How to Select an Ideal Hockey Stick – Amazing Tips for Beginners


Story of a hockey stick

Selector of a hockey stick one should be a player or Expert to decide on a suitable Stick. If we are talking about cricket, Batsmen is to be considered an Ideal if he has the best batting skill and the best cricket bat that Can help them play well. As a soldier is considered weak without his weapon or with a bad weapon. In each and every field of the world, you must have skill. But most importantly you should have the best tool to show your skills.

So here we are going to discuss the qualities of a good hockey stick. On the basis of these qualities and features, you can filter your favorite one. In most cases, It varies from player to player because each player has his own comfort to use a stick. Someone like more length, weight, and width. But Some individuals don’t like these Specifics in their sticks. But players love few common qualities in a fixed quantity. Bow/Bend, Length, Weight, Size, Flex, Grip, and cost. Verity of Sticks we tried to give you a strong review as we as suggestions. as a result, we found some qualities to filter the best one. These are explained below

A brand we found best as compared to others is “ FinnStar

How to select an ideal hockey stick

Bow / Bend

At the end of this tool, there is always a bend or stop or hit a ball with full potential. But if there is any problem in this part, it may damage your game. According to an expert review, 24.75mm is best for playground level or drag shots For a classic play, 22mm is considered a favorite by aggressive and defensive both players. It’s minimum bend measurements. Most elite sportsmen choose this one.


It varies from player to player. A defensive player whose role is to stop should use a little bit of lengthy stick. Its length will be between 35 to 37.5. A fielder who drives a ball to next. Use a lengthy stick. To play offensively Stick should be short and light. By using this an individual Can easily pick and hit a ball. While attacking a player has very less time to play his stroke. So its measurements lie between 28 to 32.


Flexibility is also a factor that can increase or decrease the potential of your game. Elite players who have a lot of experience prefer more flexibility. And tall players will also favor more flexibility. Pliable stick increase accuracy in your shots. Mostly people use carbon to make it flexible. Carbon Increases the power to hit. It will increase the percentage of its stiffness.


To increase the grip different elements are used. In the Ideal case, grip matters more than other factors. Without full grip how can we play an accurate stoke? Sportsmen without hand placement  Feel uncomfortable playing. Many things like taps and gloves are used to increase this factor.

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