How to Repair Ping Pong Table Top | DIY Pro Tips to Fix Ping Pong Table


Are you aware that the majority of the ping-pong tables are made from particleboard? Yes, they are. The table’s surfaces are polished and putty and coated with high-quality paint to ensure good bounce when playing. Broken ping pong tabletop Table for ping pong consists of the tabletop, net and legs. If the table was stored in a humid place for a long time, the table could become damaged, scratched, warped, and stained. Therefore it is essential to understand how to repair ping pong table top in case it’s damaged or if the surface is scratched.

How to repair ping pong table top

Ping-pong tables do not require a lot of effort. They are made of strong particleboard and satin paint with black lines, net, and legs. When played by gamers who slash, scratch and otherwise abuse, this table becomes damaged or worn in time. You can repair ping pong table top easily and allows you to switch to common products and DIY methods.

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The putty of your hands

Take the net off the table. Review the table for gouges, scratches, and cracks within the paint. Utilize ordinary wood putty to fill in the cracks. Push the putty into the defects, creating a smear over the entire area using the Putty knife. If the marks in the paint appear to be just hairline marks, don’t be concerned about them. The paint is enough to fill them. Make sure to check the putty when it’s dried. If you notice the recess or dip of larger gauges, you can apply another coat of putty to smooth the surface. Avoid using caulk or other products that have a rubbery texture to fill holes.

Make sure you choose glue that is made of wood and is hard. Let the putty dry completely. The majority of putty is dry within one hour, but it could take longer based on the humidity and depth. It is expected to have a chalky, nearly brittle texture when dry.

Sand and smooth

Sand the tabletop manually using sandpaper of 180-grit. Begin affixing the paper to the Sanding block and then removing the excess glue. Sand the paper until it’s level with the table surface. The remainder of the table with hands block. Switch the paper if the block starts to slide but fails to leave a powdery substance behind. Once you’ve sanded down everything on top, resand the area by hand with a piece of 220-grit. The finer grit paper will help smooth and prepare the tabletop for painting. Once the table is coated with a fine powder, it’s complete. Clean the dust off with an easy cloth. Do not use too much pressure when sanding or leaning on the table too hard. Tables such as this aren’t sturdy enough for their legs that spin.

Rattle cans

Aerosol containers are ideal for repainting tables. Paint the table with a blackboard or satin of any color you want. Apply a thin, even coating of paint. Work in sections, going back and forth until the table’s surface is damp. Let the paint dry, then apply two additional coats. You’re now ready to apply the lines if the paint looks great. If you see small spots, you can apply a couple of additional coats. Let the paint completely dry for a night.

Tape it

Painter’s tape covers off lines along the perimeter and on the edges. The tape should be pressed down on the edges to prevent paint from bleeding through the tape. After you’ve established your lines, make a mask of the inside of the table using paper, and then use tape to hold it in the desired position. Spray the lines with white paint. A single coat should be sufficient, but you may need two coats if lines appear thin. Take off the paint after it’s dried. Allow the table to sit overnight before using it.

How to repair scratches on the ping pong table

It’s not easy to repair scratches caused by tabletops. It depends on the type of material used for the table (whether glossy or non-reflective matte) and the scratch depth. The anti-reflective table with its matte finish is typically not easily scratched. If it is scratched, contact the manufacturer, and then take your table back to the factory to be repaired.

Applying car wax

If scratches on the glossy ping-pong table aren’t too large, you can use specially-formulated car wax to smooth it. Use a cleaning agent to wash it up. This will eliminate the marks left by scratching.

Using putty

If your scratch appears very severe and the scratch is severe, you can use putty to repair it and then paint the tabletop. It’s similar to fixing a scratch on an automobile. If there are marks on the surface or a small hole, it is possible to put on putty. Once the putty is dry, rub it over with fine sandpaper, and then paint it with the same shade.

Use toothpaste

Try applying toothpaste. Applying toothpaste on the spot that is scratched and then using an ointment to clean the area gently.

Eco-friendly way

An eco-friendly option is to put a piece of sticky paper on top of the table to cover the scratched area. If the cut is very deep, the scratch is difficult to fix. Normally, tables are scratched. I’ve never come across a Ping-Pong table that was not scratched over time. Suppose the surface that is damaged isn’t a major issue. In that case, the surface can be ignored without making any repairs. Be sure to remind your players to take care of it shortly. When the damages are excessive, and the damage is too severe, there is no option to fix the table. It is better to consider purchasing an entirely new table instead of trying to fix it.

How to repair a hole in ping pong table


For the first step, you’ll need to buy first the plank of wood plank and then apply wax paper. The plank will be laid on top of the table as if you’re looking through windows. The paper isn’t required to be completely covered by the plank, just enough to ensure that when you view through the window within your table, paper covers the window. To secure the plank covered with paper to the lower-left corner of your table, you’ll need to employ duct tape. Apply as much tape as needed to hold the plank in position. We recommend using the smallest plank that covers the window. Do not make the tape work hard.

Make sure the hole is cleaned up

A small (but essential) hint Here’s a small but important tip. Before beginning, ensure that the hole is smoothed and sanded, decreasing the number of splinters and removing sharp edges within and surrounding the hole. It’ll be much easier working with.

The process of placing wood filler

The recommended wood filler made of wax can be found in Minwax 21600000 high-performance wood filler. Be sure to be located in a ventilated area before you start: wood filler is very strong in the sense of smell.

  • Start by scooping out as much wax as needed to fill the gap. We’ll be using the one-part hardener (included within the package) to 16-part of a wax filler. Stir until there isn’t any white. Thirty seconds are ideal.
  • Apply the wax to the table’s surface and cover the hole.
  • We’ll just wait for it to set and dry up for the moment. (The longer you’re waiting, the better. Use your discretion

Sanding the hole

After waiting for the filler to set, your table may appear elevated, jagged, or bumpy. The next stage is to rub dry filler to ensure that the table is level. Use your sanding sheet or tool and begin smoothing this surface until happy. You could always use an employee’s level in case you require precision.


Everything can cause damage to the surface of a table, including stray animals, robots in training, and even your paddles. However, carefully managing your ping pong table can save you the time and effort that would otherwise be spent on repairing it.

  • Fold the tables after using them, or use the tables that are not foldable to cover them.
  • Utilizing a tablet-friendly robot for training, such as JOOLA Tour 2500 PONG, you can train your students using tablets. JOOLA Tour 2500 PONG Trainer Motion robot
  • Do not bang the paddles on the table while playing
  • Make sure you don’t take the table off the deck after using it.
  • Clean the tables before and after use with the spray for cleaning


Similar to every other game or activity Ping-Pong may become intense. Still, no matter the game’s intensity, it is important to take the proper measures required to safeguard the table and guarantee its long-term durability. However, the term Ping-Pong is used extensively when describing the table used in the article. However, the repair methods are not the same as those for the repair of Ping-Pong tables since they are intended to repair the table tennis tables. Tables of the same type can be used for both games, and many players confuse the two games as one. No matter which game is in progress, the methods we’ve provided will work. If they fail to produce the desired results, it could be time to invest in the table you want to continue playing the game you enjoy.

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