How to Set Up Badminton Net – Quick & Easy Tips for All Beginners


Nowadays, there are lots of badminton sets that you can discover on marketplaces online. These sets include an incredibly portable badminton net that is incredibly simple to install. In this post, we will be discussing how to set up a badminton net with telescopic poles that fold. Before we dive into the in-depth explanation, let us clarify that the indoor net and outdoor badminton net are similar to put up. However, there is one small distinction.

Indoor net set vs Outdoor net set

The primary difference between them is the support system that is added to them. For installing your net outside in backyards or any other area in which winds blow, the net set will require wires or accessories for better stability. However, an indoor-only net set isn’t required to have any additional equipment to stabilize it. That’s why you need to purchase badminton netting when you are considering the court.

If you’d like to play outdoors, like in your backyard, then you could purchase a set of nets that include ground stakes and guy wires to help support the stands. A few nets for outdoor use come with T-Shaped stands, or poles and some include poles with skates to insert in the ground. There are also setups for badminton that pop up that come with a central stand made of weights and are ideal for the indoor game!

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How to set up badminton net

The badminton game has two main elements: net and racket. For a fun and enjoyable game, you must choose a badminton racket which is first class.. Before playing, you must set up a badminton net. So here we’re going to discuss setting up a badminton net. 

Measurement before set up a badminton net

The first thing you should do is to assess the whole space of the court. In case you’ve got any questions regarding the court for badminton. The next step to do is put up the poles. The poles are typically made up of two aluminum pieces. To learn more, it is possible to examine the picture to gain a better understanding. In addition, now is the time to examine the setup of the net. When it comes to the size of the net, it should be at least 5 feet from the edge of your floor.

But, it is essential to be aware that the actual net should start from 2 feet 6 inches above the surface. In the same way, the dimensions of the net need to be at least 5feet in the middle and 5’1 feet higher than the poles. This is a crucial factor in the game. In any case, there’s no exact information on how thick the net ought to be. However, we can conclusively say that a regular net with a thickness of 15mm to 20mm is sufficient for the job.

Setting up badminton net

We already have mentioned that indoor and outdoor badminton net sets have a difference. And that is-indoor net requires no additional support and outdoor requires support for extra stabilization. The rest of the features are similar. Therefore, the steps are almost identical! Let’s get them down.

Prepare the badminton court

It is the first step you should do carefully. Set up the badminton court correctly and make sure that the borders are accurate in measurement. After that, in between the courts, you must place your net.

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Assemble the poles

Depending on the pole style, the pole setup is different. We will write on almost all types of pole setup here. If your net set comes with bottom poles to attach the net stand on both sides, adjust the poles first. The telescopic poles may adjust by pushing one Pole into another. Make the poles for the net stand by pushing one in another and then putting it into the foot-shaped like a T. Like putting together the net stand on the other side. Sure of the net set includes no bottom foot. Instead, they have two stands to fix them to the ground. You can insert a pole in another and then insert stakes to the earth if you have one.

Then, pull the net tight to determine the distance from one pole to the other and determine the location of the next pole. After that, place the second pole in the ground. Nowadays, the pop-up Badminton net is also very popular with amateur players. It comes up with a center-weighted-based foot for supporting the whole net. If you purchase this set, you will need to make the foot first before attaching the center poles by using both feet as with other nets for badminton, the one you purchase also has separate poles. Connect them by pushing one against the other.

This is it! Now move on to another step!

Tie up the net

Now, it’s time to tie the net. You will find eye bolts or loops with the stand. At first, tie the upper part of the net at the top of the pole and tie the lower part later. Then, after tying up the net at one side, in the same way, tie it at another side of the net stand. Some poles for net stands do not have eyebolts or loops. Use the net with pockets along both edges. Insert the top portion of your pole inside the pockets. Then, place the opposite end of the net using the pole. The net’s height in the middle should be 5 feet. On top of the pole, it should be 5 feet one inch. It’s a standard measurement.

Stake for additional support

You are almost done! The last step is not mandatory for the surrounding areas where the wind doesn’t blow. But if you play in an open place, for additional support, you must stake net stands (or pole; whatever you say) of both sides down with wires and ground stakes. However, we recommend that you offer assistance in both situations. On the top, you’ll find holes either with the net taut or on the pole. You can connect the guy wires to them and secure the poles to the ground using ground stakes.

How to set up badminton net: Tips

  • It is crucial to know what kind of game you plan to play. If you are playing badminton for fun, you only need a badminton set that includes everything you require, like a shuttlecock, badminton racquets, foldaway nets with poles that fold up and ropes for net-holding. The excellent quality of the badminton equipment doesn’t need to be a factor in this scenario.
  • To play at a professional level, it is essential to consider the quality of the equipment and its price. Buy the shuttlecock and racket that are of the highest quality
  • Use a net and poles made of metal. Find out if the net is best or don’t use on rainy or hot days.
  • If you want to play the game of badminton in comfort, you wear a badminton dress. You will be able to play comfortably in this dress. You can also use gym shoes that provide a soft sensation and support for a lengthy duration.
  • Consider a carry-on bag for your badminton set. With it, you will be able to carry your badminton equipment effortlessly.
how to set up a badminton net

Things you must do when playing with a badminton net

You must draw lines on the court to keep the game fair. You can do it using chalk or spray paint, whatever you like; it’s your choice. It is necessary to place two poles at the center of the court on the opposite side by keeping the 6.10m distance. In addition, make sure to attach the nets on the poles, which should be placed on the opposite sides of one another.

Also, keep in mind no matter what the weather is, it can be dry or hot. Also, in what conditions the net will perform the most effectively. In reality, you must secure the net at the highest poles, and to ensure that the net is balanced, connect it to the lower portions of the net. This will ensure that the net stays solid and allow you to enjoy your game with ease. Also, don’t forget to use high-quality nets.

Do you have another point you need to take into consideration? The answer is that if the bat touches the net, it will be considered a violation. That is, you are not allowed actually to touch the net with your tennis racquet. I want to add an intriguing aspect of badminton that is more addictive: when your shuttlecock hits the net, your opponent will be awarded one point.

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Setting up a badminton net is not tricky. In this article, we have just tried to give you an idea. There are a lot of badminton net sets with different models and styles. Depending on the model and style, the processes are almost the same. A few players put the net in their manners. For instance, many players tie the net to the pole’s top and then put poles in the ground. It’s not a big difference. You can then explore your approach and have more fun playing badminton!

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