How to Remove Kwikset Deadbolt – A DIY Detailed Guide for All


It is very difficult if you are going to remove Kwikset deadbolt. However, following the steps can save time as well as effort. Hiring a locksmith to disassemble the screw-less Kwikset deadbolt is unnecessary. It can be upgraded deadbolt door locks for security or aesthetic reasons if you have recently relocated to a new house. You can take out Kwikset deadbolts using just a few necessary tools and effort. You can rekey the old lock and then install or install a new, more appropriate wave.

How to remove kwikset deadbolt

One of my acquaintances wanted to know – “Matthew, do you know how to remove kwikset deadbolt?” He understands that I have a wealth of home security knowledge, and I am often amazed by how technological advancements and hacks can dramatically improve overall security. He owned a Kwikset deadbolt at his home and was keen to know how to take it off if there was a need. During our conversation, I realized that my article about how to take off the deadbolt of Schlage was helpful to the neighbor in his neighborhood.

I believe that locks play an essential function in our lives since they aid in keeping our house and family secure. When you need to go out for a few hours and are always worried about burglary from behind. The solution to all your fears is to install an upgraded ANSI lock. Also, Kwikset is a reputable brand that you can choose from. But the drawback to these brands is that if you have to remove them, they can be a hassle. In the end, this is what they were designed to accomplish. So, let’s return to my friend’s query about how to take off the deadbolt on a Kwikset deadbolt.

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Step 1

Take off the deadbolt’s cover using a small screwdriver and a flat blade. Using an Allen wrench, loosen the pin that holds it in place after removing the lever and cover. Then, mount screws. If the body is cleared and screw holes are clearly visible, move on to the next step.

Step 2

With the Phillips screwdriver, take off the cover’s interior and two screws for mounting. Take out the components by grasping the lock housing on the two edges of the door. Set them aside in a storage container to track the deadbolts and screws. Use the Phillips screwdriver to loosen the two screws holding the latch. They can access the screws from the outside of the door. Pay attention to them when they are inside the storage container.

Step 3

The lock is taken off by sliding it off its edge. Remove the Mounting Screws. The screws holding the bracket can be seen. With a Phillips screwdriver, loosen the two screws holding the lockset. Inject the two Phillips screws into the hole.

Step 4

Reinstall the lockset. The two parts of your Kwikset don’t contain any hardware for mounting. It is possible to take off the lockset with gentle compression of each piece. Inject the lockset’s cylinder. Then, secure it to the container. Remove the Mechanism. You might want to look out through the entrance’s side window. This mechanism for latching is connected to the edge with the help of two Phillips screws. Most of the time, mortise and Tenon joints connect the latch plate with the door’s edge. Remove the lock by using the Phillips screwdriver. After removing the latch mechanism, can you put it where you need it?

How to remove Kwikset deadbolt cylinder

  • Cylinder deadbolts for locks are widespread in all households as they provide extra security for your home and family members. The cylinder is the part of the lock that keys are inserted to open the door to your home. You might need to get rid of the deadbolt for various reasons.
  • It’s possible that the door lock on the cylinder has broken, or you’ve lost keys, or that keys aren’t entering the keyhole correctly. Take your stress away since I’ve explained all the information you need to be aware of regarding how to take off the Kwikset deadbolt cylinder.
  • Begin by removing two screws on the deadbolt lock face’s outer face. By doing this, the deadbolt will be loose off both doors.
  • The lock’s interior is facing you. Place the cylinder of the lock with your fingers.
  • Then, using the help of a screwdriver with a flat head or a plug-removal tool, remove the clip from the opposite side of the plug. When you shift the clip side-to-side, it will separate from the pin.
  • After that, put the lock’s keys into the cylinder. Turn the critical 1/4-turn clockwise.
  • Attach a hook following device to the cylinder’s side and slowly lift the cylinder away from the lock using the plug follower.
  • (A Plug Follower) does an object have the exact dimensions as the cylinder you’re trying to take out of the wave.)

How to remove an infected key from the kwikset deadbolt

Include the following items:

  • WD-40 may do employed as a penetrating lubricant.
  • A needle-nose plier with a length of 8 inches is ideal for working in tight spots such as the keyhole.
  • Before removing the broken key, before releasing it, apply a penetrating oil onto the opening. If the lock jams, it will be easier to unlock it.
  • Make sure that the lock appears to be vertically positioned. Before you can take out the key, it must be set correctly. If the safety is not accessible, turn the cylinder horizontally or vertically.
  • With a screwdriver with a flat head, you can rotate the lock backward so that it is easier to remove a damaged key.

Step 1

Make sure that you face the deadbolt from the inside portion of your home. The only way to unlock the lock deadbolt is to open it inside your home. Before you attempt to open it, make sure that the keyhole and the thumb-turner are clearly visible. Keep this position until the metal plate that covers the mounting screws is removed successfully.

Step 2

Before taking off the screw cover plate, take off the thumb-turn latch. Find a tiny hole in the shaft of the latch to do this. To open the lever, insert the awl or paperclip through the pinhole. Put it in a safe position after you’ve used it.

Step 3

After you have removed the latch lever, look around the rim of the plate for the small notch. Utilizing a flat screwdriver, lift the base plate. There are screws visible to attach the piece. The base plate might be helpful at some point in time. Therefore make sure to ensure it is secured.

Step 4

Utilizing the help of your Philips screwdriver, take out the two mounting screws with attention. After you remove the screws, store them properly. The next time, grab the lock using both hands from the interior and outside of the house and then break them to take them out.

Step 5

The door must be left slightly open when removing your latch from its area. You must find two screws for this locking mechanism. Take the screws off using the Philips screwdriver when you locate them. The first step to fixing the issue with a malfunctioning Kwikset deadbolt lock is to run a diagnostic test to identify the root of the problem. In general, it is the case that a Kwikset deadbolt is prone to one of these issues:

It is possible that your Kwikset deadbolt lockset might not be able to fit in the latch hole of the frame of your door when you try locking or unlocking it. There are several possible results if the bolt or latch hole is not aligned correctly. Over time and with use, the hinge screws on doors may loosen, resulting in the door’s hinges going off the frame. The deadbolt or latch could be misaligned if the door hinges are open. The mounting screws could be lost when the door opens, allowing intruders access. Ensure the screw that tightens the lock and bolts is in the correct position before installing a lockset to the door. 

How to remove Kwikset deadbolt without screws

Are you trying to discover the best way to remove Kwikset deadbolts with a screw? Don’t worry, my friend, I’m here to help. Let’s first look at the location of the screws to secure the lock. The screws for mounting are situated beneath the base plate or cover plate. The cover plate is a great way to improve the appearance of our home and increase security because even burglars cannot determine exactly where the screws are.

  • To unlock the deadbolt lock, stand in your home and look at the safety to ensure that the keyhole and the thumb-turner lock are visible to you.
  • Look for the pinhole that is located in the shaft. It will be used to take off the thumb-turner lever, so the screws for mounting are easily visible. To remove the latch lever, insert your awl or paperclip into the hole and then push it down.
  • When you’ve removed the lever on the latch, check the rim of the plate for tiny nicks. The base plate must be removed by using an abrasive screwdriver. The screws that hold the base plate must be clearly and easily visible.
  • Utilizing the Philips screwdriver, loosen the visible mounting screws.
  • Take the lock in both hands from both sides of your home, and then take them apart to free the safety.
  • At the end of the day, take the entire mechanism out of the hole. To do this, you must identify the two screws that hold the latch mechanism and then take them out using your Philips screwdriver. Once you’re done, take out the latch away from its hole.


With the help of a Kwikset Smart key set, it is possible to detach the lock and cylinder. When a tenant leaves, it’s cheaper and more accessible for landlords to replace the locks. They need the same care as other kinds of deadbolts. A locksmith with experience should be able to deal with issues within the mechanism, such as stuck or broken keys. A trained technician can complete these repairs more quickly and efficiently than many.

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