How to Remove Refrigerator Drip Pan Smell (Apply those Effective Tips)


The refrigerator drip pan was designed to do a simple job. It is designed to remove any water droplets that may form from the condensation. The refrigerator drip pan is designed to collect any water that drips. The refrigerator drip pan can handle small amounts of water in most cases. What happens if your refrigerator drip pan smells terrible? A refrigerator drip pan that smells is a sign it’s collecting bacteria, mold, and germs. The solution is to remove refrigerator drip pan smell and clean it with baking soda. You can install it when it was dey. It can be very unpleasant and spreads quickly if not addressed immediately. It is best to focus on the cause of the refrigerator drip pan smell. This guide will show you how to get rid of the refrigerator drip pan smell.

What is a refrigerator drip pan

Condensation is formed when your freezer works. As water comes out of the freezer drain, the refrigerator drip pan collects it. This water usually evaporates into the atmosphere. If you need to empty the drip pan or clean it, it may be necessary to access it. To repair or replace the refrigerator drip pan, you may need to take it out.

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How to remove refrigerator drip pan smell

Follow the below methods to remove refrigerator drip pan smell easily.

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Take out the refrigerator drip pan

First, take out your refrigerator drip pan. You will see mold or bacteria growing inside the drip pan. This is a sign that the drip pan needs to clean immediately. It is not a good idea to allow mold to spread from the refrigerator drip pan to other parts of your fridge. It is best to be proactive. This is where you take out your refrigerator drip pan to begin the cleaning process.

Clean the drip pan with baking soda

You will now need to clean the refrigerator drip tray. You can use many cleaning agents to accomplish this, but we recommend baking soda. Let the baking soda sit in the drip pan for at least two hours. Use a stiff-bristled brush to scrub the drip pan’s interior. Before placing the drip pan back in its original location, ensure that you eliminate all germs and mold. Brush the fridge drip pan with care and inspect for mold growth. Once you’re satisfied, you can wipe the surface with a dry cloth.

Let the pan dry

Clean the drip pan with a cloth, you can move to the next step. This will involve drying the drip pan. Removing the drip pan from the outside is essential until wholly cleared. This is the only way to be sure that it is true. The goal is to get the drip pan back to its condition before mold grows. Also, inspect the defrost pan inside your refrigerator. Leakage could be the cause of mold growth in the drip pan. To prevent this from happening again, fix the leak.

Install the refrigerator drip pan

When you are happy with the refrigerator drip pan and the defrost pan, the final step is to reinstall them. Follow each step, and then return the drip pan inside. Be careful and ensure you’re moving towards a solution that works.

How to clean the drip tray in the fridge

Disposable drip pans

A household bleach solution can be used to clean removable drip pans. Mix one part bleach with two parts water and then apply it to the pan. Let the bleach sit on the surface for several minutes, then scrub off any dirt and rinse it with water. You can leave the bleach solution on longer if your drip pan smells terrible or is moldy. This will kill bacteria and remove moldy spores. Before replacing the drip pan, dry it thoroughly. You can wipe off any water with a kitchen towel or let it dry naturally on a draining board.

If the drip pan is not white, bleach can change its color. You can hide it under your refrigerator, so it shouldn’t pose a problem. If you don’t want to use harsh chemicals, vinegar can be used instead of bleach.

Non-removable drip pans

Non-removable drip pans aren’t as standard as removable ones. It is more difficult to empty non-removable drip pans and clean them. One way to clean them is to attach a claw Graber to a cloth or wipe. To clean a drip pan that is not removable, you can use an antibacterial wipe or a cloth soaked with cleaning fluid. Open the claw and place the cloth/wipe inside to secure the grab.

Next, use the claw grabber to clean any residue or dirt from the drip pan. To reach the entire surface, you may need to get it from your refrigerator’s back and front. To avoid damaging the drip pan or other nearby components, it is essential to use gentle pressure when cleaning. If the cloth or wipe gets stained, you should check it every so often and change it with a new one. After thoroughly cleaning the refrigerator drip pan, it is time to replace the kick panel. If the refrigerator moves to reach the back, turn the water and electricity off and slide it back into its original place.

Where is the refrigerator drip pan

It is easy to find the refrigerator drip pan if you know where to look. Although each fridge model is different, the drip pan can be found at the bottom of most refrigerators to allow gravity to drain the wastewater away. Check the manual that came with the appliance you purchased to find out how to locate the drip pan. Tilt the refrigerator and pull the kick panel out if you don’t have the manual.

Your refrigerator drip pan will likely hide behind the kick panel. You can remove the front-access drip pan if you have one. If not, you can move the refrigerator away from the wall and see if it is possible to access the back. Turning off the water supply while you search for the drip pan is good to prevent the fridge from leaking. To avoid electrocuting yourself, you can switch off the main electricity supply. You can use a flashlight to locate the drip pan. Continue following it down until you reach the drain opening.

To catch water, the drip pan is under the door. Be careful when removing the pan from the fridge as it may contain standing water. Then, pour the water into the sink and clean the refrigerator drip pan.


These are the steps to take to eliminate the fridge drip pan smell. First, remove the refrigerator drip pan from your fridge. Use a stiff-bristled brush to scrub the surface. After brushing, take a clean cloth to wipe the surface. Allow the drip pan to dry before reinstalling it. This quick-fix will eliminate the fridge drip pan smell. The defrost drain tray in your fridge is vital to pay attention to. This is often the root cause of moldy smells and odors. To find the leak, take the time to inspect your defrost drain pan. Before the problem recurs, fix the leak.

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