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It is nearly impossible to get into a home if it doesn’t have a metal kitchen cupboard. It doesn’t matter if the kitchen cabinet is large, medium, or minor, whether white or colorful. This furniture is an essential piece in the kitchen. However, over time they can become worn and damaged, as well as having broken handles. This guide will show you how to restore metal kitchen cabinets. You don’t have to worry if this is your situation and you are looking for the best way of transforming your kitchen cupboards.

We have provided some tips and tricks to help you restore your metal kitchen cabinets. It is essential to regularly restore metal kitchen cabinets, especially near the washing machine and burner. Usually, chemical treatments have been damaged by sudden temperature changes, water droplets, and age. This is when the dreaded “rust” appears along with other damages like cracks. Most kitchens have metal shelves or cabinets that need to be restored to their former glory. This furniture can be given a second life and save money. It is also much more enjoyable than you might think.

How to restore metal kitchen cabinets

After World War II, metal kitchen cabinets, especially steel cabinets, became very popular. It is fascinating to learn about its history. Steel production grew during the war for weapons. Finally, the war ended, and steel was needed for new purposes. Because of its strength, excess steel was used for home construction, appliances, and even kitchen cabinets, according to Retro Renovation. You can restore metal kitchen cabinets to look vintage by updating them with new colors. It will save you a lot of money to keep your cabinets. Lead-based paint can be found in cupboards and homes older than 30 years. When working on this project, be sure to wear gloves and a mask.

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How To Restore Metal Kitchen Cabinets

Remove hardware 

You will need to take out all handles as per RTA Cabinet Store before you paint. After you have repainted them, you can either reuse the hardware or buy new ones to give your cabinets a fresh look. Once the paint has dried completely, you can put them back in. Metal cabinets from this era may have unique features such as pre-molded handles that can’t be removed or unscrewed. Pre-molded handles are best painted over with the same color as your door to create a monochromatic appearance. It is possible to remove the entries before painting. However, you don’t have to. It may be easier to leave the doors in their original state and remove the handles, depending on the setup. To protect your cabinets that are lead-painted, you will need to wear a mask and gloves.

Cleaning metal cabinets 

To remove grease, stains, or dust, make sure you thoroughly clean your cabinets. ASA Builders Supplies recommends that you clean the doors with rubbing alcohol to remove any food stains or grease. To wash the whole wardrobe, use two parts water to one-part liquid soap. To remove any soap or water left behind, dry the cabinet thoroughly. Rust can be caused by residual water. If necessary, you can use a hairdryer. Once the cabinets have dried, remove any paint that is still on them with a soft brush. Avoid sanding cabinets if you aren’t sure what kind of paint they have. You could end up with dangerous lead dust.

Re-Finish metal kitchen cabinets 

Apply a primer to the metal. Spray primers are best for metal cabinets. Primer seals out moisture to prevent corrosion and rust and helps the paint adhere smoothly. When applying primer, wear gloves and a mask. Select your desired color. You can continue the retro theme with a bright red or sky blue or modernize your kitchen with white. Metal will not take many types of paint. RTA Cabinet Stores says that oil-based stain is the best for metal cabinets. Latex paint might not stick well to metal cabinets, which could lead to flaking and chipping. You should apply for two coats. Before using the next coat, let each coat dry completely.

Metal cabinet paint types 

It is best to paint metal cabinets using a brush or a roller. For the best results, be patient and take slow strokes. Rust-Oleum can also be used to paint metal cabinets. Rusty Metal Primer Spray is available from Rust-Oleum as well as Metallic Spray Paint. You can refinish metal kitchen cabinets by applying a new coat of paint and possibly some new hardware. Have fun and embrace the retro vibes.

How to refinish metal kitchen cabinets? 

Metal kitchen cabinets can be refinished in the same way as wooden cabinets but using products specifically made for metal. You can paint your metal kitchen cabinets or sand them to make them shiny and smooth.

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How To Restore Metal Kitchen Cabinets

Preparing the steel 

Begin the process of refinishing kitchen cabinets made from metal. First, remove all drawer pulls and doorknobs. Then, clean the metal thoroughly with liquid dish soap. Use a damp cloth to remove any soap residue. Follow this up with a dry towel. Next, you should smoothen the metal surface so that the paint and adhesive can contact it. It would help if you inspected your kitchen cabinets for signs of corrosion, pits, and dents. Steel wool to remove small areas of rust, but it may be best to replace any metal pieces that have significant damage ultimately.

If the metal has been painted previously and chipped away, you can sand it to remove the paint and create a smooth surface. You can also use a paint remover to get rid of the color. Due to the potentially toxic fumes, it is essential to be cautious when using a paint stripper. Use a respirator, eye protection, and gloves to ventilate the area.

Sand the metal 

Did you know that metal can be sanded? You can file metal cabinets to improve their appearance. If you don’t want any scratches or textures to show through, you can sand the metal before painting. If you intend to file the metal, there is no need to clean it beforehand. For best results, use an electric sander. 80-grit sandpaper and then switch to a respiratory mask and safety goggles at minimum). Finally, use a damp cloth to remove any remaining metal particles.

Complete metal kitchen cabinets 

Spray paint is one of the most efficient ways to refinish kitchen cabinets made from metal. Spray paint will not cause the color to look heavy or thick, but it will quickly settle into scratches. You can also choose to brush on spray paint if you don’t have the space or tools necessary to handle the messy results. No matter what type of spray paint you use, make sure that fresh air circulates in your workspace and kitchen by opening windows and turning on fans. Spray paint on cabinet frames can be protected by putting newspaper over the rest of the kitchen. Next, apply a primer for metal surfaces.

To find out how long it takes to dry, refer to the instructions for your product. Allow the coat to dry for the recommended amount of time. Then, add more coats until the desired color is opaque. Finally, protect the surface with a clear protective coating. The friction of opening and closing kitchen cabinets repeatedly can cause them to wear. Clear topcoats will protect your paint and prevent it from chipping. After the coat has dried, you can assemble the cabinets and handles.

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How to restore metal kitchen cabinets: Tips

  • To remove dirt and another residue from the cabinets and shelves, use a vacuum equipped with a nozzle.
  • Rub rubbing alcohol onto a clean cloth to remove oil, grease, and dirt from the surface.
  • To gently remove rust spots and areas, use wonderful steel wool.
  • Use your finger to remove any rust. To prevent cuts and rust from getting under your fingernail, wear gloves
  • Steel wool can be used to sand off excess rust.
  • Mix water and baking soda together.
  • The baking soda paste should be applied to the rusted areas.
  • Remove the baking soda from the cupboard and scrub the area again with steel wool.

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Metal kitchen cabinets have many advantages for the kitchen. The steps above will help you to restore metal kitchen cabinets. You can also see the steps to paint rusted metal cabinets. Don’t forget to share this guide to friends and family. It might also helofull for them.

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