneously.

Off dribble shooting

Make two dribbles at a 45-degree angle to your right for this exercise, and then shoot the ball. Do the same on the left side. The objective is to do this drill faster and to maintain good step and dribbling techniques.

One hand from shooting

Stand about 2 to 4 feet from the rim. Place your base. Then, properly place your legs to draw to fire. Next, move your arms into the L position with your arms parallel to the floor and your forearms pointed towards the ceiling. Your upper arm and front are in a slant of 75-90 degrees. Perform 5 to 10 reps, then shift to a different position.

Hand to hand

Stand between 2 and 4 feet ahead of the edge. Set up your base and place your legs correctly to shoot. Move your arms into the L position with your upper arm in line with the ground and your forearms facing the ceiling. Your front and upper arms are set at 75-90 degrees. Place your hand onto the ball. Do 5-10 repetitions before moving to a new position.

Blocking shooting

Blocking shooting exercises helps you develop the same abilities and is excellent for improving your shooting technique, creating rhythm, and increasing confidence. They also can be helpful as a warm-up exercise.

The importance of being a great shooter

There are numerous benefits of knowing how to shoot a basketball. Although you don’t need to be a shooting expert, this prevalent sporting skill can help enhance your shooting skills. Here are a few advantages and advantages of being an excellent basketball shooter:

Helps your team earn points

The ability to shoot a basketball can increase your chance of winning. This is due to how basketball plays are played for basketball. Therefore, the better a shooter you are more likely you are to aid your team in winning the game.

Increase shooting percent

If the team you are playing with has a significant shooting percentage, it will assist you in determining a strategy to win games more frequently. For instance, if, for example, you have a specific number of shots to win, being skilled at shooting can assist your team in understanding the kinds of shots to take and the number of shots required to succeed. A team with a high shooting percentage will require less effort to prevail since they’re better equipped to take every shot. Conversely, the low shooting percentage depends on your teammates’ return or forced turn.

How to shoot a basketball technically: Techniques

No matter if you’re playing basketball one-on-one or in an ensemble, one easy shooting technique to think about studying can be the principle of BEEF. This principle improves your form and balance, as well as your control and overall shooting skills when you’re on the court. To enhance your free throwing and jumping skills, think about the following aspects of the BEEF principle.

  • Balance: Create an even, solid base to set the groundwork for a perfect jump shot. Your weight should be evenly spread across both legs, with an occasional bent knee.
  • Eyes focused on the goal. Most experts say that the ball will travel to wherever your eyes are, so ensure you’re looking directly at the basket. What you choose to focus on is entirely up to you and concentrating on that rim’s top or the back of the edge is an excellent way to begin.
  • The elbows should be aligned. It would help if you had your elbow placed at 90 degrees to your torso when you are preparing to shoot. Your elbow should lie underneath the basketball, and the shooting hand’s fingertips should be pointing at the ball with your opposite hand making gentle contact with the ball’s side.
  • Follow-through: The final step in the BEEF method is flicking your wrist to follow through on the shot. After release, the ball should bounce across your pointer’s edges and middle finger. When you’ve released it right, your wrist will flex with your fingers pointed downwards towards the ground.


Understanding how to shoot a basketball technically is essential to the game. The more you learn about proper techniques for shooting and practice it through practice and practice, the more proficient you improve your skills.

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