How to Remove Drawers from Executive Desk | Top 4 Pro Tips to Follow


Executive desks stand out in that they are distinctive and sophisticated. The appearance is easy on the eyes. But, they’re not easy for people to set up and take apart. The reason for this is the complexity of the design and how sturdy the pieces are. It is essential to know how to remove drawers from executive desk safely. If they are not done, the drawers are likely to be damaged or cause damage to other components on the table. To take drawers off an executive desk, begin by locating the lever at the top of the metal track.

Take the drawer off and push down on the lever to remove the drawer. This will enable the drawer’s slide off the desk that is executive. If you’re doing this, you need to be patient. It’s not advisable to harm the track made of metal since the drawer needs to return to it for your executive desk to function correctly. This article will provide steps to take when learning how to remove drawers from executive desk.

How to remove drawers from executive desk

Remove the drawer incompletely

It is the first thing to do to pull the drawer away. It is important to have full access to the steel track that runs along the back of the drawer. This is your only method to remove the drawer, and therefore being able to access it is essential. Now you must try to locate the lever on the side of the track made of metal. If you notice that the drawer isn’t sitting properly aligned with the metal track and you’re not sure, try pushing it back into the drawer for it to be reset. This may require a few attempts. However, you must make sure that the drawer is on track and made of metal, or it will not slide out when you press the lever.

Locate the lever on the metal track

The lever will be visible and placed on the left side of the track in metal. It will be evident when you take the drawer out. It’s located in front of you, and it will permit you to press down on it. The purpose of using the levers is to ensure that the drawer opens easily after you turn the lever. In the meantime, the drawer expects to lock and won’t be able to open. This is a security mechanism install to ensure that the drawer stays exactly where it intends to be.

Pull the lever down

Once you’ve located the lever, it’s time to press it down. You need to force it down to ensure that the wheel can slide out. This is how you get your executive drawer out of the metal track. Take your time and ensure that you are still gripping the lever as you pull it out. If you release the lever made of metal and don’t push it down, the drawer will begin to close. This security mechanism ensures that the drawer won’t be thrown off.

Slide drawer out

The last step is to move your drawer away in a unidirectional line. It is important to pull the drawer with a smooth line to ensure that the drawer does not pull off the track at any time. If it can slide off the track made of metal, You will have to shut the drawer and attempt again. This is why you need to be careful and patient when pressing the lever. It won’t be easy to get out of the drawer. Be sure to empty the drawer before trying this. It makes it much simpler to prevent having excessive weight on the opposite side of the drawer, which causes an uneven alignment.

How to remove drawers from the executive desk: Other methods

Friction detach method

This is among the most simple ways to get the drawer from the cabinet. All you need to do is make sure you take it out until the slides disconnect. That’s all you need to do to accomplish the task. But, you may experience some resistance because of the retainers for the ball. They provide protection to ensure that the ball doesn’t get smashed when you use it regularly. This method use for drawers with load ratings that are not more than 50 pounds.

Latch to push to remove method

In essence, it’s the most simple method as it doesn’t require much force. All you have to have to do is press one button. It’s the button that triggers the latch for removal. The inner part will be removed when the latch is activated. This is why it’s separated from the outside member, and the drawer is released smoothly without you needing to work hard.

Rail detach method

The trick is to connect and disconnect all of the drawer-removal slide members. In the case of these drawers, there may be latches on one or none. Furniture that is used for filing and retail that feature display cases are those that typically include slide slides for disconnecting rails.

Lever detach method

The lever method is among the most difficult techniques to use. The lever disconnect method to remove drawers requires an upward and down motion. This is to be done by the spring-loaded lever to allow it to be disconnected. The lever is situated in the middle of the slide. In general, you’ll find stop-out and lock-out options on these techniques. They utilize pull-out trays designed with different workstations.

How to take a drawer out conventionally

Moving an entire cabinet forward and back is the easiest way to remove drawers. Simply pull it out, pull it upwards, and pull again to lift the wheels out and away from the rails. But, this technique is limited to filing cabinets made of steel with drawers with wheels. There are cabinets using rock levers at the bottom. The lever use to completely remove it. Be aware that every cabinet differs based on the style. So, the rocker levers could be located on the side, at the bottom or even on the back. A release latch is found in the majority of filing cabinets. Naturally, the latch release can be located on the drawer’s sides, and the draw is released by pulling it.


Here are some steps to consider when learning how to remove drawers from executive desk. To take drawers out of an executive desk, Locate your lever and pull the drawer open. The lever is located on the left side of the metal track that runs along the opposite side. Press down the lever and gently moved the drawer away. It’s all you need to do to get the drawer from an executive desk without damaging any of the tracks, including the metal one. Before attempting this, clean the drawer thoroughly to ensure there’s no weight within. This will make the process 10 times simpler for you and ensure that the drawer doesn’t become damaged.

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