How to Replace Foosball Players: 5 Principle Steps for Beginners


A foosball table is among the most enjoyable indoor sports tables you could have. It’s an enjoyable and addictive game that can play for hours. However, overusing the table or even playing for a long time could cause the foosball player to break. Do you have to replace the entire table because one piece is damaged? No! Foosball players that are damaged are easily repaired. You can make this yourself at your home. In this article, we’ll explain how to replace foosball players step-by-step instructions.

When should you replace foosball man?

This is unnecessary if you only want the table to be moved and wish to substitute a person for doing that. You can remove your table’s legs to move them. After removing those legs, you can lift the table to the side to pass through doors and small spaces. It could save you many hours of your time, and you’ll not run the chance of breaking the rod or harming the table. Removing a foosball guy is only recommended in the case of a broken man.

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How to replace foosball players

The tools you need to replace foosball players

The first thing you require is two things to finish the job.

1. A normal Hammer 2. A pin punch

It is possible to replace the foosball player that is damaged with these two home tools. However, some other tools are available to assist or speed up the removal process of foosball players. The available tools include:

  • A plastic zip-lock bag
  • A screwdriver
  • A wooden block

Once you have the tools required above, you’re now in a position to replace or install foosball players. We’ve prepared a step-by-step guideline, follow it, and you’ll be fine with replacing your foosball players.

Step 1

The first step is to ensure that the bumper is in contact with the wall at the other end, and then put the pin in place and put it in the middle of the men—Hammer the pin punch lightly. The pin connects the foosball guys onto the rod. Hit into it till the is about halfway through men. After that, tilt the men and keep it in place to allow the pin to fall into your palm. Continue to hammer the pin until the pin is firmly placed on your palm. In this way, you will not harm the tabletop. It is possible to place the wood bracer block between the rod as you hit it to stop it from bending or warping.

Step 2

The next thing to do is take off or break the broken rod. It’s very simple. To remove the rod, remove the bearing from each side of the rod. There is no need for any tools to disengage it. Pull it out with your fingers and take the rod off the table. There are many types of foosball tables in the market, which means that your table uses an alternative method of removing the rod. Be sure to read the instruction manual before getting going.

Step 3

After removing the rod from the table, remove the bumper, bearing, and the men. One by one, continue moving men until you reach the damaged or broken men. Then, you must note down or mark the spot on the rod that you took the damaged men as you’ll later need to place a new one exactly in the same spot. If you fail to place new players in the same location could disrupt your game.

Step 4

After you have removed those broken pieces, place new men in the same place in the rod. Professional foosball players recommend replacing the pin as the pin on the damaged men is probably damaged. After you have replaced the men after replacing the men, slide the bumper and bearing back onto.

Step 5

Insert the rod on the table, and ensure that both bearings are tight as they did before. Now you can use the wood bracer (the optional component we talked about) to ensure that the rod does not be bent when you insert it. If the rod does bend, you can’t use it, and you’ll need to purchase an entirely new rod. A wood bracer provides support for the rod and helps ensure that the rod isn’t bent.

Where can you find a replacement foosball player

Many people ask where they can find a replacement foosball guy and pin. Because of the numerous websites for online shopping today, it’s pretty easy. You can purchase foosball players and pins from any reputable online store. Going old school by going on a tour of your local sports shop is also possible. The most reputable sports shops will offer it. You now know where to find an alternative foosball player and the best way to replace a damaged or broken player. What do you feel hesitant about? Get going already!

The benefits of playing foosball

  • It helps improve hand-eye coordination.
  • Keeps you active
  • It’s a great rehab sport
  • Do not let joints be static.
  • Increases reaction time


Our guide about how to replace players from foosball can help you replace your foosball players quickly and without causing damage to the rod or table. It might seem not very safe when you’ve never done it before. With the help of this tutorial, you will be able to do it the same way as baking cake! Foosball is a straightforward but fascinating game. Anyone can play it! Don’t let a foosball player’s broken foot stop you from playing.

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