How to Remove Kwikset Door Handle: An Unconditional Guide


Installing Kwikset levers on doors is an easy option to improve the appearance of the area you often overlook! as doorknob replacements, Kwikset levers are simple to install and visually appealing. They are made by the Black & Decker Group, the proprietor of door hardware maker Kwikset. Kwikset knobs for doors made of Laurel are available in hardware stores and various styles. Let’s look at how to remove kwikset door handle.

How to remove kwikset door handle

Step 1

Remove the screw’s adjustability of the outer rings. Locate the location of the lip or the depression along the outside of the circles. Place a flat-head screwdriver behind the door’s front panel as well as the lip of the door to gently pry open the exterior rings. Find and press the tab shaped like an arrow on the right-hand edge of the outside circle with a screwdriver’s head.

Step 2

Turn on the knobs on the opposite side that face the door. Remove the knobs from their coupling. By using a screwdriver, take off the handle on the door’s exterior and put it away.

Step 3

Inside, take off the knob mechanism, as well as two screws. Make each screw turn counterclockwise five or six times. If you reinstall the knob, you must keep those screws in place. Doing this will help make the process simpler. Rotate the mounting plate clockwise until screw heads slide through the slots’ important part. It’s time to remove the mounting plate as well as the handle that is inside.

Step 4

Remove the latch off its side. Use a screwdriver with flat heads between the border of the latch plate and the groove of the door’s recessed. Remove the latch by taking off the edges on the latch plate.

Other methods

Inspect the interior of your door to see if there are visible screws. A minimum of three mounting screws should show on the side that is not keyed. Find screws on the cover plate. If there aren’t any apparent screws in the covers, check the knob’s neck or lever. Make sure that the screws holding the device aren’t affected by corrosion. Take off any screws that expose, secure your device’s handle using the appropriate Phillips or flat head screwdriver with a screwdriver fitted with the proper head, and then turn your screws clockwise.

Make sure the screws are in a safe place if they are lost when you reinstall your door’s mechanism. To take the handles off of the latch, remove them from the latch mechanism. After you remove the mounting screws, the levers and knobs in the lever mechanism should be easy to take off. After taking the handles off this mechanism, using a pull on each in the opposite direction, set them on an even surface.

Before you install the new handle, take off the mechanism that holds it. Find the screws that hold the latch plate to one side. Unscrew the screws, then break the plate free using the screwdriver’s flat head. After the container is removed, you can pull it through the latch mechanism on the side of the door. This latch mechanism is inserted through the strike plates on the door frame to lock your door’s closing.

How to remove the handle lever door without using screws

To remove it, first, you need to locate the screws that hold it. If the screws aren’t apparent, it might be challenging to replace them. However, we are here to help you find the correct door handle. It does not matter whether your door handle is antique or modern. This article will show you how to get rid of both. Follow the directions and make sure that you have all the equipment needed.

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Step 1

To take the trim off the lever, check that there aren’t slots to take that trim away. Press the release button and insert the screwdriver (a flat-head screwdriver). After that, you must remove the trim. Examining the lever’s inner mechanisms is necessary, and you can fix it.

Step 2

Usually, wires made of metal are used to fix the bases of the old levers. When the inside workings of the lever have been revealed, search for the wire that connects them. Utilize a screwdriver for cutting it. Then, you can lift the lever. Remove the lever’s parts from the door to release them.


This can be done with no screws. Therefore, taking off the handle from a door is easy. Because of this tutorial, we provided the option to change your door handle. Now you learn about how to remove Kwikset door handle. Make the switch yourself!

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