How to Serve in Foosball | Pro Tips to Serve in Foosball Accurately


Foosball is an intriguing game, is definitely no doubt. It is also a good choice because it provides pleasure, but without the necessity to be out in the open to gain the same. Therefore, it’s only fitting that you understand how to serve in foosball. The game of serving is likely the most essential factor you must be aware of. The method you take is based on two significant elements. One determines the character of the sport. Are you playing at home or a tournament game? Second, there are rules set by the body that governs it, which also apply. In the discussion below, we will explore these two scenarios and the guidelines that govern the process. The panels below are to assist you in serving better in foosball. Take the time to read our meetings thoroughly and patiently to find the required motivation.

What does serving mean

For the beginner, let’s take a moment to define what do you mean by serve in foosball. The term is more familiar to those who have played foosball. However, many people have never played the game. The game begins with a person who will serve the ball. This means placing the ball on the field using dispensers located on both sides of that table. Serving the ball provides the server an enormous advantage. That’s why filling the ball first is chosen by an inverse coin flip. The server after each game is the player who scored last. This is done to even out the playing field to ensure that no one player can gain an unbeatable advantage over another. If you want to be good at foosball then you must have to learn how to serve like a pro.

How to serve in foosball 

The process to serve in foosball shouldn’t be too tricky; however, there is some sort of way to do it. If you just slammed the ball into the open in the opposite direction and didn’t expect many benefits from it. In fact, a skilled opponent may be able to use your serve if you don’t serve it correctly. If you are helping the ball, your aim is to move the ball toward your personal five-bar. It may sound like a violation; however, it’s not and is a common practice among professional players. You can try serving the ball to yourself with ease.

Place the ball in your right hand, and then use your left hand to cover the bowl dispenser’s left side within the table so that the ball doesn’t fall in the first moment. Place the ball inside the hole; however, don’t make any movements with your hand now. Place your thumb over the ball just a bit away from the top. You can now remove your left hand and then grasp the five-bar. When you pull the ball into the hole that serves as a thumb, you can apply pressure to turn the ball counterclockwise. The ball will move towards your five bars, giving you can benefit.

The standard methods

You can test several methods to ensure that you consistently spin the ball directly to your players. These methods result in the same ball action by putting some light turn to the left when the ball put into play mode. This kind of serve will require some time to master to use the right amount of force and spin necessary to enable you to take control and hold the ball. It is essential to play on the standard foosball table when preparing for a forthcoming tournament.

Before starting a server, most players recommend beginning with the left hand and placing it on the opposite edge of the table to stop the hole from being blocked so that the ball stays within the spot and is ready to serve. By doing this, you can prevent the ball from falling, which would force the ball in motion before you’re at your ready.

Serving with your index finger

Many prefer serving using their index fingers because it provides greater control. This technique involves placing the ball into the hole and then pinning it using your index fingers against the wall. It recommends that the finger place in the ball’s upper left corner so that the player can turn counterclockwise, causing the ball to move towards the left. Next, move your index fingers to the right, over the ball’s top, and allow it to fall onto the table. It then rolls through the 5 bar.

Serving with your thumb

Other players prefer to employ the same method but, they’ll engage their thumbs to hold the ball into the hole. Once the ball is pinched and secured, the following is rolling it in the same counterclockwise motion using the thumb. The user’s left hand already position on the handle of the five bars to gain control.

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How to practice foosball properly

Serve the ball to yourself straight from the bat is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to smack your opponent. The foosball game is all about technique and mental attitude, so this strategy will leave your opponent feeling scared and uncertain of what to expect next. If you can serve the ball at a five-bar every time, you’ll benefit the most in your chances to score. This will enable you to play from an aggressive approach. 

This gives you an advantage immediately and sets the tone for the remainder of the match. To master this technique, you must concentrate on passing and improve your other game techniques to get familiar with the method and be more confident when it comes to playing time. While practicing, be sure to put sufficient spin to the ball before dropping it in the hole. By doing this, you can ensure that the ball doesn’t be able to roll over your opponent’s five bars. Suppose you’ve practiced enough and are confident in your serving. In that case, You’ll soon discover that you can serve yourself with consistency regardless of your opponent’s skills.

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Five bar passing 

Moving between the 5 bar in the direction of the 3 bar is an important technique that will provide you with an advantage offensively. In essence, once you have mastered this technique, you will dramatically increase your chances of getting a goal each time. The precise control of the ball once it’s in your hands is essential to take on the competition. This is why it’s crucial to master the ability to transfer your ball between the bars of five and three. This technique is essential in winning against any player, whether you’re a beginner or a master. It will also be more straightforward to achieve goals as it’s shorter and has one less defense bar that keeps you from reaching the goal.

It is also possible to experiment and test various shorts from this position to learn more methods to improve your chances of scoring the goal. Be aware that when playing foosball, figuring out how to move the ball at the correct timing will be crucial. To break the defenses down, your timing has to be precise. If you don’t, passing the ball too soon can result in the ball being thrown off. If the timing is too slow could also be blocked. Therefore, if you wish to increase your odds of winning and do the best possible serve, concentrate on your technique for serving and your passing technique and timing.


The first step in every foosball game is served. Make a mistake with the serve, and you could give the opponent one point. Knowing how to serve in foosball in a manner that helps you the most will allow you to gain a step over your rivals as soon as possible. The good thing is that serving the ball in a way that it can spin toward your five-bar can be pretty straightforward.

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